Monday, January 31, 2011


Hellos furiends and fans!
(Pip and Roo makes sure you has your 'puter volume turned up)

Just wanted to gives ya'll a brief update on da race goin' ons since it's getting so close.
Saturday Feb 5 to be exact (mark your calanders)

(insert subliminal message)

Bunny is bein' trained like her has nevers been trained befores by yours truly...dat would be ME, Puddles if ya'll is unsures who Yours Truly is.
(insert subliminal message)
I is sures dat ya'll is aware dat Coach Roo and Pip da opponents has taken to bribery
(and cheerleaders)....
(insert subliminal message)
and ME, Puddles having much higher moral standards....

(insert subliminal message)

 and ethics (ya'll can stop laughing nows)
(insert Subliminal message)
 will not go to such a level as bribery to throw da race.

(insert subliminal message)

Bunny will win da race by hard work, determination, dedication...

(insert subliminal message)
stamina, long legs, and of course a little help from her awesome coach (dat would be ME)
(insert subliminal message)
Oh my, how juicy and plump does dis cheeseburger look?

Bwhahahahahahaha...Oh me, I cracks myself up!

Peace Out,

PS: da berries I gobbled up was in fact from a Ligustrum and is not poisonous

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birfday Maggie Mae

HAPPY BIRFDAY to our sweet Maggie Mae!
Da purtiest boxer girl in world.
I hopes you has da best day evers and we loves you bunches and oodles...and gobs too!

Oh and I gots you a beer to celebrate.

Self pouring, how cool is dat?

Peace Out,

Friday, January 28, 2011

Uh, I Gots In Trubles

Yes, I knows dat is very shocking to knows dat I gots in trubles.
But, I did.
It all started out as innocent as could be when I found sumptin dat struck my fancy.
Nows if you look in da below foto of my gorgeous self (da foto ya'll has been waitin' to see of me)
you will see some berries dat be kinda blueish, purplish lookin'.
They AIN'T blueberries.

No, look at da berries, not at ME.
Did you sees da berries ?
Okays good.

Well guess what!
Sure as da world I did.
I went gobble gobble...and gobble.
And then I gots in trubles!

(Note from mum: at furst I thought she was eating a pecan otherwise, I wouldn't have been taking pictures.)

(Muuuuuuuuuum, SHHHHHHHHHH...I's tellin' da story heres)

Now where was I befores I was interrupted?
Oh yea, So mum was screaming and yelling and sayin a bunch of Neighbor words (those are HBO words to ya'll) and tellin' me to stop.

Da thing belongs to da neighbor (da good neighbor) and they don't knows what it is but, my papa thinks it's a Ligustrum or a Privet.
Don't worry though cuz they ain't poisnous, they just cause INSOMNIA...hehehehehe.
Imagine ME bein' on likes 3 cups of coffee....whewweeeeeee!

Does ya'll haves any ideas what it could be?
Sorry, I don't has an actual picture of da tree/shrub.
Congratulations to Mayzie and her mom !
Well done girls!
And I wanna say thanks to everybuddy fur their help and support to makes da commentathon such a success with a whopping 415 comments.

Peace Out,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Has Just A Few Words

Bwhahahahahaha...OMD, dat was sooooooooooooooo FUN!
I wanna do it again!

Pssssst...if ya'll sees mum, tell hers Brudder Albert did it.

Here's your REMINDER:

Don't furgets to leave a comment on My BFF Mayzie's blog tomorrow fur her Commentathon.
And then her mom is gonna gives money to Second Chance Animal Rescue Foundation...they helped Mayzie and then her mom is gonna match da donation to an charity of your choice (if you win).
What could be betters than spending somebuddy else's money?

Oooops, I just realized...there is NO PHOTO OF ME in dis post.
I hopes ya'll can survive until my next post.
If you thinks you is gonna hyperventilate, use a paper bag until then.

Peace Out,

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'ts Monday!

Happy Monday ya'll!
Alls I gots to say is thank goodness it's monday cuz we was offline aaaaaall weekend and it made da Puddles...
(dats my unhappy look if you was wondering)

So since we was offline and totally lost bouts Blogville's happenin's overs da weekend...
mum got dis stoopid bright idea to makes a new header fur MY blog.

I laugh at her.

I told her her was clueless bout makin' stuffs like dat.
Well, to make a long story short...I thinks her is a doxie cuz hers real stubborn likes dat and her did make a header about a gazillion hours later. And good gravies I still can't believes her actually did it.
Theres just one minor problem bouts dis new don't fits me personality. It's a little on da purty side and a little too sophisticated and a little too flur de lou (I made dat word up).
 I mean dis is MY blog after alls...not mum's. Her did what hers liked and not what suits MY glowing personality.
So don't gets used to da new header cuz it'll change hopefully.

OMD, I thinks dis what just da most borin' post I has evers done!

Anyways, it's currently snowing heres so I must gets prepared.
I has to checks da Fridgidaire fur supplies.

Peace Out,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Training withs Bunny

Just lettin ya'll all knows dat da training sessions are going very wells even though some of ya'lls didn't thinks I could handle such a task.
(Nows I won't name names but it starts withs an M and has an I and two N's and an A in theirs name...thought I'd be tucked in my laundry basket while coaching.)

Bunny and I did has to move to a new undisclosed location to train cuz we was being spied on by da opponents which I thought was clearly illegal and they should prolly have to pay fur us a trip to da carribean.

I has to shows Bunny some techniques....
Do it likes dis Bunny!
Eat your heart out boys, check out them legs muskels.
note: I so fast I's blurry

Seeeeeeee, I's good coach.
Bunny does everything I say.
"Is this right your majesty?"
Okays, so hers really didn't day dat but it sounds good and dis is my blog.
Gosh it's awfully cold out heres.

Ummmmmm....I thinks I need some help over heres.

Well then....Bunny I thinks it's time fur dat beer now.
My basket ain't cooperating in da snow.

Well I may have had my laundry basket close by but,
it was just sooooooo cold and my feetsies just couldn't handle it.

Anyways, da point of my story is dat we is training REAL hard furs da upcoming race
even though Bunny really don't haves to do much but stick out a leg to win.

Peace Out,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Gots a Sticker

Hellos everybuddy!
Thank you so very much fur da sweet comments on my girl da other day.
It meant alot to me and mum and just warmed our hearts all up.
Ya'll is just da bestest.

Awhile back I won a contest overs at Tucker's. Okays, it wasn't a contest but since I has nevers won anything I am saying it was a contest cuz it just sounds betters and dis is my world so we're goin' withs dis story.
On withs MY story....

I gots me a super cool emergency fire thingamabob sticker in da mail....

I puts it on da door.

Let me biggify it fur ya.
Da foto lady says not to look at da dirty glass...but if you looks real close anyways you can see Albert hairs....hehehehe!
Nows what dis sticker basically means is dat if there is a fire then somebuddy betters come save our a$$es and like in a hurry...pronto...ASAP!

*(Sticker be from Build-a-Sign)

I tried to gets da foto lady to get a pikture of ME in da window but I's couldn't find my step stool.
I'm there but you just can't see me.

Now I has a question pertaining to dis fire stuff.
Are your leashes and collars readily available in case of a fire?
I don't think ours are.
Ours are put up so we can't see 'em. You knows cuz we goes all cracker dog if we can see 'em.
They is in my laundry bedroom in a basket on a shelf.
Which equals...NOT safe.

Thank You Tucker!
You loves me knows you do cuz you so concerned bouts my safety...hehehehe!

Peace Out,
Puddles...makin' some changes today

Monday, January 17, 2011

Good News and Good News

I has Good News and then I has some more Good news today.

I wasn't gonna mention dis but nows dat it all overs and done withs I's gonna tell ya.
And cuz there is a funy part bout it too.

Da Good news is dat I is truly invincible but since ya'lls already knews dat I'll get on withs my story.
I went and had my shots on Friday and low and behold I had a friggin reaction to 'em.
I surely did.
Can you believes dat? Yes, you prolly can.

Now I knows Max and Milly and Shelby be allergic to da shots too but I just thought dat was weird.
I has nevers had a reaction befores.
Okay so I'm only two and has only had my shots once before but dat ain't da point...
I didn't have a reaction last time.
So I guess it is really fur reals...
EVERYTHING happens to ME!!!!!!!

See, heres I am.
I don't look too bad in dis foto but laters on my eyes was swelled up, my whole mouth ( couldn't even talk), all da way down my neck.
I has allergies and break out in hives in da spring so I had meds fur dat but Mr. Vet wanted me to haves Benadryl cuz he said my throat could close up...WTF?
And get dis...we didn't haves any Benadryl?????

I's gettin to da funy part, hang on....
Mum had to go to da store and her just walked in asked furs da Benadryl (like hers couldn't look fur it herself) and they wanted to knows if it was fur Abigail.
Well of course mum said no and dat it was fur ME.
Does you know what they said afters dat?
(Pay attention, dis is da funny part)
"What did Puddles get into now?"
Bwhahahahaha...okays so it was funny afterwards.

But I managed to get some sympathies from my girl...
Hers hand fed me.

And even from Brudder Albert.
He was worried bout his Puddles.

So I had my dose of Benedryl and I is all back to normals now...or as normal as possible.
Mum likes me on Benadryl cuz hers wasn't worried bout me gettin' in trubles...I slept.

Nows fur da other Good news.......
I won't be around tomorrow to make your blogging lives miserable fortunate and complete with my thought provoking comments.
Ya'll will just haves to suffer without me fur da day...gulp.
I explain on wednesday.

Peace Out,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ME In Da Snow

but I has to show ya'll more of ME in da snow since I's got ripped off in yesterday's post.
And I should go ahead and warn ya'll theres lots of fotos of ME thank goodness.

Nows da night before these gorgeous fotos of me were taken, our snow got covered with thick ice so it made walkin' in it even more dangerous difficult. 
And I has no idea why in da world da foto lady was laughing at me.

 (Why is da foto lady so close?)
Back Up Woman!
Okays dat betters.

Now look closely at dis....
 Easy does it.
Easy does it.
Easy does it.


Oh another problem with us loooong breeds,
our sweaters tend to be to friggin short .
But, I still look super hot in it if I do say so myself.

Ta Da! A halfway decent foto of myself.
 But, I is liking da next one best of all.....
*ya'll thinks ya'll wanna see it?
you thinks you can handle all da luverliness?*
 Dats my butt!

Nows I ready to go in!
 "Mum open da door nows, I's cold and dis sweater is a joke"

"Lady, did you not hears ME?"
"I said open da dam door!"

Peace Out,

Puddles....keeping warm under my blankie from now on.

PS: we do have paths cut out fur us so we can go do our business...thank you little girl furs doing dat!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We Had A Blizzard

Yea, I knows we don't usually blog on Tuesday but I just had to shows ya'll our snow blizzard.
We gots 7 inches of snow and trust me, dats a ton fur our area.
Ya'll just sit back and looks at these crappy piktures.

Heres da trees.
(seriously mum...da trees?)

To gives you an idea of how deep da snow was here is me and Whitney.
Dis snow ain't fur short leggie breeds.
Da lens don't exactly get all of me.

Panaramic view to gets my whole body
(yeppers, I lost my sweater)

Dis Albert in case ya'll is like my mum and can't tells da difference between him and sissy.

Here's Whitney

I ain't too sures who dis is...I think it's Albert
Mum says it's Albert but Her did put da wrong one in da crate so I wouldn't take her word.

I'm assuming dis is Whitney then.

Whitney again.
I show more piktures tomorrow cuz I just realized there is more fotos of da blobs than me (gasp) and dat is just NOT do-able!

Peace Out,

Puddles...withs a lack of fotos of myself!

Monday, January 10, 2011

OMD...I is SOOOO Happy!

 Happy Snowy Monday!
Yep, I woke up to a gazillion inches of snow and I can't even walks in it cuz it's so deep!
Well anyways,
OMD ya'll just won't believes dis...I got a box in da mail from her Royal Highness Madi and hers mom.
See, heres da box and it cost a whopping $6.90 to mail so I knews it had to be sumptin good.

And here comes da fotos....

(Ooooops, I prolly shouldn't say cheese if Mayzie around)

and another pikture of moi!
Would ya look how good I is being?

Lets, see...what does we has heres?

Yous gots to be kiddin' me?

Would ya looks at dis?

I just don't believes it!

A new BLANKIE just fur little ol' me!
Ya'll prolly don't remembers dat stoopid, good fur nuttin, piece of crap blankie I gots fur Christmas or should I refresh your memories?
Well, Madi's mom crocheted me a blankie out of da kindness of heart cuz hers felt bad fur me...hehehe!Hers made it fur me! Can you belives dat?
I am so overwhelmed withs gratitude it's almost sickening.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh...dis is nice!

There was just one slight problem.
I has to guard it from da blobs.

"Brudder, step away from da blankie"
Brudder is one of da blobs in da foto

"Dis my blankie and and  I's gonna stare you down till you goes away"

So now you has seen my new blankie and I has a confession...I was so deeply touched by dis dat I was at a loss fur words to thank them.
I was shocked and amazed dat Madi's mom felt sorry fur me and took da time to make ME a blankie.
I was incredibly touched and it will be cherished furevers cuz it was made out of sympathy love.
I thinks I prolly could haves made one myself  but I ain't allowed to play withs sharp objects fur some reason.
Thank You Madi and Mom, from da bottom of my heart!

Not fur any Sibes Eyes:
We is gettin' tons of snow today...
more snow than we are used too so expect snow piktures in da coming days!
I goes play now!



WAIT, before ya'll goes anywheres...PLEASE check dis new bloggie out!
They is fellow doxies and is just likes me they is super sweet.

Peace Out,
Puddles...withs a new blankie