Monday, March 15, 2010

We're Here!

Hello Loves, we have finally made it to the blogosphere. I am Albert but you can call me King Albert or Sir Albert. I am one heck of a good looking fella and I know this because my Mum tells me every day. I am also the alpha dog of my lot. Sometimes I let the little girl pretend she is alpha until it goes to her head and I have to take back over. My favorite activity is sleeping and barking at anything and everything that comes within earshot…the neighbors aren’t fond of us and the Fedex man hates us. Other than that I am very laid back and easy going.

Let’s see, some interesting facts about me…when I was just 5 yrs old I ruptured a disc and was paralyzed. No need to worry though, the humans took me for emergency surgery (a looooong surgery) and all went well. I started taking steps the next day. Today, you wouldn’t even know I had once been paralyzed. Another interesting fact is that my people had my manhood taken away on my birthday. Talk about cruel!!!! I mean, seriously what were they thinking.

Hello there! I am Puddles and I am an almost 2 year old light red little girl. The humans say I am a character but I thought I was a dachshund. I ‘m not a shy girl by any means. Well maybe when I go to the vet and they try to stick that thing up my butt. They say it’s a magic wand but I haven’t seen any magic yet.

A little ‘bout me…I am a Tomgirl, not much girlie about me except all those girlie sweaters they make me wear. I have a rather deep bark for my size too; it scares away the neighbor’s pit bulls. I am also a thief. The human child (which happens to be my girl) has lots of fun things around like Barbies. I loooove me some Barbie heads. Oh and I love some toilet paper and those fun things in the recycling bin. I am also a hunter, I love to hunt me some quarry. There is nothing safe in my territory because I am always on the prowl just ask the squirrels, and the ground hogs, and the birds, and the chipmunks. I also seem to have a lot of names like Demon Dog, Miss Great Dane-in-a-dachshund suit, Evilenie, Naked Girl, Little Bit, and tons more. I just don’t get it, what’s up with all the names? Oh yea, and I am 100% housetrained except when it’s raining, or it’s too cold or too hot. In that case I jump in the bathtub to do my business. Other than that I am very reliable.

My name is Whitney and I am the biological sister of Albert. Although we are getting on up in age we have just been brought together after almost 8 yrs. You see, I am a former breeding dog and when it was time for me to retire I was put on line to find a new home and by the grace of my tail my brudder’s Mum found me. My brudder and sissy have taught me lots of new things like barking at whatever, being on the couch, and digging. I think Puddles has taught me the most like, how to beg for food, and how much fun chewing on napkins can be. Oh and I love those tiny clothes that go on those tiny people Puddles chews on.

I have to admit I’m not the friendliest of the bunch. I growl at most things and most people. Mum says my temperament needs to be adjusted and she’s working with me. I love to be petted but I’m definitely not a lapdog or a snuggler….we’re working on that too.


The Sheridan Avenue Boys said...

Your doxies are Beautiful!

Ruby and Penny said...

You 3 are just to gorgeous. Nice to meet you all and welcome to the blogosphere.
Love Ruby & Penny
Pees - we're still waiting for the majic wand to grant our wishes too!!

Linda said...

You can also call Albert FABIO because, I mean, really, no explanation needed. And I am so sad that you all forgot to mention Albert's gf Abbielicious.

Love the blog you all.

Hugs and Kisses, Abbielicious

Frankie Furter said...

Hi to all three of you!! WELCOME
I see that you have already met my wonderful wimmen.. Ruby and Penny. We are ENCAGED to get married!!! They are soooooo beautiful and sweet. I get to marry BOTH of them beclaws... all dawgs are decended from Wolves who live in packs. I am soooo glad to meet you.

kalyxcorn said...

Yippee! I love the wallpaper and your pups! Welcome to the blogosphere!! :)

3 doxies said...

Thank ya'll! We are so glad to be here

Deborah said...

Welcome to the blog world! You'll have lots of fun!!!
Your pups are beautiful and I love your background also!!!
Have a nice day~

Mollie said...

My dear, they are just the most gorgeous doxies ever! Now that they've entered the blog world, it will never be the same! Make sure to put something BIG out there tomorrow for the king's birthday! Hugs and kisses to them all from my furry crew (yeah, right...)

sbelle said...

What beautiful doxies! My babies, Peni Penn and Beau Beau are the opposite- Peni is a total diva while Beau is happiest finding something stinky and rolling about with wild abandon. lol

Your blog is going to be great! Congrats!

Three Dogs Long said...

Howdy Albert, Puddles & Whitney! You all are just about the sweetest doxies & we know, cause we know doxies!
Welcome to the wonderful world of doggy blogging! Pawsome to "meet" you!

(((hugs)) your friends,
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

Twinkietinydog said...

Pleased to meet you all, even Whitney. I get her. So, how did you know about the fact that I wasn't in todays photos on my blog? Never mind, I guess I should apologize. I was getting ready for my St Patrick's double date...enough, I don't want to blow tomorrow's post.
Welcome to blogland. I love your start date. It's got special significance to us, plus it's the Ides of March!