Friday, April 23, 2010

Pain In My Throat

I am feeling muches better, thank you fur asking. What? Ya’ll didn’t know I was under da weather? (mental note #1: get new assistant pronto) Well let me just tells ya’ll what happened to me. Afters I took my Heartguard pill on Monday I was feeling all kinds of icky and wasn’t my normal Puddle Duddle self.


Fast forward now till in da morning, which was Tuesday. Mum gots me up and I was still feeling NOT perky so hers new sumptin was not right with da Puddles. Of course later I threw up all overs da place. And does ya’ll know what I threw up? My heartguard medicine, the WHOLE freaking thing…da big, solid chunk.

You see, mum is a little paranoid abouts our health. It’s either that or hre has some loose wiring. So mum talked to Mrs. Vet, she is Dr. Vet’s wife and mum’s friend she has all kinds of smarticals too. You’d think being friends with them we’d gets a discount-NOT. I lost my train of thought here. Where was I, oh now I remembers. Her advice? Takes me to see Dr. Vet cuz da medicine should have already turned to mushiness in my tummy after so long. Then da next thing I knows I was being whisked away to da torture vet clinic. Mum didn’t takes da camera (thank da lawd)on account of hows stressed I get in that place so I didn’t need no more stresses from da flashy monster. Besides, there was nuff wacko doggies in that place to cause way enough stress. I showed them who was boss though. No, I’m lieing. I shook, shivered, and cowarded under da chair.
Ok, I’m getting to da exam part, stay withs me. Fairy Techmutter comes in with…yep, you guessed it…da magic wand. I says to Fairy Techmutter,”you are not fooling the Puddles no more with that wand. I know it don’t have no magic powers”…but hers paid me no tension. Then Dr. Vet comes in and starts all this pinching, pulling, staring, squeezing, watching, then he starts all this stretching. I say,” what up doc, I am already stretched out nuff, I don’t needs aaaaany more helps from you.” Yep, he ignored me too. Ok, I’m actually getting to da point of my story. So Dr. Vet informs my clueless mum that I had not actually swallowed my medicine…it had stayed lodged in my throat all night long. Now if that is not a scientific phenomenon I don’t know what could be. He gaves mum instructions to elevate my food bowl and blah, blah, blah. Afters I heard food I tuned him out. Oh and fur da likes of me, do you knows what Dr. Vet did next? He gaves me a…I can’t even hardly say it…he gaves me a shot so my throat woulds feel betters.

(mum says hers bought a lemon in me cuz everything seems to happens to me.)
Da rest of da day I laid around. It was most dreadful cuz my throat was so painfully sore and I hads so muches to say to da neighbors when they came outside. And I had lots to say to da Rottweiler walking down MY sidewalk. It was most terrible not being ables to converse with da terrorist  nice doggies.

At din din time mum came up with what she thought was a fantastical idea. (Mental note #2: Remind mum not to think). Her decided to elevate our food bowls on blocks fur da time being. Grrrreat, now we’re hillbilly’s , all we need now is our beds elevated on cinder blocks.

Now if yall are stil reading my much winded post, I am feeling muches better now and lucky fur da neighbors I haves my voice back (insert evil laugh). OK now I’m done, over and out.

Brighteyed and Perky last.

The End

Peace Out,



Oh Puddles!! You are too cute!! Your photos are fantastic. Mommy said she could just reach through the computer and hug you.

My secretary is very longwinded, always has been, so we had no problem hanging in to the end.

I think all Mommies overact, I can just sneeze and Mommy has me at thr Vet and your right, I HAT THAT PLACE!!


A MilShelb Mom said...

Glad you're feeling better! What an interesting story. Our heartworm meds are chewable. Yours aren't?
~Milly and Shelby

Lola said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're better and sorry you weren't well.The neighbors must have missed you while you were unable to communicate with them.

I don't much mind the Moms overreacting too much. It's kind of fun to watch the frenzy that happens when they think I'm not feeling well. But then I don't mind the vet as much as the groomer. I'd rather get a shot than a bath if those are my only choices.oomer. I'd rather get a hot

Lola said...

I'm sorry. I seem to have lapsed into incoherency in that last comment. I guess it was thinking about baths that did it.

Frankie Furter said...

Puddles... that is just awful. I am sooooo very much sorry that the Heartguard thingy got stuck. I used to take those too, butt my mom switched me to Interceptor beclaws I didn't like the big chunky thingy and she had to chop it all up and STILL shove it down. The Pill is much easier. AND... guess what... Bobo and Mollie Jo (two country poodles) just had a whole thingy on this TODAY. There is another pill that does the same thingy and is cheaper.
I am very much glad you are better. Sorry about the VET Alien Probe thingy.

Carolyn said...

Pudddles, you are fast becoming one of my favorite bloggers! You soooo remind me of my little Harley. She is a strawberry blonde with attitude just like you. And I love your mum's photographs!

Mayzie said...

Oh no, Puddles! I'm so very much sorry you gots that pill stuck in your throat! That musta hurt something fierce! You poor thing. But here's what you do. Your mom prolly feels a teensy bit bad so try to milk this for a little while. Maybe your momma will feel so bad she'll give you CHEESE! If all else fails, come over to my condo and we'll drink beer and have hot dogs.

I'm Most Glad you're okay, dear little furend!

Wiggles & Wags,

Remington said...

Poor baby! I hope you continue to feel much better! It is the weekend you know!

Remington said...
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the booker man said...

miss puddles, that is full of terribleness! you must have been scared with that heartguard thingie stuck in your throat, and your mama didn't know what was wrong! i'm super duper glad that you are okay, but i'm sorry you had to get a shot while you were at the vet. ouchies.
the booker man

kissa-bull said...

we have to agree wiff mayzie you give your mommish those sad puppy eyes for a bit and she might even cook you up some rice wiff the chicken. nommy nom nom
we are furry happish to hear that the ouchie ish feeling better

pibble wiggles
the pittie pack

Three Dogs Long said...

Oh, you poor Puddle Duddle!! What a horrific experience to go thru!
We are so glad you are feeling better - especially after that horrendous (insert shudder here) needle!

((Hugs)) your friends
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

Hannalei said...

Ahh sweetpea so glad to know you're feeling better!! Barfys all over is never fun. I bet Mom was tickled huh? Hehe. So sorry about the "scare and disappearing act" I realized after changing from the tail of "two" to the tail of "three" that it wouldn't re-direct... how rude huh? So I re-instated the oldie with a note to the newie and hopefully everyone who likes my blatherings will be able to find their way. I must say you made my heart smile when I saw I was missed. I promise to be good and not do it again! XoXo ~ Sarah

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Puddles, sometimes it is OK for the Momsters to get all worried, just in case something bad happened. We do Interceptor here, but Phantom is not very good about taking his. AT least it isn't very big but Mom says from now on she is going to break it into two pieces. She has to stick his down his throat to get him to take it, not like the rest of us who think it tastes really yummy.

So glad this tale had a happy ending.

Have a great weekend.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

houndstooth said...

Puddles, I'm glad you didn't choke on that pill! I hope your mom is fussing over you a lot and spoiling you after your near death experience!


P.S. The steak was delicious!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a skhary experience!

Thanks fur sharing it...

I hope woo have a pawesome weekend and rekhover with lots of treats!


Lorenza said...

I am so sorry you had to suffer all that!
Sure it was painful! Your throat and the visit to Mr Vet too!
Glad to know you are feeling much better now!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

little princess Luna~ said...
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little princess Luna~ said...

oh puddles--you are so brave~! at least you faved the vet. i would have ran into mums arms and not even looked at the vet~!

i love your bright eyes and perky ears~!



Hi Puddles,

We are really glad that you are feeling better now. You had us worried!

Take care and we luv you!!!

Riley and Star.

Anonymous said...

This may sound strange, but I'd rather my mom doesn't see this post. She'll lodge a pill in my throat intentionally.
About the pizzle chewey, did you really think we're so nice we never fight? We figured out a trick. Double! Example, there are three of us dogs living at home and we get 6 pizzle sticks or pig ears or marrow bones at a time. That's our solution.
And you do know you are adored by your mommy, right?

Dog Foster Mom said...

For Puddles Eyes Only

Puddles, I'm so glad you're better!! It sounds very scary. And you might want to tell your mom to find you a new vet. Tell her that giving you a shot to make you feel better is like her doctor hitting her thumb with a hammer to make her headache feel better. Not good! And now I see she took the blog back from you - taking advantage of you while you weren't feeling well - that's just wrong! I'm sorry Puddles - I hope you feel better and get your blog back soon!!

P.S. Please don't let your mom read this. :-)