Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Happy Hump Day!
Okays, today is Wednesday and I is suppose to be wordless...
Aint dat just hystericals?

Lemme shows ya'll what happened to me just moments
afters I peed on sissy's bed...mum calls it karma...whatevers
da heck dat is.
 It was just pure terribles.
"oh blankie 2 I thoughted we had sumtin' special togedders"

Ya'll, I thoughted my blankie was gonna eats ALL of me, 
I has had nightmares ever since.
Luckily, afters mum stopped laughin', hers helped me gets out of da horror hole.
Don't worry I was not harmed too bad...just still hasin' nightmares.

Puddles and Blankie 2

Monday, August 26, 2013

I Peed

Welcome back to da Puddles blog.
It has felt like an eternity since I has been heres but hopefully nows mum has 
her act togedders and can now devote ALLLLLL her time to it should be.

I peed yesterday.

Then I tried to cover it up so nobuddy would see what I done.

I peed on sissy Whitney's loungin' pad.

Mum tried to gets a shot of me tryin' to get rid of da eventials but then soon
as I seen da camera I went all "CHEEEEEEEESE"...
I do like to has my foto taken you knows.

I was totally busted.

Okays dats it...I has no idea what else to say bouts dat udder than
if you try dis at home...don't get caught and if you does....
you never saw ds post.

One more thing...our dear furiend Taffy has moved back to Blogville so if ya'll not knows her
PLEASE go meet her like RIGHT NOW. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Well hellos theres all my furiends and stalkers!
It's me again, Puddles D. Rainwater.
 Nows you sees me....

Nows you don't!

Bwhahahahaha...I does crack  myself up...a lot!
Anyways, just likes da fotos, ya'll hasn't seen me around.
Howevers I does has a good excuse...
My Girl went back to school and I hads to help her gets all prepared fur her big day.
Nows dat her has gone back it has been hectic and I has been mournin' her not
bein' heres all day...BOOHOOO!
And of course, I has been gettin' on mum's nerves and her has been gettin' on my nerves.
It's sad when da girl ain't heres to entertain me.

Anyways, we will be back on monday so dat is your warnin'...hehehehe!
Surely by then mum will has her act togedders.

PS: comments are off

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My New Improved Bedroom

Okay, dis pikture totally cracks me up....
I looks like a complete goofball runnin'.
I just haded a baff cuz I rolled in poo AGAIN.

Anyways, dat has nuttin' to do withs my postie but I just wanted ya'lls to see it.
Todays I wanted ya'lls to see my new improved, repurtified bedroom.
I done it all myself and I even picked out da color.
I tolded mum there was no way in heck her was gonna paint it white.

Here be da old bedroom...
Yes, it be BLAH!
Just imagine tryin' to slleps in there with all it's boreness.

Nows take a look heres at da new.
No, look at da wall color...not me...I not mean to distract ya'll
withs all my beautimous.
(Notice da different amount of crates in da fotos goes from 2 to 1)

Now heres my favoritist part...da wall.
Oh and fotos be kinda crappy cuz mum seems to has furgotted hows to use a camera.
I now has stuffs on da wall.
I just adores my pink shelf thing holdin' my mini me dat Lynne made.

Random framed stuffs....

Dis is my board where I can display cards and business cards from my furiends.
I really need me some business cards too.

Heres just some random fotos.

Ahhh...and my favorite slogan

 Now dis right heres is very special to me...
When I came to lives here My Girl painted my portrait so I haded to hang it
in my bedroom so I could sees it before I goes to sleep.

So dats my bedroom!
Howevers, now dat Whitney not sleeps here no more I is
gonna take her fotos down and put more me fotos up...

Puddles....changing fotos out