Friday, May 29, 2015

New Job

Well, I made it to Friday without ANY accidents.
I is so very proud of myself.

Now lets get down to business.
 Our Mayors, Murphy and Stanley begged me to fill in for Taffy
as secretary while her is away on family business.
So of course, I said I would afters I laughed hysterically.

*do not gets alarmed by da above pikture...I was on break*
I was doin' no' makin' paper airplanes.typin' of any kind.

Nows da most important thing I hads to do was make me a supply list
and go SHOPPING...on their card.

I gotted all my stuffs and decorated my new office.

Here, I shows ya'll my office...

Ain't it purty?
Fur some reason I was told I was not allowed to has a dart
board for so I gots me a velcro one. And by golly, they
sticks to everything...sorry Stanley.
I asked if I could hs a chandelier but they was all like..."HEEEEEEELL NOOOOO!"

I also gots me a trophy from da thrift store.
It says "Employee of the Year"...Bwhahahahahaha!

Nows can ya'll sees dat cabinet behind my desk?
Yep, dats right. 
It be da same cabinet me and Pip stoled from Bertie on Pip's World Tour
(I loves you Angel Pip)

And of course no office is complete without beer and cheetos...or at least
my office anyways. And piktures of my beautiful self and my BFF Pip.

I hopes ya'll enjoyed tourin' my new office.
Nows, if anybuddy is allowed to use matches we needs to has a bonfire
withs all these files cuz they is REALLY gettin' in my way.

Secretary Puddles