Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sabbatical Recap

Greeting my dear furiends!
I has officially returned from my blog sabbatical!
Okay, okay, settle down ya'll, I knows how super excited ya'll is dat I has returned.
No need fur da standin' ovation...sorry dat was just me standin'...all by my lonesome.
(sometimes I hears roarin' and applause in my head too).
Ahem, anyways...I has prepared a luverly recap fur you all to highlight all we has been up too since we has been away healin' mum's hellbow.
1. I went on a huntin; escapade but I is not allowed to talks bout it.
2. Da family went to Disney World...WITHOUT sees a ginormous rat...WTF?
3. Me and da blobs haded to stay at da vet.
They tooks away da fone, 'puters, and copyin' machine from me after
they discovered I was tryin' to fotocopy my butt.
4. I haded a birfday...I is 5 years old and I gotted some fabO pressies in da mail 
dat I will shows ya'll laters.
Thank you to all dat wished me a Happy Birfday!
5. I was forced to takes a baff cuz I rolled in sumptin' withs a luverly aroma.
6. Brudder Albert has cleaned my ears every mornin'.
They is spotless I tells you!
Oh and he tried to hump me but I snapped at him.
7. Mum not hold me fur da 12 hours like I prefer.
8. Whitney no longer sleeps in her crate at night.
I still has too cuz I likes to walk around in da middle of da night..hehehehe.
9. I drank some beer and ate some cheeto's...duh.
10. I entertained mum by lettin' hers let me in and out all day long.
Her not find it as fun as me though.
11. Da Girl tolded mum hers would not has a job if it weren't fur me and my blog.
Da Girl is pure genius!
12. Mum is still not bright
13. Mum took some fotos and losted them on da 'puter
14. I gotted very sad and upset when I learned da news of Benny and his cancer.
We will get you through it.
15. I was heart broken bouts Thunder and Blueberry goin' to da bridge.
16. Mum and da Girl haded a wreck on da way to da elbow doctor...all is okays.
Mum was more concerned bouts missin' her apt cuz hers was just wantin' to hears him give
hers da okay to start liftin' weights again.
WHAT is WRONG withs dat?
I'll gives her sumtin' to lift! Lift my butt up and PET me woman!
17. My bedroom has been repurtified by yours truly.
And it ain't white.
18. I is still gawjuss and a force to be reckoned with.
Some things will never change...BWHAHAHAHA!
19. I CRACKED MYSELF UP so many times all by myself
20. I missed ya'll so much my furiends!
Life just ain't right withouts bloggin'.

It is so good to be back in Blogville cuz I missed all my furiends.
It is so much more fun to be here than in da real world.
Dis is an old foto but since mum losted all da new fotos cuz her is so talented I has no fotos to share. to find anudder copyin'' machine