Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Guess what?
Da Puddles Duddles has moved back to Blogville!
I is back!

OMD, why is ya'll running away?
I promise  I'll be good...I has changed.

Just kiddin', I has not changed...i still da same 'ol Puddles...
...and I still crack myself up.

Goodness gracious how i has missed all my furiends and stalkers.
okays, so da last time i seen ya'll I was recoverin' from anudder one
of my near death experiences.

Just to remind ya'll, here is a photo...hehehehe.
You knows, lookin' back on my battle wound it does kinda make me a little squeamish.
Does it makes ya'll squeamish?
Clearly ya'll can sees dat i almost had my torso amputated.

Here be my battle wound afters my surgicals.

Recuperatin' and totally F'ed up on drugs at home.

here be my awesome scar today.
Frankly, i loves it cuz it makes me look bad.

First time I pooped!
Apparently hoomans think dis is a sign of gettin' betters.
(ignore da cone from hell...dat is a blog post in itself)

Because of dis Girl I is all healthies and was ables to keep by torso from being amputated.
I loves you Girl!

Whay ya knows...anuuuuudder foto of moi!
Dis is me today...well, actually monday but whatevers...cuz Iis back in town!!!

I has really missed everybuudy and i am so freakin' happy to be back!
So lets graba a beer or 12 and celebrate.

PS: Kerazy Lady still be stoopid...hers scheduled 2 appts today
so we may be late gettin' around to da blogs but I'll get theres eventually.

PSS: Ignore da Christmas header.