Monday, February 28, 2011



Oh sorry, I is just practicing


In conjunction (notice da big word I used) withs da auction to benefit Richie and Ronii
we is gonna haves KISSING BOOTHS.
Yea, I'll wait so you can read dat again.
Okays, I continue nows.

Nows dis is gonna be easy peasy and a real inexpensive way to help if you can't
donate to da auction or bid on an item.
And da kissing booths is open to all
donkeys, and
intergalactic species...ahem, Alien

Nows, if you wants to be IN a booth then email your head shot to....

allison(dot)b(dot)schubert(at)gmail(dot)com...if your name is A-N
(dat right theres is da longest email addy ya'll will prolly evers see)
minnakrebs(at)gmail(dot)com...if your name is M-Z
and we'll gets you in a booth.

March 5

And dis is hows it's gonna work....
you can go to da auction site (Crossed Paws) on March 10 and pay $3 to get a kiss...
Nows dat is a bargain!?!
And yes, I is gonna be in a kissing booth so nows all your dreams will come true...hehehe!

furs da boys

furs da girls

So ya'll gets to puckerin' up fur a good cause!

A big thanks to Lucy furs da inspiration behind dis idea!

Peace Out,

*if you has any questions just gives me a holla*

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Banquet Day2

What a fabulous time I is havin'!

Aaaand da pawty continues in da most proper way.....
swinging from da chandelier.
It's what we do...hehehe
(do no try dis without supervision)

Okays, we has to figures out hows to get down so we can go do da fashion show.

OMD....we looks hawt on da catwalk.
Who would haves ever known we could look so sophisticated.
Well, some us anyways.
(foto courtesy of Asta) 
I am blaming da lack of coordination on da heels..yea, dat's it!

Don't furget Roo is givin' dance lessons.
I thought dis was a formal affair.
Oh well, we is known to redneck things up.

Nows I want ya'll to give it up furs da Paws Bang Band
(clap, clap, clap, clap)
(foto courtesy of Pepsi)

and a special performance by da hostage, Bono!
Ya'll keep an eye on him cuz I has to return him to my mum...hehehe!

Okays, I has to go mingle nows.....

(Ooooooooprah Alien is looking furs you)

Peace Out,

PS: Come back tomorrow cuz I has a special announcement...bwhahahahahaha
Kiss, Kiss

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Here We Goes To Da Banquet

Thank ya'll fur joining us at da banquet to honor Pip and Bunny and me and Roo as coaches.
We's ready to get jiggy with it...hehehe!
Furst I has to get theres and I has been drivin' all nite to pick up a few furiends.

(sorry my head is kinda big heres)

Okays we is heres at da banquet hall.

Dis is da entrance or foyer, whatevers you wanna calls it
and I is just sittin' heres waiting on Pips' surprise.
Pay close attention to dis foto;)
cuz right nows it is empty and I spy a chandelier (snort, laugh, snort)

 Oh hot dog they just pulled up.
Okays Pip, dis is furs you....
can't stand da anticipation can you?
Just a few minutes more
you still theres?
la la de da
Okays, they is parkin'
Ta Da!!!!!!!
Well I'll be damn, look who's here!!!!!!!
It''s Oprah AND Bono!
Oh, I cracks myself up.

Say CHEEEEEESE little hostage dude and Ms. O!

We also has lots of tasty foodables provided by Blogville's finest citizens.
Jazzi brought her specialty tacos.

Mmmmmmmm...OMD these is deeeeelish!
And heres our fine lookin tables.
Ummmm...I don't see no plastic cups.
Dis looks too uppity yuppity furs me.

stayed tuned furs tomorrow......

Peace Out,

PS: if ya'll has been stuck in da mud or sumptin please know dat there is also a raffle goin on to help Ronii and Richie withs their medical bills ans a soon-to-be-auction.
I am thinkin' of auctionin' off my famous paintin' I did in Paris cuz it will surely bring in millions!

Go here to find out hows you can help...puuuuuulease!

Friday, February 25, 2011

To Da Banquet I Goes

Heeeeeellos ya'll!
Happy Friday!
I is just stopping to say dat I is on da ways to da banquet to celebrate
da Big Race between Pip and Bunny.
We is gonna haves sooooo much fun...we has a band, a raffle, and tons of beer food, dancin', and who knows what else...hehehehe! Oh dears! No tellin what will happen.
And a special guest furs da Pip;)

And since I liked driving so much in Paris I decided to drives myself...hehehe!

Ya'll likes my new wheels?
Dats right baaaaaaaby, it's a PINTO!!!!!!!
I has to make some stops to pick up some furiends so I'll see ya'll tomorrow!

 Before I goes....
hopefully ya'll all knows bouts Richie, Ronii, and Momma Tea's situation.
If not then you can click here or here to gets more info.
Please help if you can.
I'd explain myself but they did a betters job than I could haves.

Peace Out,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Da Conspiracy Has Been Broken!

*Background Music provided by da hostage*

Oh heck yea, I finally won sumptin in Blogville!
There was a conspiracy against me winning stuffs...ahem (Road Dogs)but NOT anymores!
Okays, anyways I gots a cool package from Sallie and Alien from da Valentine's Day pawty!

(foto by Asta)

Yea,  I thoughts it was furs me but apparently it was mores fur Bono a hostage if ya'll remembers.
And if you wasn't at da pawty then ya'll prolly has no idea what I is talking bouts.
We had a hostage and I gots to bring him home in a crate as mum's pet. Oh hers was happy indeed.
Now, I just happens to be her favorite of da pack.

Oooopsie, my bad!
Dat what happens when you don't belongs to me.
Soooo didn't mean to knocks it overs.

 Da goods furs da Hostage
CHOCOLATE! Godiva chocolate I might add.
Smell good stuffs and a CANDLE (makes my house smells all girly nows)
and 2 ROMANCE novels.
What mores does you need furs a hostage to feels welcome?
 No wonders da Lady hasn't done nuttin around heres...hers is too busy readin' nows!

Heres da smell goods.
Very purty, I likes da colors.
Oh and da candle cames withs it's very own matches but I's not allowed to plays withs matches.

  And of course heres ME!

Thank You Sallie and Alien!
My mum just loves her goodies and hers is enjoyin' them immensely...hehehehe!

*Ya'll don't furgets da Banquet dis Saturday and Sunday to honor Pip and Bunny and Da Great Race
I won't post again til then cuz I has to gets ready
and decorate and makes sures there is plenty of beer and cheetoes and all dat stuffs so I'll see ya'll then.
Then again, I may post friday but you just nevers know withs me;)

Peace Out,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chirp Chirp

I gots a box from my mailman from Frankie Furter..or at least it had my name on it.
Here's da stuff dat was in da box.
Yep, just what I expected...dis stuff ain't fur me, it was fur My Girl!
WAIT....hold up, I sees sumptin fur me.
Hold your horses till I gets to it.
A coloring book withs a doxie on it!
Looks just likes me but I is so much purtier doncha thinks?
Hers got an apron fur when her cooks fur me and a jump rope too.

Behold my gift!
Ain't it a BEAUT??????

A birdhouse dat Frankie made with his very own paws.
Yea, I is gonna haves to 'splain dis pressie.
Nows ya'll see, while Frankie was in Master Chew Sits withs Mango and Mr. Master he was learning hows to do some wood working not well I might add and wells, I wanted him to build me a bird house...hehehe!
I asked him several times furs a birdhouse.
I mean dat IS what you do when you goes to sleep-away-camp and a good beginners lesson fur dat wood working stuffs as long as it don't end up as firewood likes most of his stuffs did.
So he actually attempted  made me a bird house!

Uh, Frankie...dat ain't a real hole, it's construction paper.
How's them birds gonna get in da shack house?

Moral of Da Story:
Be careful what you asks fur:)

Contact Puddles

Seriously,thank you Frankie and My Girl says thank you, her just looooved her stuffs.
Hers won't lemme use her jumprope though (insert sad face). Her thinks I would tie da squirrels up.

Peace Out,

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Day With Corbin

Happy Monday Ya'll!

My furiend Corbin is havin' a contest to go out withs his furiends. And he appropriately named it

Well dis weekend I took Corbin to Paris!
Dats Right, Paris France.

Furst we went on a walk in da park.
(look mum, no leashes...hehehe)
Puddles: Oh dis is nice Corbin.
Corbin: A lovely stroll it is.

And then while we was in da park I decided to paint a picture of Corbin.
(dats what they do in them Paris parks ya knows)
Puddles: Oh Corbin you is just gonna loves dis here painting
( I even look likes a parisienne)

Here's my work of art.
I think it would look nice in da Louvre.

After Corbin laughed at admired my painting we had a nice little picnic in da park.
Puddles: why we havin' wine? Where's da beer at?
Corbin: We're in don't drink beer Puddles

Oh and dis is my favoritist part,
afters dat deeeeeelish picnic
we hailed a taxie and guess what...
I gots to drive!

Me drivin' to da Awful Tower.
I don't knows what was wrong withs Corbin.
He kept screamin' and a yellin' da whole ride.
(love da Taxie but it don't handle curves likes da laundry basket)

We finally made it to our destination.
Here we is in front of da Awful Tower...withs no beer!

Well dat was our trip to Paris and I sure hopes Corbin had fun.
I knows he did cuz he was withs da pUddles so what more could ya ask for?

Does anybuddy needs me to drive them any wheres?

Peace Out,

PS: I gots 2 more packages in da mail dat I can't wait to show ya'll!
I gots one from Frankiebeans...hehehehehe!
And I gots one from da luverly Sallie and Alien.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I Was Thinkin'...

Yes, on occasion I do think.
(Shockin, I knows)
Anyways, back to what I was thinkin'.
Since MangoMinister was recently goin' on
and I knows Them Brown Newfies does dis Show Dogs stuffs....

I was thinkin' I COULD haves been a show dog myself.

See, what did I tells ya?
I has da stack or whatevers you wanna call it...down to perfection.

Oh my, Westminister surely missed out on dis.
Nows ya'll don't get carried away withs my beauty:)

Da only itty bity problem withs dis show stuffs is dat you has to do what you is told (insert evil laugh)
In other has to be TRAINED!
And well dat thought just makes me wanna hurl my cookies.
But, if it wasn't furs dat training stuffs
I COULD haves been in da ring furs da whole world to worship me.

Peace Out,

PS: Don't furgets da Banquet fur Bunny and Pip on Feb.26-27
(Ain't nuttin likes a good Pawty)
where we will celebrate their famous race and drink lots of beer.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Check My Pressie Out

Happy Wednesday Ya'll!

So, da other day my mailman brought me a package...yep, he surely did!
And it was from my furiend Amber Da Weenie!!!!!!!

da Box

da Butt

What does we haves here?
Mmmmmmm, smells deeeeeelish!

Okays Foto Lady, stop snap snappin' and gets da stuffs out.
I ain't gots all day.

Okays so does ya'll remember when I was out in da snow and I was makin' fun of my too short sweater?

Okays, check dis out....

Amber Momma made me a sweater....
Hers hand knitted it just furs little ol' me...sigh.
They felt bad cuz I looked soooooo stoopid in my sweater so cold in da snow.

I lookin' goooooood!

And, it goes aaaaaaaaaall da ways down to my butt.

Sorry, I was hiddin' all da other stuffs they sent.
They sent 3 bags of treats (mine)...dats right 1,2,3 bags.
And they sent me an unstuffed toy (mine).
But, I suppose to shares withs brudder and sissy...hehehehehe...bwhahahahahaha!
Sorry, gots carried away laughing theres.

Thank you so very much Amber and mom!
I will cherish my sweater furevers cuz it was made 'specially furs me and I looks good in it!

Peace Out,

PS: da guy from monday's post, I brought him back from Hicbar.
Him is Bono.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all my wonderful furiends!

I haves no idea how him got heres.
Peace Out,

PS: we loves you Aunt Deb:)

Friday, February 11, 2011

What Ya'll Nevers Knew Bouts Barbie

Well ya'll KNOWS bouts Barbie's unfortunate incident da other day.
Nows dis is gonna shock some of ya'll.
Poor Barbie nevers wanted anybuddy to know dis bouts her.

But,  ya'll didn't knows is dat her floozy blonde hair was actually a......

(My mum has blonde hair so I can call blondes a floozy).

Don't worries cuz I kept it fur a trophy....hehehehehe!

What does ya'll think?
It does make me look rather girly and stuffs.

Glamour shot!

Uh, I thinks I kinda look likes Frankie in his Judge's wig...oh law help me!

Peace Out,

PS: Nows dat I has Barbie's wig I can be a teacher one day and a doctor da next...or even a chef or a bride...or a fairy. Hers had so many occupations.
I think I'll just take her corvette though....or maybe da camper!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

RIP Barbie

Did ya'll miss me yesterday?
Did ya'll eeeeeven knows I was gone?
Well, I was.

 You sees, Barbie was murdered had an incident yesterday.
It was rather unfortunate.
I Hers was decapitated, poor thing.

Me and Ms. Thang has had run ins befores you knows...da incident.
But, BEFORES hers decapitation yesterday
there was a previous restraining order against me.
It said dat I was suppose to stay 100 feet away from her and da other 38 blondies.
But somebuddy left da junk Miscellaneous Room door open and da rest is history and....

....well, so is Barbie.

put hers in da trash can buried her to show my respects.
Farewell has been nice knowin' ya.

I'm thinking I may need a lawyer...can I bribe a judge?
Thinkin' of goin' withs da insanity defense.

Peace Out,

Oh crud, there is no foto of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!