Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Baaaaack!!!!!!!

Happy Monday and Memorial Day everybuddy. So did ya’ll miss me to da moon and back? I’m so sorry I didn’t gets to visit your bloggies over da weekend. My mom found it necessary to ditch us fur da weekend and fur some reason, hers blocked my access to da puter. And then…and then to tops it all off hers didn’t even bring us back nuttin. Course, that wasn’t da worst of it…hers left us with Mr. Dad and I didn’t gets to have no fun whatsoevers. And poor Brudder Albert and Whitney bout starved to death cuz they refused to eat without mu home. It was just a plum awful experience.

This pikture has nuttin to do with this post, I just didn’t want ya’ll to furget what I looked like.

But even though mum didn’t think of me enough to bring me back a surprise, I hads a surprise fur her. I had HIVES when hers got home. Don’t worry but me though, I gots medicine fur it cuz it happened last year too. I thoughts I was havin a reaction to da neighbors but mu says that her didn’t think that was it. But, hers not exactly da brightest bulb in da house noway. Mum thins I’m allergic to some plant out in da yard but not sure which one. Anyway, nuff withs all that. I will be visiting your bloggies today and I know ya’ll is all kinds of super duper excited bout that…hehehe!!


Peace Out,
PEES: Thank you to all da men, women and doggies that have served in honor of our country.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Retaliation Photos... courtesy of Albert

It’s me Albert and it’s about time I got to do my own post. And if you all are wondering where Puddles is…I have no idea and frankly, I’m afraid to know where is or what she is doing. Whatever it is, it can’t be good. Anyway, I know you all are wondering why I am blogging. Well let me explain, I am a laid back doxiedude and don’t normally let things bother me too much. However, my sister Puddles took it upon herself to post a quite embarrassing photo of myself in a bumblebee costume that mother forced me to wear.

So today, I bring you photo of Puddles, photos she is not so fond of. And by the way, I’m not much into retaliation but this time I just couldn’t resist myself. I can assure you I will not stoop to her level anymore.

See, mother dressed me up as a bumblebee and Puddles as ladybug for Halloween one year and affectionately called us her “Love Bugs”. So feast your eyes on these fun photos of Puddles.

Well, she does look kind of evil in this picture.

We have met a  new doxie friend, Minna Krebs ,and we hope that you will run right over and introduce yourselves and welcome them into our “community”. Thank You.
Our dear Mona is officially cancer free.
If you haven't been to Mayzie's blog to guess her Family Tree contest...then what are you waiting for? And go see Zona to thank her and her family for contributing in the donation of the contest.

Albert Einstein, Alpha Dog

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Confession and an Award's actually two confessions but it could prolly, really be 397,629 but we'll start withs two. My furst confession is that I really didn’t stump my toe and da second confession, you haves to keep reading cuz it’s kinda embarrassing.

It is no secret that my mum has an obsession with ginormous doggies like Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Greyhounds, and blah, blah., blah. Now I, of course thinks that it is complete traitorism to us doxies and other small breeds. Anyway, when Sampson, a Great Dane, came to MY house my mum turned all giddy and goofy and had to bring ME and da camera out. Yea, then hers had to ooooh and aaaah some mores…really, hers was acting like a moron. Oh yea, you can bets your tails I showed that Sampson who da boss was. I let out my most ferocious Puddles growl…you know, I hads to set things straight with this horse doggie.

It's a horse of course.

Mum put me on da ground so her could take pictures of Sampson I could get acquainted with Sampson. Well now heres where I confess…but I will tell ya’ll only if you promise to keeps it amongst yourselves because it is most embarrassing and I haves a reputation you know. Sometimes I act all big and bad but I haves to be honest…this dog scared da crap outta me.

Oh, don't step on da Puddles, you'll squish me like a bug.

Oh gosh, I can’ts believe I’m telling ya’ll this. Let’s face it, he is da biggest doggie I have evers seen in my whole entire life. I thoughts I was having a seizure cuz I was shaking so hard and like all my hairs starting flying off of me. My mum even tried to walk off from me so her could take a picture of him and I was like…Muuuuuuuum, don’t leeeeeave me!!!!!! I just don’t know what in da world came over me. And of course it didn’t help matters that my mum was laughing hysterically at me during my time of need. I thought it was just rude of hers when I was in fear of my life (mental note: get new mum). He is pretty though.

Oh Lawd heeeelp me, I'm gonna diiiiie! I promise I want do nuttin bad evers again.

Over da weekend my mum received a most beautiful award from Sammy and Andy. And we really likes them a whole bunches and their mom used to belong to dachshunds…hers even brought a pair back from da mudderland….that would be Germany.

Now da rule is to pick five mom’s so here are my pick and then I will explain why they was chosen…not that we don’t love all your moms or nuttin like that but I'm trying to follow rules fur da furst time.
Pick 5 peoples and answer questions....
Mona and Mommy Too and Bookerman and Asa's mom- because they haves just had tumors removed and I know it has been a very difficult time fur their moms.

Mollie and Bobo's mom and Khyra's mom- - because they donate and dedicate their time to transport animals in hopes of finding their most wonderful new homes. Without them, they prolly wouldn’t get a second chance.

Dog- Foster-Lovin-Ziggy mom- without her so many animals would be sleeping on da streets. Maybe I should give this to her her hubby fur putting up with hers bringing in all those animals…hehehe!
These are the questions my mum hads  answerr.
1. What would your prefect day consist of?
traveling through Ireland

2. How would you describe yourself if you were an item of clothing?
A nasty old sweatshirt with lots of paint

3. What hobbies are you currently working on?

4. Walking in the woods in wellies or bare foot on the beach?
I would get lost in the woods so I'll take the beach.

5. Have you ever hugged or sang to a tree?

6. Growing your own veggies or nipping to the supermarket?
we have 2 tomato plants that someone used to get into...I won't mention names.

7. Have you found anyone exciting in your family tree?
Just me

8. Slap up meal in a posh restaurant or fish ‘n’ chips from the wrapper?
Does tuna from a can count?

9. Which element do you most resonate with, Earth, Air, Fire or water?

10. Do you believe in fairies?
Well of course, they live in my backyard

THE END...tomorrow will be a short post, I promise.

Pees: make sures you check out Mayzie's DEE-EN-AY contest to win some cool prizes but most importantly...her is going to take some of her pawrents money and donate it to a  super duper animal charity.  I personally thinks her is part zebra you know, cuz of her stripes and all but I was told I couldn't vote fur that...hehehee!

Peace Out,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whitney's Trip To Da Vet

My mum wanted me to tell ya’ll bout my sissy Whitney’s VET trip and I told her No cuz it wasn’t important since it wasn’t bout me….hehehe. But then her said,” Well the name of the blog is ‘We Three Doxies’, NOT All About Puddles” and then she bribed me with a treat…(Mental Note: change name of blog). ..a much needed treat since I was starting to feels a little faint from da lack of food around here. Well I haves decided to tell ya’ll bout it cuz it is kinda funny.

Well last Saturday mum discovered a really red lesion on Whitney’s lip and it was all kinds of swollen and nasty looking. It was on her bottom lip and it looked like her big long toof …you know da one that’s fur shredding squirrel, was rubbing on her ouie. Well mum was weird quick thinking and took a picture of it and sent it to Mrs.Vet, who is Dr. Vet’s wife. I mean how weird is that? Not Mrs. Vet, but taking a picture of her lesion. Ha, and they was eating lunch too…hehehe. Anyway, afters several text messages back and forths back and forths IT was decided. Ok, here comes da funny part…

Whitney was like,”Well it’s a good thing the vet is already closed for the day.” And mum was like,” Don’t worry Princess; Dr. Vet is going back to the office so he can see you.” And Whitney’s like,” It is so NOT cool for you to have a friend as a VET”. So mean while me and Albert is just laughing hysterically cuz Whitney thought hers wouldn’t have to go ….gotta love a vet that will go to da office during after hours.

"Did you say VET?"
 Ok, so Whitney stomps outta da house and mum’s following her all graceful like (not really) so I hollers to mum,” Make sure he takes her temperature”, and mum’s says, “Oh Puddles, be nice for a change”. Then I said,” Hey woman, while your there have Doc do a brain scan on you”. You know, cuz sometimes I worry bout hers. Mum just slammed da door then…hehehehe! Some hoomans just don’t know how to take a joke.

Here's me telling mum to haves a brain scan...hehehe!

Anyway, afters a thorough exam, temperature taking included, Whitney had a really, really, really, really bad bacterial infection in hers mouth. I think it was caused from her being mean but I can’t be sure. Her was also running a high fever too…thank goodness Dr. Vet took her temperature. So he put her on some antibiotics that cost like a million dollars and some kind of gel stuff to put on her lip that cost about a thousand dollars. Whew…I’m just so glad it wasn’t me. Oh and ya’ll don’t have to send her well wishes or nuttin like that cuz it’s just Whitney and her is all betters now. But since ya’ll is so giving in da wishing area, I seem to haves stumped my toe…I will gladly accept any wishes you have fur my toe.

The End
Peace Out,

Note: Whitney will have to return to the vet beacause her lip is not healing.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Because Of Max...


I hugged my Best Friends
a little longer and a little tighter.

Max and MaxMom, you will always be in our hearts. And thank you for letting us join you in Max's journey...we are so very gratful and honored.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My Trip To Miss Asta's

March 12, 2000-May 24, 2010

Always in our hearts

Happy Monday Furiends! I hopes ya’ll had a most fantastical weekend…I sue did. Well let me just tell ya’ll bout mine. Let me furst explain how it all came about. Last week Miss Asta left me a comment on my bloggie bout a comment I left on hers.

Dear Miss Asta,
I can tells you is in dire straits...I mean taking to da bottle is one thing but this early in da day is just pittiful. I haves a train in my backyard ya know, maybe I can jump it and I'll drink with ya...hehehe!

You aw a notty little cutie, hehehe
I love towmenting my baby bwuddew when he comes ovew.I twy to kiss him nonstop cause he hates that, hehehe
I'm glad you have a twain in youw neighbowhood, I hope you huwwy ovew to dwinks wif me
smoochie kisses

Ok so ya’ll nevers believe my luck…MY train stopped right behind my house so I took it upon myself to pull a hobo and jumped da train. Yes I did, I know that was a pretty daring move but ya’ll know me. So anyway, I hopped da train and took off to da Big Apple, that’s where Miss Asta lives. I mean, I just couldn’t haves her drinking alone. Well, I didn’t think I was evers gonna find her cuz I kept looking fur this big apple but luckily a passerby helped me out and he said that is what they call New York City…that’s just stoopid, why would they name it afters a fruit? So I found Miss Asta’s buiding (yep, it’s very swanky) and there her was, all alone drinking. Well nows I thought, this is a problem…you know da whole drinking alone thingy. It reminded of those alcohol commercials talking bout how you might haves an alcohol problem if you drink my your lonesome. So in order to keep Miss Asta from becoming a statistic I decided to join her. Yep, that’’s just da kind of friend I am. And before long I started talking like Miss Asta…ummmm, that would have actually been da alcohol talking….hehehehe! Good times, good times.

Later own hers took me on a wonderful tour of hers city and she is a perfect tour guide too, hers is even better than me. I know that’t hard to believe but it’s true. New York is most interesting city to say da least.

Here's us.

We saw this little doggie that was having an identity crisis.


This doggie was very much hated by it's mom....obviously.

And I even gots to meet her mom too…and comes to find out her mom and my mum haves da same sychiatrist. No, I’m lieing, I just made that up…hehehehe! All I can say is that I had da bestest time hanging out with Miss. Asta. Her is just so much to be around and hearing her talk really “kraks” me up. Unfortunately my stay came to an end and I hads to leave before my mum sent out da Marines looking fur me. But, I hads so much fun that l’m seriously thinking bout taking da train more often to see some of my furiends. I mean da train is right there so why not, right.

The End

Peace Out,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Post With No Title

NOTE: please send good vibrations to Mona today. We love you Mona and we are thinking of you.

Albert: I can NOT believe you posted that picture of me dressed up in a bumblebee costume.

Puddles: What picture? Oh yes, I remembers now.

Puddles: Hahahaha…oh me, that was funny whatinit?

Albert: You have such a peculiar sense of humor.
Puddles: Oh Brudder, I promise I won’t evers embarrass you no mores.

insert evil laugh here.

I want to repond to some of da comments got yesterday from my neighbor post.

1. Some of you have freaky neighbors too so that makes me feel all betters.
2. We haves also been instructed by mum not to eat any green, sweet tasting stuffs. Mum is paranoid  (don’t worry, her is taking medications fur that_ and told us bout da dangers.
3. I do bark at da neighbors ALL day long, which I will post bout later.
4. I am also currently working with Maggie Mae's dad on sumptin that I can't talk bout yet.
5. My dad has also been to da Popo bout all da traffic but apparently they has betters thins to do in    our so huge town of 1000 people.
6. They landlord has also been contacted on SEVERAL occasions. To ourknowledge no action has been done bby her...obviously cuz they still there.


Peace Out,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Ain't Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Hello everybuddy, thank you fur joining me today. I hope all is well in your neighborhood cuz it sure ain’t Mr. Rogers neighborhood where I lives. Since I am constantly slamming my neighbors I thought I’d explain why. I’m not even really sure where to begin but I can tell you this will be broken down into separate posts cuz it’s rather looooong. So you might as well go grab a cup of mojo and go pee furst. And since I obviously couldn’t actually get any pictures of da Neighbors (Don't think I didn't try though)I will include pictures of ME fur your viewing pleasure.

Another view of their de-VINE fence.

Let me just gives a little background info furst. They is renting their casa so they has a landlord , Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor moved in furst then later da grandkids and their mom moved in. AND if you happens to run into my neighbors and they ask you bouts me, you say, Puddles who?” Got it? Thanks, don’t want me to get in any kinds of trubles. Ha, who am I kidding? Anyway, on with da show.

I shall tell you bout da grandkids furst. Yes, I know it’s just not right to talk bout somebuddy’s kids but wait till you get a load of this stuffs. Keep in mind that they is only 4 and 5 years old…young but old nuff to know betters, I think. Since I don’t know their names I will refer to them as Younger Boy and Older Boy.


One time they was out in da street (believe me, this is not a street you play in cuz it a most busy area since it is downtown)and my dad ushered them out of da street to keep them safe. Well here come they mom flying out of da house screaming and cussing out my dad. Her even called him a f%#ing racist…my dad loves all breeds of people so I’m really not sure where that came from. This lady wouln’t stop with her ranting so dad threatened to call da popo, but luckily her settled down.

Then one time while my mum was gone da kids was throwing these humongus rocks over da fence at US. I’m not talking little pebble rocks either, they weighed like 500 pounds 5 pounds give or take a pound or two. Mum discovered da rocks when her gots home but she didn’t have no proof cuz she wouldn’t take my word (I wonder why). They haves thrown other things over da fence that just didn’t quite make it like a wig, a mop, a bucket, toys, and pieces of wood.

Now these hoodlums kids are usually unsupervised so they basically roam like stray doggies. One week my dad was out of town and my mum thoughts her was gonna pull her furs out with their shenanigans. Well, I told mum to haves a stiff drink and I would take cares of da situation but hers said that would be very irresponsible of hers…now, I’m not sure if she was talking bout da drink or me. While dad was away adding to our financial pot wasting time working da boys kept coming over onto MY driveway with their tricycles to ride…in MY driveway. This went on fur days. Then several times Younger Boy would come up and run up and down and up and down on MY our front porch. He would even look in our front door cuz it’s all glass. Later on my mimi and papa came over and pulled in da driveway right when Younger Boy threw dirt all overs my mum’s Honda Lambourgini. My mimi said sumptin to him but he said he didn’t do it…uh, little boy her saw you do it. So I said to mum,” Let me at da little peepsquek”. But mum said sumptin bought Animal Control would be brought in (and I am in no way condemning condoning bitting of small children…but, I am ever so thankful fur that dictionary Albert let me borrow in learning such big words).

ME again

I know ya’ll is prolly wondering how come my mum nevers went to talk to any adults bout da on going situation. Her had lots of reasons or so she said. Da furst and most important reason was her feared fur da boys physical safety, da previous confrontation between they mom and my dad, mum was home alone at da time and wasn’t sure bout any kinds of repercussions (big word), and they haves lots of TRAFFIC at their house (I hope you know where I’m going with that). Let me put it like this…many, many cars come to their house throughout da day, passenger gets out and goes to da door while da driver waits…passenger is gone fur a few minutes and returns and they leave…and we never sees their car again. Basically mum wasn’t sure what her options were.

Moving along now, da next day everything started again with da boys coming in our yard so mum sucked it up and went da popo (mum couldn’t haves them on our property cuz of liability reasons). So, her goes to da pop and explained everything in detail AND told them her didn’t want her name mentioned to no buddy what so evers. Ok, fine and dandy. Mum gets home and Mr. Neighbor comes knocking on our door telling mum if hers has a problem to come and lets them know…huh. He apologized profusely afters mum explained what in all had been going on and he claimed he had no idea of what da boys had been doing. Mum told him da kids wasn’t exactly his responsibility and he shouldn’t be da one to apologize, they haves a mother that needs to be paying attention to them. But, da questions, what made Mr. Neighbor come apologize?

That's ME again

Since this has been such a long post I will spare ya’ll da details of da night long parties, da fight between Mrs. Neighbor and da boys mom, da time my mum called da pop cuz their friends were in da street screaming and Man Friend hit Woman Friend.

So I hope your butts aren’t numb now. Now if anybuddy has ideas on how to have an American deported let me know. And I hop ya’ll will be ready fur more Neighbor news next week…can you stand anymore?

This is fur Lucky


Peace Out,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kind of Sort of Round About Wordless Wedenesday With Awards

Me working on a new disguise.

By jingo can ya’ll believes I got an award three times in oneday? You know what that means? You like me, you really like me. Well at least three doggies anyway. But seriously, what’s not to like? Hey, do ya’ll remembers when I very furst started blogging and I was just a shy little girl? Yea, me neither. Ok, on with da show.
This award was given to me by Mackaroon and Thunder Thighs, Milly and Shelby, and Bobo and Mollie. And since I normally don’t go by rules I figure I should post them anyways fur da recipients.

Rule 1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
Thank you everybuddy who gaves it me

Rule 2. Share 9 things about yourself.
I chose 9 to go with my "theme"

  1. I'm a joker

  2. I'm a pooper

  3. I'm midnight pee'r

  4. get my kibble on da run

  5. I'm a hunter

  6. I'm a stalker

  7. I'm liar

  8. I'm a sinner

  9. play by no rules
Rule 3. Pass the award along to 9 bloggers who you think are fantastic.
I hereby bequeth this award to da following:
Rule 4. Contact Blog award winners.
I'll get there.
Aaaaand... I got this most beautiful award from Milly and Shelby also.

Peace Out,

Pees: Make sure you are all comfy fur my Neighbor post tomorrow cuz it is loooong.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Too Much For A Title

Lookie what I git in MY mailbox. Boy, am I glad I posted my address on my bloggie. My furiend Ruby and Penny sent it to me. It a most beautimous wubba and it even has MY name on it. That would be P-U-D-D-L-E-S.

And it says, Love Ruby and Penny.

I love it very much and it's ALL MINE.

and it's ALL MINE!

Apparently Brudder can't read. I told him it had MY name on it. And I, Puddles, perservered.


And they sent a card with their picture.
Thank You so very much Ruby and Penny fur being so sweet and thoughtful.
It is soooo good to be ME.

And I also received a package from da Nuthatch Gang from Gabe.

That's my girl helping me.

And that's me helping myself. Yes, I am on da kitchen table...fur photo purposes ONLY.

I gots 3 stuffies that need to be destuffed pronto, some very delish treats, and some poop bags (they have hearts on them).
Thank You Nuthach Gang.


Peace Out,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tour de Puddles

Hello everybuddy. On Friday I was rudely interrupted whilst giving my tour by da city judicial system. So I’m back today to finish my tour of da backyard.

Follow me in a an orderly fashion.

Now my yard is very much ugly compared to Frankie Flirter's, Kira’s and Khyra’s. Hey, how come all those coyote dogggies have da bestest yards?  Oh well,  I do haves sumptin most doggies don’t have…I haves a real live train. Yes sire Bob I do. Now who doesn’t want a train in their backyard, except fur my mum? Don’t worry though I can’t actually get to da train cuz of da fugly chain link fence, it’s doxie digging proof. Besides ya’ll knows I wouldn’t attempt sumptin like that no ways. Oneday when mum isn't too lazy busy I'llhaves to get her to record Albert chasing da train. He is such a dork. I think he is just getting senile in his old age.

I likes to look at da art on da train. Sorry, it's fuzzy pikture.

This is da side of da fence where da Neighbors live. They is who I learned my four letter words that I’m never evers suppose to use…that’s why call them Neighbor words. Mum says their fence is an atrocity, whatever that means. I just think it’s a damn eyesore. Oooops, there goes a Neighbor word. Ooh, if you look closely da arrow you will see Mr. Pibble in his cage. I so need to do a blog post about my neighbors oneday. Ya’ll would be so amuzed and entertained. Yes, I will put that on my schedule.

Another beautimous view

This here is fur Frankie Flirter’s dad.
You might be redneck if
You hang your ladder....

....on da fence.

Seriously what kind of hooman does that? How you gonna climb on it if it’s on a fence..duh.

Anyway, moving along. This is my most favoritist trees. It’s not just an ordinary Pecan tree either. It is multifunctional. Not only does it grow pecans but it also grows squirrels and hopefully one day it just might grow beer too…that’s where I buried dad’s beer. And this is also my recreational area where I do my bestest digging. And another good thing about this tree is that mum and dad never planted anything around it so we could dig. Now that just makes all kinds of sense not to plant nuttin so we can dig.

And this here is just wheres we like to play too. Mum doesn't like it cuz brudder and sissy gets stuff stuck all over them and then mum has to pick these little tiny green balls of them and it takes like FUREVER to do that.

Well, this concludes my tour of da backyard, on your way out keep to da right and stay away from da neighbors…don’t want ya’ll to catch their weirdness, I hear it’s contagious. Oh and you can leave your tip in da mailbox.

Thank you fur choosing The Puddles Duddles RainDrop Tour.


Peace Out,
Puddles-Tour Guide Extrodinare