Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween everybuddy...
trick or treat and smell my paws and all dat mess.

It was a very unfortunate thing dat I hads no Halloween costume to wears.
So I decided to think about it on da couch in my office.
ME, ponderin'.

And then all of a sudden my Kerazy Lady busted out from no wheres and said...
"Puddles, I am going to make your costume this year".
Says da lady dat not knows how to sew.

"Really?" I says...
and then she says..."I saw it on Pinterest!"
Dis is my WTF expression

Right then and theres I knew this was gonna be bad...
...anything involving Pinterest can't be good.

So I telled da Kerazy Lady I would give her a shot at her "costume"

And nows I gives you her LAME attempt at her so-called costume.
Oh gee, no one will EVER know it's me.
Da Lady has clearly losted hers ever lovin' mind.

Nows DIS is what it was SUPPOSE to look like...

Uh yea, she totally nailed it...NOT!

So ya'll if you sees a little ghost comin' down da sidewalk,
I promise I ain't's just da fact my "costume" is way too
long and I be trippin' on it and I can't sees out of my eyeball holes.
Ooooooooh dis is gonna be embarrassin'.

PS: Kerazy Lady be goin' to da elbow Dr. today...yay!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Look Who Cames To Sees da Puddles

Hellos furiends!
Lemme re-introduce myself...My name is Puddles
and I has a kerazy lady dat thinks her is an invalid cuz her has a wonky elbow.
Wonky elbow has caused an apparent HIATEUS.
Sorry but it is a freakin' elbow...NOT expressed butt glands...sheez!
Nows dats some real pain lemme tells you.
I ain't gonna bore ya'll no mores withs talkin' bout her elbow though.

Here I is and luckily I hasn't changed at all.
I still look da same and act da same...hehehe.
Yep, still hawt and gawjuss as evers.

Sorry, I just wanted to sees myself again.

 I hads me some company on Monday.
Shelle and her boy, Reed camed to sees ME...dat would be Milo, Dixie, and Newby's peoples...and if you not knows them then you must run overs and meet them cuz they is freakin' hilarious!

They be just like a warm slice of apple pie they be so sweet...even though they brung me no waffles and I knows they had waffles cuz I seened them on their blog. And I wanted some withs some whippy creams drizzled in beer...mmmmmmmm, sounds yummy huh?

Okays, back to my story.
They cames to sees me and they was so excited to sees me dat I think they nearly peed
all overs their self...seriously...I wouldn't make dat up.

And since they not bring me no waffles, they brought me some beer
 instead so I furgaves them real quick cuz dats just da kind of dog I is.
 Straight from Kentucky...I believes it da good kind of beer and not da grocery store beer.

Blob #1 was tryin' toget all up in my bidness...and beer.

But I telled him real quick to go on.
I says..."Brudder, don't make me embarrass you on my blog"

And OMG... all of a sudden he started suckin' up all my limelight too...not cool.

I has no idea what has gotten into him but it betters get out.

Fear not thouugh cuz I is PUDDLES...
 and I gets my way.
 I likes snuggles.

Momma Shelle gives good snuggles.

I do be an attention whore what can I say.
(sorry Brudder)

Her hads treats but pretended like hers not has none.
Duh...I can smell them.
And dats Reed's big feet overs to da side.
His feet be longer than my whole body...hehehe.


I wanted them to stay longer but they had to be on their way to get back to Milo, Dixie, and Newby.
It was sad to sees them leave.
But I was so happy I gotted to meet them in da skin.

Thank You Shelle and Reed furs takin' da time to come see me.
I had such a blast and my mum keeps talkin; bouts how wonderful ya'll is...
...and how mannerly da boy is. You done good with him.

PS: I promise my hiatus is overs even though da elbow still be wonkey.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Birdie Post

Okays I has story I wanna shares today.
Most of ya'll knows I don't likes birdies cuz they all da time be dookiein' on me...
...they has done it NOT once or twice but likes 12 times but who's countin'?

Dis was a long long long time ago when I gotted pooped on by a bird...
 I was tryin' to gets it off me.

I thought I would become a bird dog afters dat but it nevers quite worked out fur me.

Anyways, my so called family always would  laugh at me when I would get pooped on.
Weeeeeeells, da udder day we was all outside sniffin' each udders pees, sniffin' my own pee, stalkin' squirrels, diggin' holes, and talkin' smack to da neighbors.

Albert talks smack to da Stoopid's

Then mum went in cuz her said there was too many bugs and cuz her be a wuss.

Then we was readies to come in...

...and heres what mum seen....

Dats Brudder Albert....a birdie shat on him!
Okays wait, dis is just too good NOT to biggify.

Birdie Poop


It's bouts time sumptin finally happens to anudder dog 'round heres besides me


Monday, October 8, 2012

My Week

I has been away cuz I hads nobuddy to
type my luverly dictations.
Somebuddy gotted a bum elbow AGAIN
cuz they is stoopid and don't listen.
And nows my Mimi be in da hospital...her be mum's mom
and hers made my clown outfit and her loooooves me.
Yea, and her reads ya'lls blogs too. Ain't dat funny?

Sooooooo who wants to sees my new Fall Glamour shots?
Uh, wells dats alls I gots today...
...but they was taken awhile back cuz I still has blue nails.

I likes dis foto of me cuz my eyeballs be all purties donchoo thinks?

 Don't likes dis one cuz da Dora Explorer radio be foto bombin' my shot.

 Ain't sures if I likes dis one but I still does look purty dang hawt.

"Look deep into my eyes...and send me some cheetos"

 I was tellin' mum to gives me da damn treat.
I knows her hads some but her says hers didn't, whatever.

You can sees every hair and they is all in their designated place.

Obviously I is bored so please feel free to give me some
 tips on hows to properly perform elbow surgery so I can has a typer fur my blog again.
And some good vibes furs my Mimi would be nice if you could spare some.

Okays I is done today, my apologies furs bein' borin' today.