Monday, April 2, 2012

Straight From da YOU KAY

Last week my mailman brung me a package and him gaves it to my mum...and then he rolled his eyes and said "It's for your dog". Like dude totally thinks its weird to deliver stuffs to a dog. He sooo has no idea what he missin'.
"Hmmmmmm...I knows dat smell, it be very familiar."

It comed aaaaaall da from da You Kay from my udder brudder from anudder mudder.
Okays, it was from Deccy but I just knows we has to be related cuz him is a greyhound and we all knows I am too....duh.

"Hey kerazy lady, I readies to open my box."

But then of course I hads to pose again.
(I think da kerazy foto lady just wanted to play withs her new camera though)

" I be so adorables huh...with my HURRY DA HECK UP face"

Dat woman can just dragny and everything out.
Anyways, afterswhat felt like a gazillion hours of waitin' patiently I FINALLY gots to open my package.

Just LOOKS at ALL dis stuffs I gots!

Yous sees dat arrow?
Them is You Kay Cheetos but they be called Wotsits and they is most delishiousness.
It be like heaven meltin' on your tongue.
They taste just likes our American cheetos but these is betters cuz they be from da You Kay.
And da chocolate eggies be fur My Girl cuz chocolate will kills me.


(NOTE: fur safety purposes mum removed da chocolate...far far far away from me.)
I gots tater chips too and cheese tater chips, and some Scruffy Bites, and some meat sticks, AND some more mini cheese thingamabobs.

Oh and I gots da GREATEST letter from him too but I not gets a foto of it but it was hilarious.

THANK YOU DECCY fur my most fabulous stuffs!
And thank you fur bein' my furiend!

Ya'll wanna sees anudder pikture of me just furs da heck of it?
Mum is really enjoyin' her new camera...obviously.
It be a shame her cut my feetsies off though but hers is tryin to gets use to dis new thing so I let her slide fur nows.

Thank you again Deccy and thank you to your mums.
 Okays, I go eats now.


Hound Girl said...

Looks like your mom is doing great with her new camera and her photo skills. Thank you for stopping by and sending us love in regards to Fred. I have no words at this time. :(

Mango said...

Your mail man person needs to get with the program. Like we totally get stuff in our PO box all the time and the mail man lady always wants to know "how is Mango? Is that for him?"

Nice photos. Never enough Puddles.


What Remains Now said...

What a cool package! You are now an international Cheetos connoisseur. I like the new camera pictures.

P.S. I named the yo-yo bear, "Puddles." I have to's a good name.

Asta said...

I can nevew get enuff of ictoowes of you that's fuw suwe!!!! that new camewa needs to be used !

My mail pawson thinks it's funny when I get a package tooWTF? who else desewves pwessies but us woggies?
That package fwom Deccie was faboolous!! so many tasty tweats, it should keep you smiling fow at least a day (not saying , that you eat a lot, but....heheheh)
smoochie kisses

Madi and Mom said...

OMD Puddles your mailman is JEALOUS. Because we are pretty sure he knows he is missing lots of fun!!That was most definitely a box full of love!! One thing for sure Deccy knows the way to a lady Doxie's heart is through her mouth.
Mom and I love what they call Cheetos in the You Kay!! I bet Wotsits (Whatsit) is what the peeps say when they get the very first taste of all the goodness in the bag!!
Tell you Mom her is is your gorgeous face that makes her new flashy beast appear to be the best flashy beast in the world.
Hugs from your BFFF,

Lovable Lily said...

Wow Puddles, you sure did score with that package from the yu kay! You're a very lucky Puddles d-o-g to have such great friends.

Lily Belle
P.S. I think your Mom is doing most excellent with that new photo picture machine of hers.

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

I cannot tell just how fab your mom's new camera is coz my monitor and keyboard be covered with DROOL from looking at the most delishuss noms you got.

Declan said...

It's my pleasure, Puddles mate! If I may be so bold, I would suggests that the Marks & Spencer Cheese Tasters are even better than the Wotsits! Hard to believe, I know so you best check for yourself.... Deccy x

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Wow, those are some good noms from old Deccy!
Whyyyyyy, do we always have to pose for everything, don't they even know we are starving?
By the way, if you eat all that at once, make sure it doesn't make you vomit - and if it does, keep the yard clean by doing it on the best rug, okay?
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Bassetmomma said...

Wow! What a haul from Deccy! You must be in junk food heaven right now! Your Momma got some real nice shots of you too! She must love her new camera. :)

Sarge said...

Hey PUDDLES Duddles Barrel Butt..guess WHO this is!!!


OK... it's ME..(Frankie Furter) usin Sarge's Computer thingy. YEP I am at HIS HOUSE (with Ernie).

I totally LOVE your pressie package. Are you gonna Share your stuffs with the blobs?

Your mom is lovin her new flashy beast I can see.
You enjoy those super snacks.. butt don't eat em all at once they will make you Pharrrrrrt. I'm just sayin.

Ann Oon said...

Me lovesssssssssss the new picsss and they make the noms super bright n beautiful... i mean.. You look super cute and very sharp pictures... and the noms looks super delicious. Wait for me.. me yams coming overs.

woofs n licks.

Sam and Pippen said...

Dude... Make sure you don't eat all those in one sitting or people will start calling you 'Barrelbutt'...

Sam and Pippen

PeeS. check out our bloggie today...

Brian said...

What a wonderful package you got! And what a strange mailman!

~Shelle said...

Woot! A care package from the UK. If they had added my favorite snackie (Smarties... look them up, by Cadbury) I would have been on the next greyhound (heh) south!

Hope your Monday is fantabulous. Cheer on my University of Kentucky Wildcats tonight, would you?


Amber DaWeenie said...

Not only you feetsies missin, butt your tail is missin too! BOL BOL

Sure got a nice stash dere! Need any help to eats it? Be right over!

GOOSE said...

All I can say is, JACKPOT!!! OK maybe one more thing, SCORE!!!
U K Cheetos?!!! I had know idea such a thing existed. Now I must see if MOM can take me for a ride and go there and get some.

GOOSE said...

Oh forgot to say. The eggs are filled with Cheetos. What else would one put in them?

Casey said...

What fun! I'm jealous of all my furiends getting cool packages. I never get mail. Maybe I need to sign up for some mailing lists so I can get catalogs and stuff.

Remington said...

Awesome presents! Your mommy sure is taking great pictures!

harrispen said...

What a great package of treats for you and your girl! Your moms new camera is doing a fantastic job of capturing your most beautiful self even if she does cut off parts.


Corbin said...

Hey... you're butt is out of focus in the last photo...

K9 Katastrophie said...

Oooo! What cool pressies!


Team Beaglebratz said...

Oh thoze prezziez du look most SCRUMDASHUS tu us Beaglebratz. May-b u shood instruct your mom on how tu take better pikchurz of your boo-ti-ful self.

An'just what iz so wrong with us doggiez gittin'stuffz in the mail - butt we dit that look tu from our mail-lady - like whoda thunk such a thing.
Shiloh'n Shasta

Jazzi said...

That was one cool package Puddles. It all looks so yummy!! and we loves to see pictures of you anytime cuz you are so cute!!! Love your snyed looks!!!


The Websters said...

It's a good thing Deccy took care of your food while your mom is learning her new camera. We've been worried about you!



Nola said...

Those are pawsome yummers Puddles!! Care to share with a tiny underfed wiener? BOL
Dachshund Nola

Nola said...

Those are pawsome yummers Puddles!! Care to share with a tiny underfed wiener? BOL
Dachshund Nola

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a nifty package.

If you think your mailman thinks it strange to receive mail for a dog, how about mail addressed to Mr. Nekkid Cold Box? Yep, really happened.

houndstooth said...

That camera makes you look even better than the old one! Gah! I need to start a Chip In fund so I can have Mom get a better camera to make me look just as good. Ahem! I digress!

You got U.K. Cheetos?! Where are my U.K. Cheetos? Dang it all!


rottrover said...

Oh MAN! You greyhounds all stick together...YUMMERS, though..

-Bart and Ruby

chicamom85 said...

The nerve of that mailman, my maillady gives me treats. What a nice package full of goodies. Yummmmmmy, I am drooling(sorry). I do love your pictures but when you pose Mommy goes all crazy and oohs and ahhs and weepy. Can you try to cut back on the cuteness at all?? I guess not, you are what you are and I love you, even though you are waaaaaaaaaaaay too cute.

Loveys Sasha

chicamom85 said...

Puddles, they do make me fart(a lot) and please don't tell Remington. I have to cut back on them for a whole day before I see him to clear out. Sometimes I worry that you can smell them when the wind is just right outside. I can't stop eating them though, its a small price to pay right??

Loveys Sasha

Gloria Hood said...

I need to know what you did to deserve all that? Sheesh! Them peeps must be rich or something! I hear at Mom's work, The Olive Garden, The You Kays are cheap tippers! BOL
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Bruschi said...

OMD your Moms new camera is fantastic! Puddles, I didn't think it was possible for you to be even more stunning than you already are but this camera sure is working for you!!!
That is one deeeelicous box of treats if I must say so myself!!!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi & Ebby

Pee-S: mommy's tummy is non-existent. Must be all that running she does! BOL!
She says thank you for the compliment on her new tattoo!

scotsmad said...

What a score!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

That is a great package of goodies Puddles!!! The mailman is just jealous because he doesn't get that many packages!

Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

We think you should enter the Americas Next Top Weinie dog contest cause you sure are "smeyezing". That would be smiling with your eyes.

Macintosh Mitch said...

What a haul! Deccy sure chose some yummy stuff for you, Puddles!

Love ya lots,

Pibble said...

Holy kaboly chicky boom! You got stuffs from the UK including YOU KAY CHEETOS???? you are one lucky lady, Puddles!

ABBY said...

Dat is just pawsome.
WOWIE that is incredible and we is all impurrsed wif yur noo photos. DEY is grate!

Zona said...

Those foto skillz are amazing! But pawsonally I think it's the subject more than the skillz. I'm sure you agree. BOL!


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Congrats on your great pressies - we are very jealous of all those goodies you got. BUT the Momster is super duper jelly of that new camera - Mom's photos are fantabulous. Puddles, you need to let her use it lots and lots of times - you are looking sooooooooooo good.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Lorenza said...

All those cheesy yummies!
I am sure you loved all those treats!
Kisses and hugs

jen said...

LMAO! Your posts are what keep me going...seriously they are!

First, I am totally jealous of your rockin package! How cool is that to get fun treats from the YOU KAY:)

Seconds, I am totally jealous of your mom's new camera! She is doing an awesome job with it and she is making my pictures look like crap:)

Two French Bulldogs said...

that is crazy,,,it went on planes, trains buses over the mountains in the air and right to ya!
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Look at all the munchies you got! :O :P''' <that's drool ;) Where's the bangers? BOL! Just kidden. I'm sure your Mom has some hot doggies hangin around somewhere you can eat with your wotsits ;) That's an interesting name... wotsits Kinda like a question...what sits? Me! Well when I want to ;) Hmmmm...maybe they should make a treat called wheniwon2? Hardy Har Har
Good ol Deccy. Great pal! :D

Waggin at ya,

PeeS: Exciting that your Momma got her new flashy beast! Make sure she doesn't get too wrapped up in playin with it that she forgets ta feed ya ;P

♥Mona + Weenie + Mommy, too♥ said...

OMD...we are dying iover here. All that yummyness for one little girl.
Wanna share? Mommy is starving us over here.

No toy?

With our tongues hanging out....Mona & Weenie

Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Sadly, we don't get enough mail for our postlady to wonder about us, although Mom was greatly amused that we received MAGNITUDES more holiday cards than she and Dad did! ;-) We, on the other hand, are totally impressed that you get boxes of international cheetos. How cool is that?!? And we love the fotos - most excellent! We say, put up with the flashy beast because we can never get enough of your smiling face!

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Bobbi said...

Puddles, I love and adore you! It doesn't matter how I feel (icky with a cold right now) or what I'm doing... (working and feeling like crap) all I have to do is read one of your posts and I am lifted up!! What a nice box of goodies you got! So sweet of your furrend to send it.

KB said...

Oh Puddles - that new camera makes you look even more like a greyhound than usual! Beautiful!!!!

I discovered that Canon came out with an equivalent camera (I'm committed to canon due to the zillion dollars worth of canon lenses I own). No, I'm not staring at the web pages about it (yet).

Enjoy those treats!

Kaunis Nelli said...

Don't eat all at once - says Nelli who has weight issues (her mom's fault too....)

Ronnii, Uji, Izzy + Ziggy ( + Momma Tea ) said...

Phh Miss Puddes Wotsits were Ronnii's all time favs ( wee do lovs dem too ) wee is so glads dat yoo likes em as well it givs us da happies

Uji, Izzy n Ziggy
xx xxx xxxx

A MilShelb Mom said...

Holy Beans! You got a ton of stuff! :) (You Greyhound, you. BOL!)
~Milly and Shelby