Monday, March 5, 2012

Hats Of Hope-Ms. Judi

Sometimes da puddles can be at a loss fur words, shockin' I knows but it be true.
And today, da words just ain't comin' out like I wanted.
Sees I met Ms. Judi back when I furst started tellin' da world bouts all da trublles I would get into bloggin' and they was da furst kitteh bloggers I met. True story, really.
They welcomed me to Blogville withs open arms.
Ms. Judi even hatted me.
 I looks good don't I?

So today I just gots to let them knows dat I am heres fur Ms. Judi, I hold your hand and heart while you is dealin' withs your medical issues. I may be a long ways off but I am WITH you.
And I thinks I can say all of Blogville is givin' you all da support and hugs and love and special thoughts and vibes fur you.
You be very special and we loves you.

Ya'll can go here to visits Ms. Judi and gives her some encouragement.
And I also wanna thank Pip and Zoolatry fur organizing dis.
And you can join da hop by goin' to Pip's.
Thanks Ya'll!

PS: I has comments turned off just fur today

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