Friday, July 30, 2010

Power of da Paw


Hey Ya'll! Our good thoughts and vibes is need again fur Phantom from da OP Pack as he is gonna be undergoing surgery again to removes a "bump" on his purty little face. Hopefully we can all pull him through dis again. It is a scary siuation fur his family to haves  to go through dis so our hearts are withs them right now.

Phantom, stay strong buddy, we gets you through dis! And we send hugs to you and your mom.


Peace Out,
Puddles...sick with da worries

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My New Dress and a Thank You

Finally, my new dress from Remington...Foto Graphy lady STILL ain't happy bout da piktures.

What can I say...I be looking gooooood!
Ya'll likes my birfday doubles as a majic hat fur tricks...hehehe!

Da best thing bouts getting pressies is dat I gets to get on da table WITH permission.

Here's da says, Total Flirt...hehehehe!
(Well wha'ya knows, it's ANOTHER butt shot)

Okays, now I gots sumptin impawtent to say todays and afters ya'll read dis...wait, come to think of, everthing I says is impawtent...or a lie...okays, it be's impawtent lies, how bout dat. Anyways, afters ya'll read dis, I brings out da hypnotics and ya'll will furgets ALL bout dis post, okay.

Contary to what's ya'll think, I sometimes am at a loss fur words and today just happens to be on of them days. I wanted to just say dat yesterday was da funnest evers reading your Roast posts and watching your videos and I STILL haves my perma grin intact. Thank you so much fur taking your time to celebrate me birfday and sending me birfday wishes. I was amazed at da success of da roast and the new furiends I met yesterday. Gosh, I nevers realized how popular my butt was and my beer drinking...hehehe! Oh me, good times, good times! I will always remember yesterday as being one of da best days evers. And I want to send out a Huge, ginourmous Thank You to Sam and Pippen fur thinking da Roast up in their little brains. You guys are awesome. Now aren't you glad I invaded your blog? And ummmm...sorry bout dat whole public baff thing guys...hehehe.

I can't even begin to tell ya'll how much ds community means to me. Da furindships I haves made along da way here in Blogville are truely priceless and real. I just loves how everbuddy sticks togethers through da good and bad times. I treasure each and ever one of you in my little Doxie heart (be it cold or not). I am at a loss of words here so I thinks dis would be's a good place to stop...and befores I gets all mushy gushy (Istill gots rep ya know).

Now, after yesterday I gonna takes a break from blogs (only cuz Mum is taking My Girl swimming today and won't be home to supervise my comments I make on YOUR blogs) so please don't feel likes you haves to leave me comments today cuz I won't be ables to get to your blogs and it's only fair.

The End...but, I be's back tomorrow to infiltrate see ya'll!

Peace Out,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well, thank you SELF
Thank you Again.
Oh, I bes 2 years old if you must know.

HA! I bets ya’ll had no idea it was my birfday today. Yep, today is my birfday.

So yesterday I mentiioned  I gots a suspicious package in da mail from Tank and I knew I hads to take evrey possible  precaution possible so I hads to call out HAZMAT and da bomb squad. You cann nevrs be too carefuls these days, especially when it comes to Lhasa Apsos dat bes taking a tractor cross country...nuff said.
Anyhoo, lets get down to da business of da package.

Yep, purty suspicious if you asks me

Me without my butt showing

Dis here is da specialist...better him blowing up than me.

What? Oh da black blog is da specialist...AKA Brudder Albert
He has deemed it SAFE so naow we may proceed but I's still kinda scared.
Gots to streeeeeeeeetch to gets myself prepared dis unveiling

Okays, I'm readies now.
Easy does it I say.

Oh hot diggity dog, I gots me some paper...wooooweeee, I loves me some paper!
Oh wait, they is mores in dat box.
What can dis bes?

Here is more in all it's glory
ALL MINE....MINE MINE MINE! It's an elephant and some Piggy Twists...YUM!
Oh dang it, it ain't all mine. I tell you bout dat in a second though. Furst I wanna show ya'll sumptin super special.


Biggify dis to sees da writing from Tank's assistant.

Dat brought tears my eyes to tells ya da truth. I may not have evers been a shelter or rescue dog BUT we hold our hearts very close to those animals and we always do what we can to help them through da year and when diasters strikes. So dis donation is very special to me and my mum.
Somebuddy gives my mum a beer befores her looses it will ya? Gosh, her sure is sentimental.

Dis is my blue pyscho elephant I got. I tooks it to my secret spot. Okays, it's really Brudders bed but, oh well.

Okays, dis was what I was gonna show ya'll also.
Tank even sent dis freakishly weird pig and gum to My Girl. She was absolutely overs da moon happy. I think Piggie has growths on it so I's gets betters look at laters...hehehehe!

Tank, Thank you so very much fur da safe pressies. I am so very honored dat you remembered my birfday...hehehe! One of these days I will get you to admit da fact dat you likes me a platonic way of course.

I must apologize on behalfs of my Foto Graphy lady, hers didn't gets da piktures of me in my dress dat Remington gaves me done in time. Okays, dat was like a really weird sentence...anyways, I'llhave those done tomorrow.


Peace Out,

click HERE fur da links to da roast

LINKS To Da Roast

Thank You Sam and Pippen

Thank You Minna Krebs

Okays, here are da links fur my Roast day and I's update it throughout da day.
If there bes any missing..lets me know cuz I don't want to leaves none out.


Sammy and Andy




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Sam and Pippen
the ones who came up withs da Roasting of da weiner

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Maggie Mae

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Road Dog Tales

Look at these cards from my furiends...I loves 'em!!!!!
From Sammy and Andy

From Asta

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MyGirl Update and Ruby and El'bow

I hope you  havs a wonderful Birfday today!

From your relatives in SC.


Happy Birfday to El'bow
(I was gonna steal a pikture of him but 'puter was not cooperating...
or maybe it has sumptin against theft, I dunno)

Ya'll run right overs and tells them Happy Birfday!

Now bouts My Girl!

Okays, haves you evers seen a crazy lady mum FREAK OUT? Well you haves now....such a shame I ain't gotta a pikture of it. A sharp knot was found on Abigail's shoulder area and mum took hers to da pediatrician to haves it checked and afters they did an x-ray they sent hers to a specialist (what mum thought was just a plain jane orthopaedic). Well, imagine my mum's total shock when hers read an article in da newspaper bout da Orth Dr.....come to find out he was actually a bone cancer doctor specializing in pediatrics...yup, mum practacally pissed in her undies right there. Sooooo, to makes a long story short....da doctor says Abigail is hunkey dory but wants to keep watch on da knot to makes sure it don't turn to cancer or dat it shifts to da growth plate. Aaaaand, he also said da pediatricians don't play games with dat sorta thing and they likes to cover their butts too and dat was prolly why they sent Abigail to him. Yea, well they could've told mum exactly WHO they were sending my girl to.

Thank you all so very much fur your concern and well wishes bout my girl. Ya'll are just all kinds of sweet and everday I an so tankful ya'll is part of my life.


Oh and I gots a BOX in da mail and I shows it to ya'll laters cuz I'm waiting fur HAZMAT to come know, just in case. It's from Tank so that ought to explain alot.
I could haves swore I heard it tick tocking.

Don't furget da weinie roast tomorrow in honor of My Birfday.


Peace Out,

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pressies from Remington and a card from Frankie

Made by Miss Luna

Happy Monday everbuddy!

Well as ya'll all know I was away most of last week BUT when I gots home I had a box waiting just furs little ol me cuz I specials.

My box was from my pal Remington, he bes my furiend and he likes me(he don't lie) and he watches out fur me so I don't gets in trubles (he tries anyway)...lawd knows somebuddy has to keep tabs on me...hehehe!!

Okays, so heres my package.... it not from da ABC store (unfortunately).

(check out da Spongebob sticker)

And look at dis, just to show ya'll how sweet Remington is...
he even sent sumptin fur my Brudder and Sissy.

He put their names on their toys prolly so's I wouldn't claim them as mine...hehehehe!
Oh he knows da Puddles too well.
And a whole bag of treats fur ME. They be NO name on 'em so they bes MINE...hehehe..oh wait...
(What Mum?)
Ummmm...mum says I HAVES to shares with da old foggies Brudder and Sissy...BLAH!

( I just testing da toys out...gots to make sures they be safe)

And gosh,would you believes he even sent my mum a little sticky pad withs Dachshunds hesds too...da pikture didn't come out so you'll haves to use your imagination.
Ummmm...I can'ts be showing you dat, I shows you dat on my birfday day...dat bes Wednesday in case ya'll furgots. Ya'll didn't furget did ya?

Check out da card he sent...
It's a Dachshund...I loves it!

Here's da inside
He wrote his name...hehehe!

Oh ya'll don't goes nowheres yet, I gots to show my card from Frankie.


Oh dat so be Frankie!

Aaaaaand apparentlies Blogger REALLY wanted to show ya'll da box again cuz it posted itself AGAIN.. So, tells
Mr. Box hellos one more time.

Thank You...says Mr. Box

THANK YOU Remington fur my fabulous pressies and fur making my birfday so special. BUT, most importantly...thank you fur being my furiend.
And THANK YOU to Frankie fur my birfday card.
Everyday I am just amazed dat dis blog has brought me some of da bes furiendships ever!

Peace Out,
prolly be late to bloggies today cuz My Girl has to  goes to da bone cancer DR. todays fur her checkup.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I ain't got no title

hey ya'll! I feels so special cuz some of ya'll missed me so dearly while I was away and I feels like I haves missed so MUCH in blogville.
Well anyways, lets me tell ya'll bouts my intervention. Oh and I ain't got no piktures fur proof eithers so ya'll just gonna haves to take my word fur it...hehehe! Ya'll know I bes all bouts proof in da puddin so I offers my apologies.
Okays so mum dropped me offs at da intervention clinic and I could tells right tnen them peoples were a bunch of suckers. They told me I was gonna haves to go through some sort of 12 step program to redeem myself. Oh dat made da Puddles go into a fit a laughter. Wait, it gets better. They said one of da steps was to make ammends...hehehehehehehehe...oh dat was hysterical. I says,"you means I gots to apologize fur stuffs" and they was all like "Yea". Then I was like," I am a dachshund, we don't really apologize". Then they sais sumptin but by then I was laughing too hard and didn't hear what they said. Crazy peoples.
So onto da next step da crazy peoples brought up was finding a higher power. I thought, you're kidding right! I says to them," I am Puddles and I AM a higher power, gots me a certificate to prove it too'. They didn't believes me fur some reason.
Well to makes a long story short....oh dat was Punny, get being long AND short...anyways, by da second day all da clinic peoples had quit their jobs and stomped off saying they couldn't takes it anymore. They was all saying stuffs bout da Puddles talking back (cuz I'm very vocal ya know), me planting demonic things in da other doggies heads, me not taking da program seriously, and dis and dat. I said good ridence to them peoples and began my search fur a 'puter. Which I found and was able to comment to Frankie and Mayzie. Other than dat, I wasn't able to comment on any other blogs.
Sooooooo, if ya'll is wondering if da Puddles had a major breakthrough and has changed into a sweet little doxie, da answer would be NOOOOOOOOOO! ZI am still da same as ever befores. It's way too hard to break me down....hehehehe...lucky fur ya'll, huh?


PEES: Monday, I's gonna show ya'll what I gots in da mail from Remington...oh, I just loves him.
Wiat I gots another PEES!
PEES: don't furget to send your piktures fur da bachelorette Pawty
Peace Out,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm HoooooME!

Heeeello ya'll!  Boy, have I missed ya'll likes da dickens. It was just awfulls being aways from my furiends.

I'll post more tomorrow but I just wanted to lets ya'll know I'm home and I'm on my way to catch up on your blogs.


Peace Out,

Monday, July 19, 2010

Get Ready Girlfuriends

Happy Monday ya'll!
Read dis fur some impawtent information.

Okays. ya'll mark all dis information on you calenders and we hopes to sees all Ruby and Penny's girlfuriends at da pawty. We gonna haves a gooood time befores they get all ball and chained up...I, dat was exactly what I meant...hehehe!

Okays, now I wanted everbuddy to knows dat I bes leaving today to go to some sort of intervention...I can't believes my mum actually listens to your comments...anyway, I'll be back on Thursday.

Ya'll PUUUUUULEAZE don't furgets about while I'm gone. What would I evers do if I came back and ya'll said, "Puddles who?"...oh, dat not be good. Howevers, I'm hoping dis clinic thingy will lets me use their 'puter fur good behaviors or sumptin. I will haves access to email though...ummmm, you knows in case anybuddy wants to form a breakout maybe. Okay, befores I leave I gots a pikture of me so you won't furgets me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Boring Peoples

Oooh, I bes sorry bout getting my people post so late. It’s da weekend which means sumptin was bound to happen to me. I gots into sumptin early Saturday morning and da next thing I knew I was flappin my ears every second and they was all red, swollen, burning and hurting and then I had all these terrible red marks on my skin. I bes okays though, I gots me some nasty medicine to take. I also bes sorry fur not getting to da blogs yesterday while I was recooping. Crap always happens to me.


A big shout out to Oskar fur coming ups with dis idea.

Well on to my people. They loves me and dat bes all dat counts. The end.

heres my mum...sorry fur da bad quality, dis bes a copy and we gots no piktures of mum cuz her always be takin da piktures.

Okays, seriously. My mum was born and bred in SC and has lived here all hers life. Hers grew up with dachshunds since da day her was born, apparently a tradition her dad started cuz he had dachshunds too. Ummmm, let’s see…in high school mum attended an art school for fotograpfy (kinda likes Fame)Yea, her had big fotography dreams and they gots squished by peoples saying her would starve to death. Soooo, mum went to college and majored in pre-pharmacy , chemistry, and then nursing. Wanna know what her does withs all dat education now? Nuttin! Her stays home now raising three dogs, My Girl, and Mr. Dad. OKAys, lets fast forward dis o-so-boring jibberish. So laters on mum met Mr.Dad at da YMCA…”It’s fun to stay at da YMCA”…

Then they gots hitched, had a baby and mum picked up fotography again afters Abigail was born. Eventually her found scrapbooking to sooth her creative streak and worked for design teams and scrapbooking companies. Mum had some of her work published in a book too. See…

Okays, lets get to Mr. Dad now. He bes boring, he was born in 1761 in Elgin Illinois, it’s outside of Chicago. He went to Clemcon University and then got his masters in mechanical engineering from Purdue., yes hes a big nerd. He does sumptin with fuel valves, evertime he explains it it just goes right through my ears (mum told me to say dat). Anyways, Mr Dad talks politics too much, he be all stingy withs his monies. Mum and Mr. Dad are complete opposites. Mum has a tendency to thinks with her heart and Mr. Dad thinks withs his head, yea hes one of those people. They hardly evers agree on anything but they makes their relationship work…I guess opposites do attract.

Mr.Dad sleeping...da only time mum can snap snap a pikture.

Now my girl is seven years old and her will be in da second grade this coming school year. Her loves to read and her loves to be creative through art. Ummmm, lets see…Oh, this past year, her got da highest score in math on dat MAP testing thingy they has to do.

Okays, dat it fur my boring family. I gonna post tomorrow cuz I gots an announcement so make sure you come by.


Peace Out,

Friday, July 16, 2010

I loves My Brudder

Okays, I posted early but sumptin happened to it but I’ll repost it at a later date. Anyways, to commerate my birfday I thought I’d share sumptin withs ya’ll…my Brudder Albert. Hang on, let me shows you a picture of him just in case ya’ll furgots what he looks like. He and Sissy don’t blog much cuz they is really BOOOOOOORING!

Okays, dat Albert. I know I often sometimes makes fun of him and calls him names and stuffs but you know what…I loves him. He likes to takes cares of me. He grooms me to makes me purtified and when I’m outside yelling, ho comes ruuuuunning to checks on me. I guess he might thinks I’m in trubles or sumptin. He even shares his special spot on da couch withs me too.
Let me shows you some piktures cuz I'm alls bout proof and I've been known to lie a time or two.

Okays, I'm done being sweet now........uh, I feels my breakfast coming up now.


Peace Out,

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well what do ya knows, I gots a pressie in da mail from Frankie. Yep, I bet ya'll had noooo idea huh? It's a beautimous houte couture outfit designed by da one  and only Mr. Wally Marte, got real diamonds too. I's gonna wear it to da wedding ceremony. Yea, ya'll all be scared , huh? Well here let me show ya'll my duds that I gonna be wearing.

Dang it, my butt gots cut off in da pikture!

Wait, heres another pikture.......

Wooooweeee...I be looking gooooood!
I'm non-denominational so I can wears what I want.

Befores I go I want to clear up a few things on my mind. Some of you haves challenged da authinticity of my ordaination. Well, just so ya'll knows, I got it online and it wasn't was 7.99 cuz I hads me a coupon.

Aaaaaand, if i happens to come to your front door( dat red means fur you to click on , duh) me, da water I offer you be's jusr fine to drink...bwhahahahaha!!!!!!


Peace Out,
Preacher Puddles