Friday, March 18, 2011

Mail and Dis and Dat

Hellos and Happy Friday!
Check dis out....
I got dis bumper sticker from da Road Dogs
cuz they felt guilty dat I nevers win anything likes me.

(I thinks I need a pedicure)
It says Don't Litter Spay, Neuter, Adopt
and it has their cute little travelin' caravan on theres too.

(Now dat I has deemed myself an honorary Roadie, they needs to add my pikture to da caravan)

Ooooopsie, I dropped my Cheeto!

Hey mum, what else was I suppose to say?
Oh okays, got it.

Unfortunately, I was spayed at da tender age of 6 months cuz da world couldn't handle anymores of ME it was da responsible thing to do and no one would want my offspring it decreases chances of certain cancers too.
It's really no big deal since I was nevers gonna be a show dog anyways...but, I COULD haves been a show dog just in case ya'll wanted to knows.

Nows I say, along withs da Road Dogs...Spay, Neuter, Adopt!
(Daaaang, I should be a spokesdoggie furs sumptin')

Today is my furiend Riley's 2nd birfday!
Please go wish hers a Happy Birfday if you gets da chance.

Aaaaand also today is Mitch's 4th Gotcha Day!
Happy Gotcha Day Mitch!

Waaaaaaait...I ain't done yet!
Today is da last day of da auction furs Richie and Ronii
so please  help if you can.
And I is still in da kissin' booth ready furs kisses.
You go right here to da kissin booth.
Here fur da auction
and here fur da recipes. I is done!

Peace Out,


Lola and also Franklin, too said...

We're all spayed and neutered here, too, Puddles. Although, I did have some puppies first, but that was before I moved in here.

I also want to say Happy Belated Birthday to Albert and Whitney. Blog Mom just about blew a gasket when she found out the internet was out last night and we couldn't get here to say it on the actual day. We are so sorry to have missed it, but we wish them both many happy returns of the day.

Jess and Glacier said...

We're working on the last one to go in for the surgery. Then all five will be fixed.
And yes. You are a fabulous spokes dog. Who wouldn't trust that face? (Well, at least Glacier tells me that he would trust that face). ;)

Amber-Mae said...

I think you are beautiful enough to be a show a dog! HEE HEE. Me is spayed too. I did have a litter 2 years ago, produced some very beautiful puppies (River & Megan are my offspring) but after that, had some kind of infection in the uterus so I had to get spayed. I am still a show dog because I did not break any of our local dog show club's rules.

Anyway, great sticker you got there!

Gloria said...

Great sticker there friend! Yeah, The folks got me taken care of too. No kids for me, though that may have been fun............Licku kisses, Billy

Anonymous said...

Da Momster agrees wivs yu n Da Road dogs butts I am not done cos me has a heart problem and not allowed to be given da sleepy jabs, so now n den I does get a little excited ( I be blushin now ). Ronnii is not done yet buts her is havin her whowhoectomy next month. More fer her health tho cos we don'ts want her gettin more tumours or polyps. We finks she has had pups already cos we finks her was a puppy mill doglet. My poor sista butts all is goods now n her is a happy gal :o).

Yu looks most sweet in your beret I has to say. Fank Yu Puddles

xx xx

K9 + Grace said...

Hi Puddles, You sure do look pretty! Your right, I don't think the world could handle any more of you! BWAAHAAAHAAAAA!


Anonymous said...

Well I have been er fixed too Miss Puddles so although I do think little PuddleRoo's runnin around would be the ca-utest thangs on earth (cough cough) sadly tis not to be ;)

Don't furget to drink beer while you're in that booth. Helps with the claustraphobies ;) Hope you get so many kisses your lips go numb Bahahahha :P

Waggin at ya,

Madi and Mom said...

Puddles what a wonderful PSA.
It is obvious to me, Madi, that you are underpaid for the services your provide. I have an honorary legal eagle degree so I'll be happy to write up and barter for more pay!!!

PS: I'm sure you could have been a show dog!!!
PSS: I must have been broken when the peeps got me 'cause they had to get me fixed at 6 mos too.
Hugs Madi

Team Beaglebratz said...

Mornin'there Guv'ner Puddles - we Beaglebratz thinkz u wood make a most x-cellant spokesdoggy - just keep thoze nailz long an'may-b git sum of Lucy's nail-paint like all the beautifull spokes-wimmen. We Beagelbratz r all taken care of on the neuter/spay bit - Shasta wuz a show doggy fer a couple of monthz butt mom didn't wanna risk the health problems.

The Heartbeats said...

Good job Puddles! Everyone here has been spayed or neutered as the case may be. Except Nikki but ya'll know she's gotta make some service puppies so it's for the kids you know. And we don't let her run around with red lipstick and stripper shoes so hopefully there won't be any "accidents"...


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Good morning Puddles! Mommy thinks that you should be the spokesdog for Cheetos! Mommy is going crazy over your cute pictures!!!

Hope that you have a great weekend!!!

Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

I am spayed too but Mom wasn't going to spay me since I was supposed to be an only inside kitty. Clearly she and I had a difference of opinion because i was too noisy when I was in heat and always wanted to go outside. So she got me spayed and even those it cost her lots of drinking green papers, she says it was worth it to make us both happy.

Frankie Furter said...

Those Road Dawgs are sooooooo kind and generous. I am glad that they sent you that wonderful sticker fur your Adventure Basket.

Ruby and Penny both had WhoWhoectomiese butt.. I was just Tutored!!!

Who said you weren't a
Show Off Dawg??? I don't understand that at ALL. You SHOW OFF all the time!!! I don't think they know you at all... whoever THEY are. Sheesh.
I'll bet that is just one of those rumors that get started by Peeps or pawsibly squirrels.

Zona said...

What an informative post!!

I need a pedicure too. My v-e-t is coming to visit us this weekend and I'm nervous my pedicure is going to happen whether I like it or not. Mom always gets the clippers out before she comes over. Like she's tricking her in some way. She can see the fresh cuts on our nails, which are still too long even after mom cuts them!! Sheesh..

Do you need help finding that Cheeto? I need comfort food.


Minna Krebs said...

Butt you ARE a Show Dog! Da Puddles SHOW!!! Duh

The Teacher's Pets said...

Butt you are a SHOW OFF dog ... oops ... I mean you are a SHOW DOG to us, okays?
We are all spayed and neutered here butt when I was adopted I was advertised as being spayed butt when I gots home I started bleeding on the couch and guess what? I wasn't spayed! Duh! So my mom and dad were very upset with the adoption agency, got some of their money back, and I gots spayed! So, moral of the story...make sures your pet is fixed or you'll have a mess on your paws!

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Spay and neuter is the ONLY way - paw up on that one!

Uhm, you dropped your Cheeto? Need help finding it?

kalyxcorn said...

hello puddles!! you look so cute in the basket, and i can totally relate to being, fixed, at an early age. though i have no idea what was broken. :) b

Brian said...

That is a great bumper sticker and a great message! Oh indeed, you could have been a show dog, no doubt in my mind!!!

Sammy, Andy and Shelly said...

We are all "fixed" now.....Shelly is resettling in with us boys....and so far we're accepting her much better than we did before.

We love you Puddles!!!!!!!

Pepsi the Lazy Bum said...

BOL, the others have said it. You ARE a show-OFF dog. Bahahhaha.


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

You are just such a great spokesfurson, Puddles. We all have cooperated with the spay/neuter promotion and had our days with the cone of shame.

We have no doubt you would have made a great show dog, Miss Puddles. You always know how to put on a good show:)

Happy weekend.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Benny and Lily said...

Man, bet no buddy has a cool sticker on their bed. Oh Puddles you in that kissing booth, BOL
Benny & Lily

jen said...

Very nice post Puddles and I agree that you would of been the best show dog!
Even though neither of the boys are neutered we do believe in spaying and neutering. Plunger is neutered and if we didn't show the boys they would be neutered also. I take extra precautions with them, and think I am responsible in regards to them never, ever escaping and mating with some other lady:)

Barbara said...

Everyone in our house (including me) is spayed. It is the responsible thing to do! We first have to find homes for all the homeless puppies before we make more!!

Levi Mac said...

What a cool bumber sticker! I wasn't neutered when they found me so they had to do it when I was "gulp" 2 years old. But I'm all fixed now!

You are a show dog in my book!
Smoochie :)

Wyatt said...

Now you need a bumper sticker fur the Pinto too!! But, the laundry basket is a pretty cool ride!


rottrover said...

neutered, neutered, spayed! have a fun weekend, miss p!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, Puddles! You didn't have to include Riley in your post...but, since Riley's fabulous and all (not as fabulous as you though), I can see why you did! Hehe!

I laughed out loud when you said you dropped your Cheeto!! I ALMOST even did a Puddles "bwahaha" laugh!

Riley got spayed when she was about 3 months old. There's some controversy as to how young is too young to spay them, but our vet actually suggested we do it then and Riley didn't have any problems with it (other than being allergic to the dissolving sutures they used and THAT, my friend, was a headache for a few months!). Anyway, I mainly got her spayed for the same reasons as one could handle her offspring and there couldn't be another wild one running, actually, it was in her contract from the breeder and I didn't want her getting any of those nasty cancers. make this comment even LONGER...Chloe is doing a bit better today. I have her shut in the dining room. She at least takes breaks from all the whining and barking in there and is enjoying walking around a little bit. She has discovered that she can fit her whole head out from under the baby gate, but she's too fat (or "curvy") to fit her whole body.

Okay, that is all!!! :)

Elyse and Riley

Anonymous said...

Oh good Lord...that comment WAS really long! My bad.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Ma and all da pack mates are fixed too. And I didn't know's dat we was all broken :o(

Mr. Pip said...

I was neutered when I was four (when I was adopted). The vet suspects I may have been used for breeding so I may have some babies out there (of course, they wouldn't be babies anymore).

Your pal, Pip

P.S.: Hope we get out of these kissing booths soon. I am out of burgers and beer.

road-dog-tales said...

Puddles - We think everyone would agree -- there's only room for ONE Puddles. That's a fact!

You are, for certain, a FABULOUS spokesdoxie!!! And we're thrilled that you've deemed yourself and honorary Roadie - um, we'll see about getting your pic on there, too, but for now, feel free to draw yourself on there with a Sharpie :)

Wow - you're still puckered up at the kissing booth! Your lips must be TIRED! We'll bet your breaking hearts all over the place! Hope you get some rest this weekend.

The Road Dogs

Nuthatch... said...

Sorry, we've been out of commission for awhile but we'd hate to miss out on smooches from you so we'll head over to your booth. (Will you smooch each and every one of us :) )

Remington said...

Yeah I had a "emergency" neutering done awhile back -- don't ask....

d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Awww, Puddles! It's so cute to see puppies love the laundry basket too!

houndstooth said...

We're all spayed here, too, and glad not to have to worry about unwanted puppies around! Besides, my social schedule is a little too busy for puppies!

I didn't think your flying laundry basket could get any better, but that bumper sticker is the frosting on the cake! It's even cooler now!


ABBY said...

We kitties all agrees wif yoo Puddles.

Yoo is a grate spoke woofie!


the booker man said...

miss puddles,

your bumper sticker from the road doggies is totally spiffy! it's about time you got some bling for your ride, too! :)
no worries on the whole surgery thingie either. i got my fruits of the loom snipped when i was 6 months, but i'm still a totally manly labradude!

the booker man

Sarge said...

Hey Puddles!
Wow, great place for your sticker! The Road Dogs are the greatest! Mom put mine on her Ru (that's a Subaru) so that everyone out there can see it all the time. Great message! You're definitely a show(stopper) dog to us!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

the booker man said...

pee s -- btw, i forgot to woof that we only got one lousy cheeto. i think you need to come over here and 'splain thingies to my mama.

Lorenza said...

I am spayed too!...
Happy Friday to all of you!
Kisses and hugs

Neeko said...

Hello Cutie Pie :o)

You are just too darn cuuuuuuuuute and too hilarious for words :o)))

Neeko :o)

Jazzi said...

Hey PUddles,
I agree, I think you could have your own show and be a spokesdog!! Your are great lookin....and just say the right things, BOL Did you find the cheeto in the basket?? Ha!

Jazzi and Addy

Maggie and Mitch said...

Thank you so much for giving me a shout out, Puddles. I sure do appreciate it! I'll share some of my roast beef sandwich and chips with you, okay!

Yer friend,

Peggy Frezon said...

You certainly are a great spokesdog for whatever you would want. Maybe Cheetos? Anyway, great message, Kelly is spayed. And Happy Birthday to all your friends!

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Oh Puddles, it do be good that you be spayed so young. I woz too, the minit I turned 6 months! Mom wasted no time. She has gotted so many dogs out of the shelter wot woz nefur spayed or nootered while young that had cancers and icky dedly infekshuns and stuffs wot could has been prevented. Being a show dog be so overrated anyways. Oh, and I think you need to add youself in your basket to the Road Dogs bumper sticker - would be a nice added tutch.

♥ Sallie said...

You should totally be their spokesperson! LOL!


hero said...

You totally is a show dog, Puddles... in the category for Dogs with Attitude, BOL!... and you'll win paws down.

Licks, hero

Asta said...

I saw what a pawsome job you and Pip did catching those thieves. I love youw caw and as I told Pip, i'm suwe all the cheetos and beew helped make you smawtew so that you could figoowe out this mystewy.
I miss you and hope you awe all wight
smoochie kisses

♥MONA + MOMMY TOO♥ said...

Oh Puddles, we have missed you!! Thanks for waiting for us to come back. We have missed your antics.

Thanks for spreading the word about the importance of spaty & neutering. It is so important.

You look so cute in the picture where your looking for your lost Cheeto. I bet Weenie got it before you did. He is such a food hound.

love & {{{huggies}}}....Mona & Weenei

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi Puddles,
I have been seeing you and I thought I would like to come and meet you!! Hi I am Fern.
I love love love dogs and all other animals!! Probably dogs the best tho!!
Do come and see me when you get a chance.
xx, Fern

Bobbi said...

Hi Puddles. Boy, have I been missing you!! Gracie said to tell you she had that spayed thing done when she was about the same age as you. She was one sad pup at the time.

Hope you're doing well and staying out of trouble ;)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

you are so wise to be spreading the importance of spay and nueter,,, and dis and dat...
i got it done too,,,
it makes life easier-- right?

Mr. Pip said...

Puddi-poo where are you?

Your pal, Pip

Team Beaglebratz said...

Yes, we at Team Beaglebratz (ALL OF US) r wunderin'where iz u? Everythin'ok?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop by and hope things are a-okay at Puddlesville!! We miss you...but we know why you haven't posted yet this just wanted to keep Riley's picture up on your blog for an extra week!, but seriously, we hope everything's okay and that you just got busy. :) We love you!

Elyse and Riley

Bobbi said...

I am having Puddles withdrawal and it ain't pretty!!!!! MIss you Puddles!

Frankie Furter said...

Puddles... have you broken your puter??? Dumped Beer and Cheeto chips in the keyboard????? Off doin Secret Govenor Junk? Beheading Barbies? All swollen up from shots???? Been Dawg Napped.. or just plain Nappin????

the booker man said...

miss puddles,

me and asa and mama miss yoooooou! we sure hope everythingie is a-okay at your house!

the booker man