Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spaceship Saga?

Hahahaha...ya'll thought that was a message from da aliens didn't ya'll? Ya'll gots all skeered didn' you?

This is me sleeping. I look kinda SWEET don't I? But who knows what I mights be dreaming of. (insert evil laughter)

So ya’ll remembers that alien spaceship I showed ya’ll on Cheeseday? Did ya’ll know it really wasn’t a spaceship afteralls? I know, I would haves never known it eithers until Brudder Albert told me so. You know know he knows bouts this scientifical stuffs cuz his name is Albert Einstien. Yep, he told me it is actually da Air Conditiong Unit. Some hows it makes our house cold when it is hot outside…how does it do that if it is outside da house and not in…duh. You know that is just stoopid if you asks me. And then…get this…then he told me I wasn’t acting like my real self cuz I was just too darn hot to do anything. Yea, Brudder said it was 91 degrees and with da humidity (what is humidity anyways) it made it even hotter. I’m thinking it was more like 156 degrees and it made me go into an Un-Puddle state. Uh huh, this is fur reals ya’ll. It is so NOT fun being Un-Puddlish.
And poor Frankie Flirter has a box just likes mine and I thoughts fur sures as da world it was little martian dudes that hads been messing with his ear hairs, you know, making them shorter and all. Well now my theory has just been poppeded. And poor Frankie has been stuffing his box withs snow all this time...hehehehe! Can't ya'll just see that?

When will da heat be overs? I haves sooooooo much to do.
Oooh, lookie at my nose, glads I don't haves no green boogers up theres.


Peace Out,


Mango said...

The air conditioning is a life saver. Yuh. Momma turns it on for me once it reaches 80 degrees in the house. How cheap is that? The Mango would much prefer a cool 70.


A MilShelb Mom said...

Oh Puddles! We are so glad it was not a space ship. We have an Air Conditioning Unit too... but it is not in our fenced part of our yard so we have not ever seen it up close and personal.
~Milly and Shelby

MONA AND MOMMY TOO!! said... just made my Mommy cry and smile too. Your sleeping picture looks just like my angel sister Samantha and she was beautiful just like you are.

Mommy said she doesn't care if you are bad or not. Them space aliens might have made you that way, lets she how longm you will be good.


Madi and Mom said...

Oh Puddles indeed it is too hot too soon in SC and NC!!!! We hope you don't turn in too a 'real' puddle due to the heat. We just crack ourselves up. Sleeping puppy picture is too sweet.
Madi and Mom

Minna Krebs said...

Oh Puddles, we feel your pain, I means heat, here in HUMID Houston. My mums calls it "Air You Can Wear".(She calls it a lot of HBO words too...but I cants write them here)

((Humid Hugs)). MinnaK

Maggie Mae said...


I just luvs your pictures of today. I am sorry it is so hot now where you lives. Up here in NY it gets really hot some days, but then it goes away, in fact we has not used our AC in a long time. I thinks you should escape the heat and hop on the train and come visit me...

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Frankie Furter said...

Oh Puddles You Really Did Scare Me At Furst!!! Then I saw that sleepy Puddles pic and got all relaxed. WHEW
I am soooo glad that you don't really have aliens in your yard... just NEXT DOOR. hehehehe
I hope you don't melt like ice does. That would make me very much sad.

The Two Country Poodles & Uncle Puppy said...

Puddles Puddles Puddles! Oh my little girl you are funny!

We love out air unit....Our momma keeps it on most all year round...she is hot by nature. BOL

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo
& Uncle Puppy

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that your alien saga has such an anticlimactic ending. Are you absolutely sure about this? Bummer.

You don't know hot till you've ridden a tractor through the state of KS. Thanks for the warning about CB yesterday. I managed to elude capture by having lunch in their private outdoor dining area (out back behind the dumpster.) CB rocks.

Martha and Bailey said...

We only have air conditioning in the car as it is not usually that hot in the UK.
This year it is pretty warm though.
We are glad that no aliens have invaded - although we wouldn't be too certain!
You do look kinda cute sleeping - who would ever guess the amount of mischief that lurks inside that sweet head.
Martha and Bailey xxx

Ina in Alaska said...

Puddles you can come up to Alaska where we have actual cool AIR so we have no space aliens up here unless you are thinking about Sarah Palin, then you might be right!!! xoxoxo

Sammy and Andy said...

SERWE KWTAERTNH LETGIE, Puddles.......ooops think the aliens have landed here!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

Remington said...

I LOVE the air conditioner! It is my best friend when it's hot outside! I am glad you don't have any green boogers....

DoDo and MoMo said...

Wehre @r3 4h3 aienls?!? ><;

houndstooth said...

Oh, how we love that magical box that blows the cold air in the house! I don't know how it works, I just care that it does. Nobody around here wants to have to live with Lilac or Dad if the air conditioning isn't working!


P.S. Mom said she'd just pick you up and pet you until you were tired of it! You wouldn't have to pay her a cent to pet you, Poodles!

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! SOON!!! and it's coming here ... When it's hot I usually stay in the laundry room where it is always cool. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Cloud the Wonder Dog said...

I'm glad the air conditioning unit was not the Mothership. But you know what that means, don't you??? It means the Mothership is still out there...


Junior and Orion said...

We have one of thoseboxes that cool the house too, but we haven't seen ours. And we don't often have humidity here, so when we do get it, we are all wimping! Well, not us cats, but all thes humans are wimping.

We are glad it wasn't a space ship coming to take you away, we like you right here!

P.S. We are glad you didn't have any boogers up your nose either.

JD and Max said...

We belive you Puddles! That was a very good cover-up story - er, we mean - explanation. So no aliens eh? *Wink, wink!* Okay, sure! He he he!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Mack and Mia said...

Puddles, your nose is looking mighty clean! I do boogie checks every now and then know...for the ladies!

Wags and woofs,
Mack and Mia

Asta said...

I hope you get some nowmal good aiw soon so you can be youw pawfect puddle self. When it gets all hoomid and hot, Mommi melts and tuwns into a diffewent kind of Puddle..not bootiful like you.
I think when it's that hot, it's best to snooze and wait and then you have gweat enewgy fow the coolew weathew.
I think you have the noblest nose btw, just saying
smoochie kisses

little princess Luna~ said...

hello puddie poos~!! this summers not going anywhere soon--so we might as well go to the beach and tan.

see? told ya it wasn't a martian. :)


JackDaddy said...

You have made me very very sleepy! I think I shall take a nap :)

Zona said...

Too hot to get into trouble?! That doesn't sound right. I still think you're lulling your mom into a false sense of calm so you can be especially naughty... maybe involving a crazy tree rat?


PeeS: you have the most beautiful eye lashes!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We love your snooter, Puddles:)

We just had to get new ones of those mudder ships outside. And they are bigger and now we can't fit in our little hiding spot, not to mention that they trimmed back all the big shrubs too. Me and TD like to hide and sneak up on the rabbits that come into our yard. WE have to search for a new hiding spot.

Woos, Ciara

♥I am Holly♥ said...

We now believe in aliens although that probably is an air conditioning unit. Maybe it is. We think aliens stole a picture of me today. It's the only explanation. Now I'm getting a little suspicious and scared. Lots of love, Holly and mom

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Good lukhk!

I hope your staff will keep woo khooled to your liking!


Lola said...

I love air conditioning! Shar Pei don't care much for heat, so I do enjoy having it. We don't have a big alien box though. We just have some littler boxes in the walls of some rooms in the house.

However, about the aliens - are you sure Puddles? Or did the FBI tell you to say that it wasn't aliens so as not to panic the public. Is your yard now designated as Area 52 or some other number? If it is, that's a warning sign.

wags, Lola

Lorenza said...

Hi, Puddles!
Sure the hot weather has a relaxing effect on you!
Albert sure is a smart boy!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

mayziegal said...

Whew, Puddles! I'm very much relieved that there weren't any aliens after all. But I don't know if the heat is all that much better. We don't have one of those cold boxes and it gots up to 96 degrees this week! You should be oh-so-happy you haves one! Imagine how un-Puddlish you'd be if you didn't? I shudder to thinks about it.

Wiggles & Wags,

PeeS. My Cuzin Ranger said he'd go hunting with you anytimes!

the booker man said...

miss puddles duddles cuddles,
you better be thankful for that AC thingie cuz at least it keeps your house lower than 156 degrees! you know what my mama did to me and asa today? she let us out to go potty, and then FORGOT we were out there cuz she got a phone call. it must have been like 50 gazillion years before she remembered and let us in. i drank my bowl of waters, and then i drank asa's bowl of waters. egads!
oh, and hey, we got your photo package today!!! thanks bunches 'n tons!! your mama was really really nice to send the group shot and that totally fab head shot of you!
the booker man

Tucker said...

Umm Puddles if it's hot don't nap in the sun... just a piece of advice.

woof - Tucker