Friday, February 7, 2014

On Sale Now

Well hello theres boys and girls!
Tis I, Puddles Duddles Rainwater and i is back afters an unintended sabbatical....courtesy of mum.
Now while I was away i has been keepin' up with everybuddy's weather on da
news knows...befores da Kardashian's came on.
Gracious was i ever sorry fur lots of ya'll withs da ice and da snows.
All I could thinks of was how in da world ya'll was peein' and a poopin' .
If ya'll is likes me then you not wanna go outside in da icey cold temps to pee and poop.
(peein' and poopin' in da cold is over rated)

Then it hit be like an automobile hits a squirrel in da road...
I decided to brings back da Puddles Pro 5000 fur all ya'll in need.
(I advertised it a way long back.)
Now ya;ll won't has to go out in -10 degree weather to takes care of business.

And bein' da generous dog dat I is I even decided to put it on sale.
$8,700...withs free shippin' and handlin'.

 Da Puddles Pro 5000 even comes withs a  privacy screen.
Cuz you know, sometimes privacy can be an issue in a house full of hoomans.
Sometimes they likes to check our poops to sees if it be normals..WTF?

 It is large enough for you big dogs to turn around for your comfort needs.

Now if you is faint at heart and not likes to jump OR your peoples has banned you from jumpin'...
or if your just too lazy to jump...
I has da all NEW Amateur 1000 just fur you dogs!

It's a mat dat all you has to do is squat and your DONE!
Best of all there is no assembly required.
Dis sales at $87.
Nows dat is a steal!

Now no more goin outside to brave da elements fur all ya'll.
Call 1-800-Pudpro...our operators will be standing by.
You do not wanna be left out in da cold...get yours today before they is all gone.