Friday, November 30, 2012

A Late Thanksgiving Day Post

I is back afters one heck of a week dat be all my Kerazy Lady's fault.
But I just not has da time to talks bouts her poor, pathetic life and accidents
cuz I still hasn't tolded ya'll bouts my Thanksgiving day.
And luckily I has photos today.
Howevers,  PISScasa has done ticked me off.

Nows,we has had our Christmas tree up fur like evers cuz
 mum be weird and puts it up like REALLY early.
AND, her has a tendency to decorate it, RE-dcorate it, and then RE-decorate it again.
(sumptin bouts makin' sures everything be in da right's called OCD)
Anyhows, we not turn da lights on til Thanksgivin' Day and so when we did...
...there was NO bright, shiny, purty lights.
Nope, they was all out.

{bad quality cuz of PISScasa}

But truth me told, me doned it withs Brudder Albert.
We DEADED da lights.

Sees we likes to go round and round and round through da tree chasin' each udders
and likes makin' da tree sway back and forth...
...looks like it be dancin' which always makes me happy.
So dats hows we killed da lights.

It took mum almost da whole day to redo eveything dat we rearranged and broked and deaded.
Now we has purty lights again.
Not sures how long we has 'em but we has 'em fur nows.

Of course not even an hour laters mum founded my cheeseburger I tooks under da tree to plays withs.
It wasn't a real cheeseburger though.
I now has a restrain' order to stay 100 feet away from da tree...ummmm, and I STILL has da one to stay aways from Barbie too.

Christmas Card Tally:
Hoomans: 0

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anudder post withs no title

Hey ya'll!
It has been anudder one of them weeks.
Monday, da Kerazy Lady had more bad luck...
...hers had to go and have a much unexpected root canal.
Her still be alive though.
And today her goes back to da elbow doctor.
But really, not important.

What IS important is dat I has no more storage room so I not
be ables to show ya'll no new fotos of ME.
And I tried to clean up my Picasa album but it not do no good.
But I is gonna makes my dad get me a bigger storage room from Blogger
so ya'll will be ables to sees me on Friday.

And I has comments turned off cuz there be no sense in wastin' your time withs dis stoopid post.
But has no fear, I will be back on Friday withs my luverly fotos.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Two Fur One Special

Hi ya everybuddy!
Uh, I kinda went MIA AGAIN but I is back.
It's a long story but mum hurted hers back and I has been looking fur bubble 
wrap or a retirement home to put hers in so hers won't do nuttin' stoopid no mores.

Anyways, durin' dis holiday season I knows how da hoomans likes to gets a 
good bargain and save some monies.
(Oh and I gotted no pictures so use your imagination)
(Dis is an old foto cuz I not has no more paw polish on)

Well mum was tickled pink overs da super special we gotted...
...AT DA VET of all freakin' places!

See, mum tooked me to da vet to has my paw nails whacked off trimmed cuz hers
can't do it. Sumptin' bouts be goin' all rogue and what not.
(Dat is da cutest little paw I has evers seen in my whole life...yes, no?)

So they started whackin' off my little nails and....and...and....
my butt gland stuffs went ALL OVERS da place...hehehehehehe!
It was all overs da wall and table, and da floor.
Nows even though mum was all likes WTF? her was glad hers gotted a Two Fur One deal
and not has to pay fur my butt.
Geez, da things hoomans gets excited bouts.

So just remembers durin' dis holiday season....BUY ONE GET ONE FREE,
 at an equal or lesser value of course.

I wanna wish all my furiends and their peeps, and my stalkers a most Wonderful Merry Thanksgivin'!
And thank ya'll furs bein' my furiend and ummmm, well furs puttin' up withs me and alls my kerazy stories and kerazy life.
Nows I must go hunt fur me a turkey...or a bird.

Friday, November 9, 2012

One of da Most Bestet Times of Da Year

Hellos there furiends, it's me Puddles fur a used-to-be-triweekly-blog-but-nows-a-monoweekly-post cuz-somebuddy-can't-gets-there-act-togedders-post. Maybe I should say Somebuddy can't get their elbow to behaves right.

Okays nows dat I gotted dat out of da way I just has to tells everybuddy dat I
absolutely LOOOOOOOVE dis time of da year. Yep, I do.
Not cuz of da cold air or da purty changing leaves.

It's cuz it be...
PEE-CAN season.
Pee-can season is da most bestest time of da year.
And I loves me some pee-cans...and I does make a mean Pee-can pie by da way.
So while da KERAZY LADY was attemptin' to put up da freakin' Christmas 
tree left-handed (nows repeat afters me... STOOPID!)I was feastin' on me some pee-cans.

 I is gonna takes you on a step by step journey on hows I does it.
First, I finds me a peecan...preferably one dat a squirrel hasn't nibbled on cuz dat would just be nasty.
I not want no squirrel cooties.

Then I pops it in my so.

 Sometimes I has to readjust me pee-can to fit in my mouf though.

 And then I goes...

And then most of da time I gets da pee-can stucked in my teefs...
...and then I has to wait fur da Kerazy Lady to come gets it unstucked.
She be all havin' her hands in my mouf...shudder.

Then I goes inside and throws 'em all up, takes a nap,
wake up, make fun of da kerazy lady,
and go back outside and does it ALL overs again.

Uh, nows I has to go be weighed cuz I has gotten kinda voluptuous from my pee-cans.

Dis message has been brought to you by...
Puddles Pee-Can Pies...try one today.


Friday, November 2, 2012


Oh my goodnesses, doggies, and kittehs does I evers
has sumptin' to shows ya'll!
I gotted a package in da mail from da Dachsies with Moxie
and What's Her Name!
Furst I has to shows what they sent my Kerazy Lady cuz
hers gotted all teary eyed.
Yep, an emotional basket case hers can be.

Anyways, so awhile back Ms. Agnes made this most gawjuss
 table runner and da Kerazy Lady haded a fit overs it.
Wells, her SENT it to us.
OMD...just look at it!
It is absolutely PERFECT and will always be treasured heres.
And it's so purties and colorfuls!
Of course I looks most luverly on it too, brings out my eyeballs.

Nows don't get me wrong I adores da table runner but they sent me
sumptin' tooand it is so much more me than da table thingy.


Okays it's really a nana but I is pretendin' it be a super hero cape.
It's waaaaay betters than a ghost costume...hehehe.

"Oh Mr. Squirrel, don't mess withs me...I is Super Hero and I will gets you now!"

Oh you noticed what my cape says?
Heres, lemme shows you a better foto since mum can't seems
to get a decent foto of it as usual. says Beer Wench...AND it has a beer mug.
OMD, has you evers seen anything more perfect furs me?
I think not.
Nows I can saves da world from running out of beer.

Thank You Ms. Agnes and Dachsies furs our super terrific pressies!
They will always be treasured heres.

PS: On a totally bornin' note...
Mum went to hers new Dr. and da dude walked in wearin' a DRESS!!!!!!
Him was dressed as a nurse fur Halloween. Him even had da nurses hat...bwhahahahahaha!
Him gave hers anudder injection in her elbow. Him said if it not work then hers will has to have surgery...or if it turns white again. So far, her still hurts though.