Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Puddles Show: Withs da Stoopid Neighbor

Welcome back to another edition of da Puddles Show: Vol.2, "Mum's Week From Heck dat Betters Not Happen Again"
Starring Mum
Stoopid Neighbor
and Mr. Popo Officer

Here be your WARNING...grab some popcorn!

Befores you read dis post I is sellin' a few neighbors at a real low price...$1.99
and if you act now, I'll gives you 2 furs da price of 1.
It's da deal of da century furiends.
Just email me RIGHT NOW!

(Nows, if ya'll is new readers ya'll should knows our neighbors ain't da brightest of da bunch and we has had issues withs them in da past.)

On Tuesday, mum heard da neighbor's daughter yellin' and a screamin' at da mom.

Mum didn't thinks much of it cuz da mom and daughter had been goin' at it furs a few days befores and da popo always showed up. Da Popo knows them purty wells nows.
Well, da next thing mum knows...da neighbor lady is coming to our front door wanting to call da Popo on her daughter (da daughter be's in her early twenties)

Ummmmmm, hers had her cell fone withs her...why her wanting to come to MY house to call?
So mum let hers sit on da porch to call (just bein' nice and hopin' if hers was on our porch another confrontation withs da daughter wouldn't happen and My Girl wouldn't haves to hear it).
Da Popo shows up and parks in MY driveway again.

WTF? Why they gotta park in my driveway...not da furst or second or third or fourth time they has used our driveway fur a call to da neighbors.
OMD, I wish ya'll could haves seen my mum, hers was duckin' everytime somebuddy would drive by so they wouldn't see hers out there withs da popo and neighbor...bwhahahahaha!

Okays so mum goes in da house while Crazy neighbor lady talks to Mr. Popo bout hers domestic problems. And mum really didn't wnat no part in it so dats why hers went in da house.
Then mum comes out and talks to Mr.Popo and informs him dat her IS NOT furiends of theirs and hers wants NO part in what is goin' on withs their domestic crap and da yellin' and screaming has gots to stop! Dats right, ain't gonna put up with it.
Mr. Popo informs da woman dat he can't do nuttin if da girl is o her own property acting out and yellin''s private property.
So, mum chimed in and said "wait just a minute, I have a problem with her yelling and screaming and I shouldn't have to put up with nor will I sit here and listen to it!"
So da officer said dat was when da popo can be called and they can actually do something about it because she would then be causing a disturbance.
So then da daughter comes walking overs to my house bout then and asks da officer what her is suppose to do if her needs to come back to da house to gets more stuff and blah blah blah.
Then da mom and daughter start getting into right in front of da popo and my mum!!!!!!
He quickly told them to get off our porch and take it back to their property.
Da officer was very nice and thorough...I liked him

Dis is gettin' long so I wraps it up...Popo leaves afters bouts an hour and mum is still kinda shocked dat hers got draggeded into da mess.

To makes a long story short...da mom was havin' da daughter evicted and da daughter came overs to gets some stuffs and realized da locks had been changed and then hers kicked in da door as da mom was pullin' in da driveway and they started screamin' at each other.
Dis domestic dispute between da mom and daughter has been goin on furs about a week and da popo has been to their house about 5 times in da week.
It was a nice, quite, old neighborhood befores they moved in.

If ya'll is still woths me...thank you furs your time!
Peace Out,

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 1 of da Week From Heck

Today I is gonna tells ya'll aaaaaaall bouts where I was last week.
Well, part of da week anyway.

Okays, ya'll know hows my mum is always making fun of
callin' me a lemon dog cuz everything happens to me?

Lemon Puddles

Well, last week my mum was da lemon...bwhahahaha!
Hahahahaha....hehehehehehe....I still can't stop laughin' bout it.

Heres, lemme show you a pikture
of my mum from last week.
Yep, dats hers.
Course I don't remembers her smilin
but maybe hers was on sumptin to makes her smile.
(notice da curly, bouncy hair)

Well, in my mum's feeble attemt to purtifies herself...hers rolled her hair.
Pulled da plug from da outlet.
(there is no on and off switch on them rollers)
It not come out.
Hers tried again.
It wouldn't budge.
Then hers wrapped da cord around her arm furs some leverage and puuuuuuuulled again.
It still not come out.
Hers tried fur like a million minutes or so.
Finally, like any sensible grown woman would do, her called her Daddy fur help...hehehehe!
I calls him Papa.

My Papa comes overs and works withs it fur almost an hour and finally gets them unplugged....
but, he left da prongs from da cord IN da outlet!
Can you believes dat??????
Da friggin' prongs came out of da cord and was stuck in da outlet!
I dunnos much bouts electricity but dat seems kinda dangerous to me.

My Papa finally gots da prongs out without anything happening.
He smart cuz he turned da power off.
Mum on da other hand, didn't even knows wheres da power box thingamajig was...duh.

Then on another day Mum had a gazillion, trillion images in one time...images dat tooks up alot of memory. Now her knows better than to do dat.
And BAAAAAAAm, it happened!
Her lost everything!
Her surely did...and her said some not so nice words.

I won't even mention mum bashing her head on da corner of da cabinet
her should haves been payin' attention.
Yep, it was sad.
But da hematoma her head had was even sadder.

I has to come to da conclusion dat my mum is very accident prone worse than me.
If I was hers, I would haves just gone back to bed.

And by day ways, these are just a few examples of last week.
I has not mentioned da Popo and da neighbors yet...or da train catchin' on fire.

Oh daaaaang, I didn't realize how long dis post was...I very sorry!

Peace oUt,

Monday, March 28, 2011


Today is my Bff Mayzie's Gotcha Day!
Oh goodness has we ever hads some good times togethers.

We is twinsies

Wild bachelorette nite

Another wild nite...hehehe!

Theres suppose to be a video heres but I not to sures if it is gonna works!

I couldn't get da song on heres I wanted so
I added it to da blog and it still wasn't da song I wanted.
  My dear BFF Mayzie,
     Sometimes I is not good withs words but I tried and as I celebrate your Gotcha day I wants you to knows dat I is so blessed dat you has come into my life but even more blessed dat you has come into da lives of others to tells your story of resilience, courage, hope, and second chances.
    Even though I don't likes to think bouts your past (cuz it makes me sad) before you came to lives withs your mom and dad, it has shaped you into da Mayzie that we all knows and loves today. Your mom and dad has given you a brand new life and withs their love, dedication, and committment to you you has blossomed. They gaves you da tools but you had da courage to accomplish what you has. And while I is spillin' my guts out heres I wanna say thank you to Angel Donna furs finding you and making sures you gots da life all animals deserve.
   Thank you Mayzie furs being by my furiend...and furs bein' ab;es to put up withs me! I loves ya girlfuriend. I hopes you has da bestest day evers and a toast to many more gotcha days. Loves, Puddles

Peace Put,

PS: I tells you all bouts my ka-razy week last week laters...hehehehe!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mail and Dis and Dat

Hellos and Happy Friday!
Check dis out....
I got dis bumper sticker from da Road Dogs
cuz they felt guilty dat I nevers win anything likes me.

(I thinks I need a pedicure)
It says Don't Litter Spay, Neuter, Adopt
and it has their cute little travelin' caravan on theres too.

(Now dat I has deemed myself an honorary Roadie, they needs to add my pikture to da caravan)

Ooooopsie, I dropped my Cheeto!

Hey mum, what else was I suppose to say?
Oh okays, got it.

Unfortunately, I was spayed at da tender age of 6 months cuz da world couldn't handle anymores of ME it was da responsible thing to do and no one would want my offspring it decreases chances of certain cancers too.
It's really no big deal since I was nevers gonna be a show dog anyways...but, I COULD haves been a show dog just in case ya'll wanted to knows.

Nows I say, along withs da Road Dogs...Spay, Neuter, Adopt!
(Daaaang, I should be a spokesdoggie furs sumptin')

Today is my furiend Riley's 2nd birfday!
Please go wish hers a Happy Birfday if you gets da chance.

Aaaaand also today is Mitch's 4th Gotcha Day!
Happy Gotcha Day Mitch!

Waaaaaaait...I ain't done yet!
Today is da last day of da auction furs Richie and Ronii
so please  help if you can.
And I is still in da kissin' booth ready furs kisses.
You go right here to da kissin booth.
Here fur da auction
and here fur da recipes. I is done!

Peace Out,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Éirinn go Brách and a Birfday


I may be a German doggie but....

Mum has Irish ancestory from Northern Ireland but like who really cares cuz dat was likes millions of years ago so hers can't be Irish no mores.
and really gets into St.Paddy's Day (her has to squeeze what Irish her has left out).
and we goes around talkin' Gaelic all da time.

Sooooo...let's get down to business and to da importance of St. Patrick's Day!
Some of da bestest things come from Ireland.

I so hads nuttin to do withs dat foto!

What did you do to my bloooooooggie?
Woman, don't do dat.

Okays, sorry bouts dat interruption.
I should haves known mum would slip dat in heres today.
So anyways, where was I?
Oh yes, things from Ireland.......

Woman, I said to stop dat!
You is messin' my blog up and.....
emabarrassin' me.

An bhfuil tú dálta fós?
(Are you drunk yet?)

Beannachtaí na Féile Páraic oraibh!

Aaaaaaand today happens to also be a very special day in another way.
Today is my Brudder and Sissy's Birfday!

Albert is 9 years old today

Whitney's age is still disputeable.

Mum had a most boring and emotionally draining post prepared but I can only handle one sappy post per week so we decided to forego it today.
But I do wants to wish da Blobs a  (HAPPY BIRFDAY) and I loves you both!

*Please go heres to read an update bouts dear Twix and Taffy's Grandma*

Peace Out,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tag...I'm It!

Hehehehe...not really.
Well... kinda, sorta, in a round about ways.
I just has to show ya'll dis really cool tag dat Sugar sent to me.
Hers is making all kinds of neat tags fur collars now and hers sent one to little ol' me...wasn't dat nice?

I has to gets in position....hang on!

Okay I ready.
(Ahhhh ain't nuttin likes relaxin on da table wheres da peeps eat)
Can you sees my tag?

Are you sure you can see it?
Is dis betters? Can you sees it nows?

It has a doxie on it and has MY name...dat would be Puddles!
Da macro foto!

Nows you just knows you want one of these tags fur yourself made by Sugar.
What do you means you don't wanna a doxie tag...I thoughts every doggie wanted one regardless if they is a doxie!!!!
Well, hers has more designs dat ya'll can choose from if you is gonna be picky to suit your taste or personality.
Click right heres to check them out
and you can be just likes da Puddles!

Thank You Sugar!

And thank ya'll also furs such sweet comments on our Blogaversary yesterday...I was very touched and gots all sentamentals.

Peace Out,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today is my our Blogaversary!!!!!
I admit, I didn't think it was a big deal until da day finally came and now I am overs da moon.

When dis blog started it was suppose to chronicle da lives of me, Brudder Albert, and Sissy Whitney but in true Doxie style I took it overs so ya'll wouldn't be bored to tears.
OMD... could ya'll just imagine hearing them drone on and on bout's themselves all da time? Yea, I mean really!

These sre very furst fotos posted on da blog

I nevers imagined da furiends I would make or da fun I would haves here in Blogville. I haves cried tears of laughter from your witty comments and posts and da many, many, many pawties we has attended togethers...and da many times I has swung from da chandeliers.

I has also cried tears of sorrow from da loss of our furiends dat has gone to da Bridge. I will never furgets them and they will always be in my heart.

And I has worried bout my furiends dat gets bashed in da knees, has had tumors removed, has tummy problems, and had allergic reactions. I hopes you gets my point cuz dis is kinda gettin' sappy.
I just want to say thank you to everyone of ya'll furs letting me infiltrate be a part of your lives and welcoming me into Blogville.
I loves it heres!

Anyways...thanks furs everything!
Oh and you knows da must retain no part of a sweet post of mine so furgets ALL bout dis by tomorrow;)

Peace Out,

Monday, March 14, 2011

Puddles P.I. Under Cover

Puddles P.I. heres again with a brief update on da investigation of da Blogville shenanigans.

According to Chief Sarge, as of Saturday a witness has come forward
into da woodnappin of Frankie's furiend Trick.

Transcripts say dat three critters were seen leaving Frankie's house and heading fur da woods during da time of da nappin'.

Howevers, da witness nevers mentioned my stolen PINTO.
(cry, sob, cry, cry some mores)

Here is a foto of da Pinto dat was stolen just in case ya'll may happen to see it around.
Just don't want ya'll to furgets what it looks like.
It's a red 1971 Turbo charged Pinto.

We was tipped off by an informant so I picked Pip up because he couldn't find his super hero costume and he was full finished withs da DNA testing.

Since da Pinto was stolen I had to borrows dis piece of junk....
and it's a real gas guzzler and I has a hard time reachin' da pedals.
....but I looks dang good driving it.

The informant had knowledge of da culprit heading west on Hwy. 87
Luckily we has satellite images of dis.

(image provided by Google Earth)
Feels free to humongify map and you can sees stuff
ie. Pip's half painted house withs a For Sale sign.

*If anyone has information related to da stolen goods please contact one of us*
All information will be confidential and callers will remain anonymous

To Be cont'd......

Peace Out,

Friday, March 11, 2011

PSA...PSA...Puddles P.I. On Da Case

Yes ya'll...2 posts in one day!
Sorry, but dis was urgent so I hads to go right ahead and post it.

Nows, as ya'll knows from yesterday dat I was framed furs a crime I didn't commit.
I has been eggsonerated  but, there is still a thief in Blogville and I won't rest till he/she/it has been brought to justice. Especially since my good name was brought into it.

Wells I gots to thinking it could haves been Colonel Mustard in da library withs a candlestick but then I thoughts dat would be a little too obvious cuz he is always da suspect.

I must haves had a brain fart when I thoughts it was him.
He does kinda creep me out though.

Sarge, Deputy Zona, and Det. Pip has been working diligently to solve da case.
Even though they some how can't seems to find da evidence anymores.

BUT then da worstest thing happened....somebuddy done went and stoled my Pinto!
Yessirre bob they did.
Right from my very own yard!

See....Pinto gone!
 Time to take matters into my own paws!
Dis my serious look

Wait, hang on a second...don't go no wheres
I be right back
ooops, furgots sumptin.
okays I is ready nows....
 Dats betters!
Dis makes me more official as Puddles P.I.

Stay tuned.......

Peace Out,

Don't furgets my last post from earlier today!



I wants to wish a ginormous birfday to my BFFF Madi!
Madi, I hopes you has da best day evers and I send you BIG hugs!
Thanks furs being my furiend!
I loves ya girlfuriend.

Nows remember...da KISSING Booths will go live dis weekend!
And I is ready to make all your dreams become a reality...dat would be a kiss from ME!
I has had all my teefies brushed and I has had a baff so I is all readies to pucker up.
Yea, I should also say dat I is clean of da Cheeto's orange powder too.

Just one more foto of me to gets ya'll in da mood.
Okays dat about does it.

Go here to da auction site~
at da top tabs you can go to da booths or to da bake sale fur recipes.

Now remembers, I has taken dis theivery situation into my own paws and I will has an update on it come Monday...bwhahahahaha!

Peace Out,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Has Been Framed

Yes, I has been framed!
(You can read da story here)

It seems as if somebuddy has broken into da Mayor's house and left a trail of CHEETOE'S and BEER cans. So, I of course was da suspect...which makes no sense cuz da reports say there were unopened  beer cans so it obviously wasn't ME nor would I ever leave uneaten Cheetoe's.
Fear not, I am heres to redeem myself and clear my good name!

Is dis da face dat would do such a thing?

Evidence #1
BAKED Cheetoe's
Da Puddles don't eat Baked Cheetoe's as Barbara clearly recognized.
(Thanks Barb fur always having my back)
Baked Cheetoe's is just gross!

I only drinks Bud Lite...
and dis is NOT my Bud Lite

Alibi Fotos
I had plenty of alibi's dat nite of da banquet...
as you can clearly see.

Yep, there I is.

Yep and dat would be again...swingin' from da chandelier.

.... it is purty obvious dat I was not in said location at said time to do said act.
Besides, I is da Governor and I can always pardon myself. feels to good to finally not be da culprit dis time.

Peace Out

I'll haves updates on da kissing booth tomorrow...
da kissing booth dat I will be in to makes all your dreams become a reality:)