Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Majic Trick

Did ya'll knows I was a majician?
I am.
Wanna see?
Okays, take notice of my sees it? I't my right ear, or would that be my left facing you? Whatevers.

Boombabam alakazam!!!!!


Uh huh, told ya so....that was nifty wasn't it. Sees my ears now....
one up and one down.
Oh nos, I can't tells you hows I does it.
I think I be delirious from da heat.
Okay, Bye


Peace Out,

Monday, June 28, 2010

All About Me and da Other Two

Ya’ll excited? Meeeee too! Whatevers fur you ask? Well it’s my Birfday month sillies, what else Okays, it’s really not my birfday month yet but I’s decided to goes ahead and start my celebration nows. And cuz I really, really, really wanted to do dis All About Me quiz that Little Miss Pearl started and thoughts dis be perfect timing. Oh and by da way, I didn't do my toys cuz I be doing a seperate post bouts that.
Oh and ummmm…does ya’ll mind signing da dotted line below? It’s just a formality so nobuddy goes and uses dis fur blackmail purposes. Okays after you sign we continue.



Oh wait...hang on. I gots to get comfy fur my interview.

Okays, I be ready nows. I gots da couch...hehehehe.
Brudder not happy withs da Puddles. He usually calls dibs on da couch.

"I can not believe I am sitting on the floor"

"What did I ever do to deserve living with that crazy puppy?"

Name and age:
Albert: Albert Einstien, 8 years old

Puddles: Puddles Duddles Rainwater, almost 2 years old

Whitney: Whitney Lou, age disputable, 8 or 9 (will follow up at a later date)

Albert: I am in between a miniature and a standard long hair dachshund.

Puddles: Well that’s just da silliest question I’ve ever heard…look at me…I’m a GIRL!

Whitney: I am a long hair dachshund, just like Albert

Albert: Buddy, Big Boy, The King

Puddles: Damnit, Evilenie, Demon Dog, Peanut (on a good day)

Whitney: Little Momma, Pretty Girl

Where'd ya come from:
Albert: I was obtained from a highly reputable breeder in the state of SC.

Puddles: Oh’s I came from my momma’s tummy of course.

Albert: Puddles, you came from the same breeder as I did.

Puddles: well, technically I came from my momma’s tummy.

Albert: Whatever!

Whitney: Ummmm….well I, uh…came from a breeder also.

Puddles: Ya’ll haves to excuse sissy, her being all shy and stuffs.

Albert: I prefer Iams Weight Control Biscuits

Puddles: Oh them things be nasty tasting, I loves me some Cesar's chewie treats in prime rib flavor...yum!

Whitney: Uh, well I like the Cesar things too because they don't hurt my gums. I lost many teeth when I came to my new home.

Favorite Human Person:
Albert: My dear mother, she is my whole life.

Puddles: Golly, this is a tuffy cuz I loves my mum and I loves My Girl. My Girl gives me treats but mum feeds me. Uh, I choose both.

Whitney: Mother, paws down. She protects me and makes me feel safe.

Bad Habits:
Albert: I have no bad habits as I am perfect.
           Puddles! Pay attention, it’s your turn!

Puddles: Oh sorries, I gots distracted. Um, my worst habits? Oh I gots none of those eithers. Okays, how much  time do we's haves…hehehe. Lets’s see, barking, digging, jumping, peeing in da baff tub, chasing squirrels, stealing stuffs, running at full speed and slamming into da door to opens it, scratching at da door, catching bugs, refusing to be a good model, jumping on da kitchen table when no buddy is around….

Albert: Okay, thats good enough.

Whitney: Uh, I would have to say, walking around endlessly and cleaning my feet when I finally do sit down.

Most embarrassing moment:
Albert: I have never had an embarrassing moment in my life.

Puddles: Aaaaaah Bruuudder, but what’s bout dat time you hads your you know whats cut off?

Albert: Puddles, you are not suppose to mention that on the blog. Furthermore, that was never to be brought up again. Please continue with your answer.

Puddles: Well to tells ya da truf, I’ve nevers really been embarrassed. I just kinda laughs with everbuddy else. No need to bes embarrassed bout anything.

Whitney: I can’t recall anything either.

Family Dynamics:(this is a question for those of you with more than one animal in the house. i.e. who is alpha? who is the cuddler? who is the naughty one? etc. I just want to know how you fit into the family!)Albert: I am the alpha dog through and through.

Puddles: I’s don’t really understand dat question.

Albert: the question refers to what position you hold, as in alpha, which you are not, beta, and omega.

Puddles: Oh, I gets it now. Well, I’m not old nuffs to be in a sorority so I says Not Applicable.

Whitney: I’m still trying to figure out my position in this so called hierarchy.

Person’s Favorite Thing About You:
Albert: You’re kidding right? Mother loves everything about me, especially the fact that I actually listen to her.

Puddles: Oh, dats easy. Mum loves to hears me sing…hehehe. Okays, I be serious. Well, mum likes it when I jump in her lap while hers going potty.

Albert: I don’t think that is an endearing quality that mother would call a favorite of yours.

Puddles: Oh yea, then why hers shriek with joy when I do it?

Albert: It’s not a shriek of joy dear…

Whitney: Oh good God, would you two shut up! You two have done nothing but bicker during this entire quiz, it’s my turn now.

Puddles: Well lookie who put on da big girl panties…hehehe.

Albert: Whitney, please proceed with your answer.

Whitney: Mother says one of her favorite things about me is how I lay on my back and wave my hands for her to pet by belly.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Battle Wound and Visitors

Hellos…hellos! Ya'll wanna sees my battle wound? I finally gots a picture of my Wound, or I should say mum finally gots a pikture of it. Hers kept complaining da whoooole time too, kept saying her need a cooperative model.  Nows my wound is smallish but I’s very proud of it and shall wear it withs pride as da Badge of Courage. I sure hopes it leaves a scar thogh cuz that would be super cool. It's really small compared to my victim’s…don’t nobuddy go bursting my bubble or nuttin likes that…hehehe.

Badge of Courage

Okays, that’s it bouts that.

So on to my next impawtant information. I gotta tells ya’ll I had some visitors yesterday. Yea, apparently it ain’t da furst time they has been to my house eithers. They comes by aaaaaall da time but I just ignores ’em, I won’t mention their names but they knows who they is. You see, it all started withs an innocent comment on they bloggie and then da next thing I knew they was unfortunately made to takes a baff and all kinds of nonsense like that. Oh, they smelled like girls when they was all done too…gulp. So they was mad at da Puddles. Like it was my fault or sumptin. So anyways they keeps coming to my house and interrupting my plottin time…hehehe…(mental note: put disclaimer on blog).

Hey Brudder, I seee somebuddies.

No, it can't bes them crazy doggies.
How'd they gets here so quick.
Well, I be dog it IS them!

Here we go again. Puddles, what have you done now?

Hey Brudder, I goes in here so they won't knows I'm heres, okays.


Peace Out,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pressie From Frankie

Dis be Frankie...NOT sissy Whitney...hehehe!

Oh gee whiz, I am havin’ da bestest week evers. Furst, I hads da most marvelous encounter withs a ground hoggie (I hopes ya’ll liked my last post abouts it and ground hoggie spit DOES works mighty well as a mousse) and then I gots a pressie from Famous Frankie Furter. Yep, I sure did. I has to apologize furs da terrible pictures….ummmm, mum’s flashy monster ain’t quuuuite working right afters it went flying through da air on ground hog day. Okays, I hopes ya’ll is good and ready to see what my mailman brought to me courtesy of Frankie.

Lookie, Frankie sent me my very own bag, it’s white too.

Ooooooh, just what I’ve always wanted... a bag.
   Ignore that big black blob in da pikture and da funky colors.

 I hads to take my brand new bag to a top secret location
That's my butt incase ya'lls furgot what it looked likes...hehehe! 

   Thash Frankie shore knowsh howsh to shop. Showy, my mouf ish full right nowsh.
  Brudder gets outta my shot...they wants to see me withs my pressie

  But as my most awesome luck would haves it, that wasn't all he sent eithers. They was sumptin hidden deeps in da belly of my bag. It was a luverly thing-a-ma-bob. It hasd da most beautiful colors. I likes colors. They  purty.
  I mights need my sunglasses fur dis.
Gosh, sumptin else in there's fur me? Hurry up would ya.

  Come on little girl, I ain't gots all day.
  I's gonna hunt you down you wittle waskly wabbit. Has anybuddy evers told you you haves beady eyes? Don't thinks you gonna scare da Puddles, I tooks on a ground hoggie.

Then my girl pulled out a rabbit, it was dead though. Well it wasn't really dead but it wasn't alive eithers. Oooooh, and ya'll should heres it, it makes da most fantastical squeky sound I have evers heard in my life. It is sures to drive mum bonkers...hehehe! Thank you Frankie, I loves my pressies from your PIF. Noooow, I guess I'll haves to borrow a plastic thingy and go to town, I mean go to town as in literally and go shop fur my victims furiends. That's how it works, right? Aaaaanyways, thank you Frankie fur your thoughtfullness. I promise to be a very good toy owner and be kind and gentle...bwhahahahaha...hehehehehe! You is a wonderful furiend to haves and you do mean alot to us. Uh, I betters stop now cuz I don'ts like da mushies...hehehe! Golly, I feels special.

 And if ya'll is still clueless bouts Frankie's Name Game that he conjured up then I haves no idea where ya'll has been but you has to join  and ifs ya'll don't know Frankie then...ummmm, ya'll is just pitifull in every ways...hehehe! He's famous you know. Goes and meet him ifs you don't knows him cuz he's full of da sweetness. Here is da linkie to da Name Game post. And da luverly Miss Sugar's mom bad da beautimous badge too.

Peace Out,

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Ground Hog Day

This is a loooooong post so be prepared.....

Oh my gosh…oh my gosh, I haves been waiting fur like evers to tells ya’ll what happened yesterday.I mean like all day and all night...I couldn't even sleep last night. It was da best of my life. Ya'lls gonna be so prouds of me. Okays, I’m calmish nows so I’ll start. Well yesterday while Mr. Dad was cutting grass at some of his property, mum and Abigail went to Mimi and Papa’s and lefts me and Whitney in da house and left Brudder Albert outside by accident ( no biggie cuz they was just gonna be gone briefly). So when mum and Abigail gots home and gots out of da car they heard Brudder barking and carrying on. Mum knew right off sumptin was up by Brudder’s bark. You know hows we doggies haves a different bark fur certain things? Well that’s how it was and mum knew it (hers can be purty smart sometimes). So mum looked in da backyard and spotted Brudder down at da corner of da fence, he had sumptin cornered . Wells then mum and Abigail went through da backyard to see what Brudder was yapping bout. So mum is walking and walking and bouts right here…

Right heres at this grassy spot.

Her sees some sort of beast and throws her pocketbook down and takes off like a crazy lady…hehehehe! Howevers, her did haves her camera and kept holding on to it. Now that’s just paaaa-thetic if you asks me. Luckily hers did  manage to snap a picture of it fur proof. Lookie at this….

  Doofus Brudder being called off.
It was a freaking ground hog in MY yard. Mum was calm and collected at this here point cuz her can just call Brudder off and no big deal. Okays now here is da best part, MY girl accidently let me and Whitney outta da house…Thank You Girl of Mine. Alls I can say bout that is our instincts kicked in and mum dropped da camera in da process. Imagine three doxies and a ground hog…pure bliss.

I gonna tries to takes ya’ll step by step from heres. Okays, so girl lets us out…then we shoot outta house likes canon balls at a circus, withs my girl following. By da time mum any sort of scream out we alls three was trying to get at that beast of a hog.I seriously wish ya’ll coulds haves see mum screaming and stomping those feetsies, yelling out bad words, really acting likes a total moron…he he he, but it was priiiiceless. Did I mention that ground hog was slinging his spit everwhere too and chattering his teefies? Yep, he sure was. Now wheres was I ? Oh okays, So me and Whitney gets down theres to save Brudder and with full force we wents afters him. But Whitney kinda gots theres furst and I’m all like “You betters giddy up on ouuta heres girl” and she nevers looked at me, just completely ignored me…huuuumph! I heard mum in da background yelling to Abigail to call Mr. Dad on da cell phone fur him to gets his booty home…ring ring ring, no answer. And befores I knew, I was on top of that ground hog.
Unfortunately mum grabbed two wooden stakes and crossed them to block off Mr. Ground Hog from us. We did manage to get in some bites and stuffs on da sides of da stakes though. Oh my, it was so exhilarating. But mum was finding it way difficult to hold da stakes, watch Abigail, watch da ground hog, and watch us three. And two, Brudder was stonger than her evers thought and he kept breaking mum’s stake position causing him to make contact with da varmint. Soooo, mum started freaking out and hyperventilating and stuffs and yelling mores (like that was gonna do any good). Well, low and behold da Neighbors I always talks bad about heard mum’s panic screams and came running down da side of da fence to helps her. Shocker, huh? Anyways, mum was able to grab ME and hand me off to my girl so mum could grab Brudder and Whitney and we immediately got taken in da house. I was so mad fur having to go in cuz I was having so much fun. Yep, then Mr. Neighbor came in da fence and got that ground hog. I was kinda disappointed in that though. I wish ya’ll coulda seen me in action, with a left hook here and left hook theres. Ya’ll I was so prouds of myself, actually we all was proud and we was ALL strutting our stuffs when we got inside. Oh and we all had Ground hog spit all overs us..he he he! I think I need a nap nows from that long and exhausting post.

Note from Mum: I had come and make sure Puddles was telling the truth in her post. I think she did a pretty good job this time except for the part about me looking like a crazy lady and Albert needing her assistance. Okay, well maybe the part about me looking crazy was partly true. However, in my defense it was horrible to see what was taking place before my eyes. I was scared to death for my dogs, the ground hog. And I was not about to let my daughter witness some bloody battle between my dogs and a ground hog.  I was also concerned the dogs might turn on each other in their pursuit.

I also want to add that as sick and demented as it sounds, it was interesting to watch them, watch them do what they were historically bred to do, kind of. Watching them move was like something straight out of a book about Dachshunds. At the time I was more afraid for Puddles (please don’t tell her I said that though) because of her size. However, I can honestly say that once again, she proved me wrong (she has a tendency to do that). She never backed down from that ground hog and even has a wound to prove it too. I was afraid for Whitney as well since she is the newest member of the pack and don’t know her as well as I know Albert and Puddles. But Whitney did an exemplary job of displaying her doxie qualities. I was never really concerned for Albert as I have seen what he is capable of and have seen him in action before.

THE END....finally!

Peace Out,


Friday, June 18, 2010

My Friday Post

This pikture has nuttin to do withs my post but I thoughts ya'll might want to sees my butt to gets you through da weekend...he he he!

Hey everbuddy! Ok, so yesterday, I hads a humdinger of an idea. You wants me to tells you bout it? Okie dokie, I’ll tell ya. As ya’ll know Frankie conjured up da idea of doing da Name Game on July 4th…. my idea is to celebrate my birfday all month long. See, I was thinking that since….you know da whole name thing and my birfday is kinda at da same time so it makes perfect sense. Just goes withs on this one ok, ok. Nows I ain’t gots everything lined up yet but I do know all my posts will revolve round me….he he he! No seriously, I tells ya’ll lots of stuffs bout me, like my Coming Home Story, show ya’ll lots of Puppy Puddle pictures, oh, and mum even found some pictures of my mom and dad too. If ya’ll has any questions bouts me or posting ideas lets me know cuz those are wlcome as well. Ummmm…all questions except how mum puts up withs me….he he he! I thinks this will be fuuuuuun.

Now my birfday will be on July 28th and I wears a size small, I likes toilet paper and anything that can be destuffed. Oh, and I likes squirrels too. You know, just fur information sakes...he he he!
Oh and ummm...if any of ya'll sees Sam and Pippen or Martha and has no idea where I am and ya hasn't seen me...he he he!

I wants to thank you all fur your kind words regarding da passing of Skittles yesterday. My mum wanted me to tells ya’ll a little info on skittles so here goes: Skittle was found in da pouring rain on Memorial Day at 7 weeks old. He was brought to da ER vet clinic where Mollie works, upon his arrival a nurse REFUSD to treat him as a stray and said he wasn’t sick. Mollie toooks him home withs her, her 2 beautiful daughters, 9 other kittehs, and a supportive dorky husband. Anyways to make a long story short, da kitteh was sick withs PIF, whatevers that is and hads to go through multiple tests, procedures and da sorts but…Skittles family endured da costs, da emotional roller coaster, and everything else involved. And to imagine they did it all fur a kitteh they only knew and loved ur 2 weeks. I believes they really is goodness in hoomans and Mollie and her family is one o da few around heres. I thinks one of da worst things about Skittles is Mollie’s girls…tey iisrealy havinga difficult time. Okays, ‘ done now and just wanted to say thank you and Mollie and her family say thank you as well cuzz they read all your comments. I know I can always counts on my bloggie friends when it comes down to it…ya’ll haves wonderful hearts.


Peace Out,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

RIP Skittles

RIP Skittles

I had no intentions of posting today but I wanted to shares withs my friends some terrible news. One of my mum’s very best friends in da whole wide world has had to say goodbye to her kitteh. His name was Skittles. He came into their lives only a few short weeks ago as an orphan and has left his new family way too soon. Little Skittles went to da Bridge today at only 9 weeks old and though he wasn’t withs his family long, he left a lifetime of memories and will be missed tremendously. Good Bye Skittles, may you rest in peace now.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Almost Wordless

Oh Brudder, don't get me....I surrenders....hehehe!!!!!


Peace Out,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hey ya’ll! I hads another blunder in my post yesterday that Tank so GENTLY pointed out. Oh and if you haven't me Tank yet, then you must go meet him cuz he is so funny and....well, he's a little sarcastic too and will always give you his two cents worth. Gotta love a doggie with his qualities...hehehe! Anyway, apparently I haves no freaking clue what my name is. Some days my name is Puddles Duddles Raindrop or it might be Puddles Duddles Rainwater. Then again, sometimes mum changes it to Damnitpuddles (quite often) or Stoppuddles. So I guess it would be fair to say that I can get confused. Well, my official name (afters looking at da paper work) is Puddles Duddles Raindrop. And that’s all I am permitted to say until July 4th when we join Frankie in da name game.

I’m all kinds of super duper excited today. MY girl is officially out of school fur da summer. I guess ya’ll can just imagine how happy I am to be ables to spend more time with hers.
We is gonna haves a blast this summer. We is gonna haves picnics, go swimming (though I will only just be hanging out tanning my belly). I’m gonna shows her how to hunt fur stuffs like squirrels and groundhogs. I think hers will really enjoy that. Hey, I wonders how hers would feels about chasing Albert around da yard and playing bitey face? I’m sure hers will enjoy that cuz I sure do. I thought I might gives her a few pointers on how to properly dig holes too. Everybuddy needs to know that to get them through life. I’m just so beaming with enthusiasm I can hardly sit still. I just loves MY girl so muches…not cuz her gives me extra treats when mum ain’t looking eithers…I love hers cuz her loves me fur all of my Puddles self. Yea, kinda makes you want to hurl don’t it?
For those of you that are new to MY bloggie, My Girl's name is Abigail and her is full of smarticles cuz I haves already taught her lots of things. You know a doxie girl has many things to teach.

  These next two piktures you can tell how much we look alike by our eyelashes...hehehe.

 Aren't we just all kinds of preciousness? Get used to this pikture cuz ya'll will see it again in da future.


Peace Out,

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Furst Evers Infomercial

Hi! Puddles Duddles Rainwater heres. Are you sick and tired of having to trek out in da rain to to takes care of your busyness?  Tired of getting your paws all wet, dirty, muddy, nasty and just gross? Well, I haves your solution.

Introducing da….

Puddles Pro 1000

Da Puddles Pro 1000 is a state of the art peeing area designed out of fiberglass. And it’s so simple to use. All you haves to do is jump in da containment area, do your busyness, jump out, and BAM…you’re done! Only three easy steps. It even comes withs a knob fur fast and easy clean up too. You haves always wanted to be da top dog at da dog park…well now’s your chance. You’ll be da envy of every doggie in da universe. And da best is, it’s only $19.99. You read that correctly, only $19.99.

(not responsible fur doggiess that can't jump out)

 That’s right furiends, only $19.99.! That’s only one, nine, nine, nine. 

But wait, if you act now, we’ll even throw in this nifty flavored watering bowl….absolutely FREE!

(Decorations NOT included)

It can all be yours if yours fur jst da low price of $19.99. Remember this is a limited time offer only. Operators are standing by to takes your calls.

CALL: 1-800-Pro-1000
Please specify water bowl flavor: Klorine or bleach
(Please allow 87 years fur shipping)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Posted By Anonymous

This post was construed  by anonymous and therefore, all traces of evidence and markings have been removed by the author...I hope.

Has ya'll evers seen what a drowneded rat looks like?

I guess you haves now...bwhahahaha! Oh crap, gotta go now., Anonymous
location: Area 54, Roswell, NV

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spaceship Saga?

Hahahaha...ya'll thought that was a message from da aliens didn't ya'll? Ya'll gots all skeered didn' you?

This is me sleeping. I look kinda SWEET don't I? But who knows what I mights be dreaming of. (insert evil laughter)

So ya’ll remembers that alien spaceship I showed ya’ll on Cheeseday? Did ya’ll know it really wasn’t a spaceship afteralls? I know, I would haves never known it eithers until Brudder Albert told me so. You know know he knows bouts this scientifical stuffs cuz his name is Albert Einstien. Yep, he told me it is actually da Air Conditiong Unit. Some hows it makes our house cold when it is hot outside…how does it do that if it is outside da house and not in…duh. You know that is just stoopid if you asks me. And then…get this…then he told me I wasn’t acting like my real self cuz I was just too darn hot to do anything. Yea, Brudder said it was 91 degrees and with da humidity (what is humidity anyways) it made it even hotter. I’m thinking it was more like 156 degrees and it made me go into an Un-Puddle state. Uh huh, this is fur reals ya’ll. It is so NOT fun being Un-Puddlish.
And poor Frankie Flirter has a box just likes mine and I thoughts fur sures as da world it was little martian dudes that hads been messing with his ear hairs, you know, making them shorter and all. Well now my theory has just been poppeded. And poor Frankie has been stuffing his box withs snow all this time...hehehehe! Can't ya'll just see that?

When will da heat be overs? I haves sooooooo much to do.
Oooh, lookie at my nose, glads I don't haves no green boogers up theres.


Peace Out,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Foto Session

Oh my mum sure is funny. I just can’t helps but laugh at her sometimes. Da other day hers tried and tried to get a group picture of da three of us. Well, hers kept stomping her feetsies…STOMP, STOMP…and hers kept saying a bunch of stuffs. I mean like all that hoopla was gonna help hers take a better picture…ha ha ha. Ya’ll should haves been here. Mumwsn’t too happy withs our little foto shoot but I’m gonna show you da pictures cuz her said they weren’t worth editing…hehehe. So just remembers that these are SOOC. Uh huh, that’s right, that means Straight Out Of Camera. And ya’ll say my blog ain’t educational. And look how good I was posing too.

Give me a kissie sisssy.
Ok, I'll gives you one

Uh, sissy you pushing me offs. 

Thank you brudder fur protecting me.
Mum, you done yet? I just heard da neighbors pull up, I gots to go now.
I should have let her fall.


Peace Out, spaceship saga will continue tomorrow

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dam Udder Ship

Oh my goodness, do I haves a funny fur ya’ll or what…it’s bout my post yesterday. He He He !!!!!I’m still laughing can you tells? Let’s me just say furst that when I publish my posts I rarely go back and read them. Well yesterday I DID and there it was…a major huuuuuge, ginormous booboo or a typo if you prefers. I laughed so hard that I peed all overs myself. He he he he!!! Well you see, down near da bottom of da post where I was explaining bout my pictures it said, “dam udder ship”. It was really pose to say, “Mudder Ship”. I couldn’t believes nobuddy caught it. I hads to immediately tell Mayzie bouts it and left a comment on her bloggie and her came back to my blog and said her thoughts I did it intentionally cuz…well, I do those sorts of things…hehehehe! Then da Op Pack read my comment to Mayzie and came to my blog and they was all laughing at me and then that just gots all my giggles started again. Oh me, it was just too too funny. Now I’m sures ya’ll will remembers dam udder ship fur da rest of time. (we have a wireless keyboard and sometimes it looses connection…therefore, creating many typos).

Ok, now I will continue withs my intended post. My pictures did come out of dam udder ship…er…Mudder Ship. I haves evidence now that it does exist and my body was more than likely inhabited by an alien.

See that arrow? That is da Mudder Ship.

Hello....anybuddy there?
You reckon you can come out and show my furiends that you exist? They don't believes me fur some reason...please don't takes off my nose ok 
I'm gonna gets you little alien...don't get my paw eithers.
This is very odd if you asks me.
Did ya’ll see that box looking thing? That is da aliens means of traveling from universe to universe. For safety precautions, I would advise ya’ll to stays far away from their ship or else they could possibly beam you up or possess your body too.
THE END...of Puddles?
Peace Out,