Friday, December 31, 2010

My New Year's Resolutions


Who's ready to PAW-TAY?
Ya'll knows I is ready.
Ummm...I seems to not has any Cheeto's though.
If you is joinin' me then can you please bring some refreshments:)
Hehehe...I already started.

Since it's  New Year's Eve  I figures I need to make me some resolutions.
Well it can't hurt me obviously.
1.) I will not taunt and laugh at da blobs (AKA: Brudder and Sissy)

2.) I won't steal My Girls socks and kill 'em

3.) I will refrain from barkin' at da neighbors...while in da house

5.) I won't burrow in dad's blankie and make it smell like me
(yes, I am indeed in theres...somewhere)

6.) I won't try to sit on mum's lap when her goes potty
(sorry, I ain't gots no pikture of dat...hehehe)

7.) I will learn to pick up my toys when I is done playin'

9.) I'll try to not be such a tomboy and act likes a girl...(dats just ridiculous if you asks me)

10.) I won't roll my toys under da furniture and pretend I can't get 'em out
11.) I will be a good little model fur mum so hers won't go cracker dog

12.) I won't pretend to NOT hear commands

13.)  I'll do my doxie nose artistry ONLY on da car windows

14.) I'll won't unstuff anything dat don't belong to me
15.) I'll humor mum and wear clothes when it's cold out

Ah heck, who am I kiddin?
You can't improve of perfection so why try?
Dis was a waste of time!

Peace Out,

Ya'll stay safe tonight...and away from da fireworks!
See ya next year...bwhahahahaha!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MY Christmas stuffs

Happy hump day!
Ya'll wants to see what I gots from Santa Paws?

Ooooops, I thinks I is in da ways.
Wait just a second and I'll move.

Dis betters ain't it?
As you can see I gots lots of treats but I has to shares withs da blobs, some weird blue toy, an orange ball withs spineys on it, ...
...and a new blankie.

Nows da problem withs da new blankie....
(don't I looks angelic?)

Dats right.
Ya wanna knows why?
Because it's mine...
dis one belongs to me, it's cheap, and thin.
It ain't a good blankie to burrow in and...
it's mine.
I don't likes it.
My old blankie was just fine cuz it wasn't mine.
But NO, dad didn't likes HIS blankie smelling likes da Puddles (oh da horror).
Dats okays, he'll be off vacation soon and go back to work:)
Did I mention dat I don't likes my new blankie?
Okays, just don't furget dat.

Oh and I don't likes dat orange ball don't squeeeek!
Why on earth would somebuddy make a ball with no squeeker?
Dats just stoopid.

Nows one more thing bouts my Christmas.
My Girl got her very own yaptop and...
I ain't allowed to use it.
I has to stay one hundred feet away from it like da Barbies heads I am so fond of.
Yep, and hers will go back to school soon too...hehehehehehehehehehehehe!

I still had a fabulous Christmas  with lots of treats to enjoy!

Thank you also to everybuddy who sent us cards and e-cards!
Dat meant sooooooo much to me,
you will just nevers know how much it warmed my little cold heart.

Peace Out,

Monday, December 27, 2010

Walkin' In A Weiner Wonderland

Happy AFTER Christmas ya'll!
Oh goodnesses ya'll just won't believes da Christmas wish dat came trues!
Lemme explain....
Remington's snow shipping dept was purty overworked so I heard dat Fiona and Abby gots snow curtesy of Tank.
 He apparently has connections to Santa Paws (not sure hows dat is but oh well). Anyways, I requested snow through him and fur him to forward my request to da man in da red suit and by jingo...


Dats me in da snow.
And yea, I still has on dat dam sweater!

Ya'll just don't understand how cool dis is....
it hasn't snowed here on Christmas Day since 1963!!!!!

Da next day...
No, I don't haves to pee, it's was just REALLY cold...hehehe!
And I was hungry too...but, it ain't gots no taste.

Where is my sweater?

I is really a German Pointer...duh.

Dog tags ring, are you listenin'?

In the lane snow is glistenin'.

It's yellow, not white - I've been there tonight,

marking up my Wiener Wonderland.

Smell that tree? That's my fragrance.

It's a sign for wand'ring vagrants:

"Avoid where I pee, it's my property!

Marked up as my Wiener Wonderland."

In the meadow Dad will build a snowman,

following the classical design.

Then I'll lift my leg and let it go, man,

so all the world will know it's mine-mine-mine!

Straight from me to the fencepost,

flows my natural incense boast:

"Stay off of my turf, this small piece of earth.

I mark it as my Wiener Wonderland."
*{can't remember who wrote dat}

OKays, I is done.
Just hads to tell everybuddy bouts my snow and nows I must be catching up on da bloggies.
We is sooooo behind cuz of all da festivities.
I'll tell ya'll all bouts my Christmas later in da week.

Peace Out,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Charming Post

Happy Wednesday Ya'll!
(apparently I am at a loss fur post titles nows)
Today I's gonna show ya'll what I gots in da mail from Corbin!
okays ya'll ready?
I'll take dat mum thank you very much
(Sorry...da foto lady had da wrong lens on da flashy monster so dis foto sucks)
I takes it to my super secret hidin' place...should be open in private I think.

Nobuddy will see me heres.
(but don't I haves a cute tush?)

Okay here it is....

It's a most beautiful charm dat says (gasp) LITTE ANGEL!
How bouts dat..purty nifty if I do say so myself.

Here's me with it on.
Hehehehehe...stoopid lady put it on wrong!

Here we goes...a side shot
I has a luverly profile dontcha think?

Da final foto (thank goodness!)

Thank You very much Corbin furs my beautiful charm...
it's way purtier than these ugly tags I has to wears.
Thank goodness I now has a purty one!!!!!!

Now I has a question dat I hope somebuddy can help me out withs....
It's really a hypothetical question. No, really it is.
Does Santa have a sense of humor?
I sure hope so.

Peace Out,

Monday, December 20, 2010

I gots mail

Happy Monday ya'll!
I can't believe it's almost Christmas 

Luckily,I we gots a pressie mail so we don't haves to worry havin' none under da tree.
we gots sumptin from Snoopy Minna K and hers posse.

Introducing da parcel....
Brudder it is addressed to We 3 Doxies c/o PUDDLES

Dad...can you put me on da table so I can open MY pressie?

Hmmmmmmm...what evers could dis be? Could it be beer?'s a Puddles ornament !
And I tried to eat it put it on da tree aaaaall by myselfs...sure did.

Here's da embarrassing best part...
we did not haves a single Puddles ornament on our tree!!!!!!
Nows our tree is complete.

I has another pressie to shares but I has to wait on da fotolady to download da piktures...
it's from Corbin....hehehe (no, I am NOT blushin')

Peace Out,

Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Note: I is not part of da gift ideas
(I am gettin' a little tired of dis shirt...and da crappy fotos of ME....
...but, NO post is complete withouts a foto of ME)

I searches da internet yesterday to helps ya'll out withs some last minute Christmas gift ideas...
cuz if ya'll is likes me then you has procrastinated withs your shopping.
I sure hopes ya'll likes what I found.

furs dat little Redneck Dachshund girl on your list.
(I won't mention any names)
I thinks hers would be ever so grateful fur dis....

A beer holster is what dat doxie could use NEEDS.

OR......Hows bout dis?

.....some Cheeto's chapstick.
Nows dats what I'm talkin bouts.

 I dat little doxie could use dis note pad cuz her is SO furgetful at times.

Close up....

******Remember to send gifts to...
123 Puddles St.
and I will be sures to get da gifts to hers pronto.
Up next, I has here some ideas fur a few others dat just might be on your list.
I knows a little super hero dat sure would loves a new bed fur Christmas....
in his favorite flavor.

dis NOT eatable thoughs.

A gift fur a Relentlessly Huge dog?
Gots dat covered....

Or fur those Sibe furiends hows bout dis....
Yous can GROW your very own 6 hours!!!!!!!
(Whatevers you do...DO NOT let Frankie see dis, it just might send him overs da edge)

Now I knows we all haves a favorite little Alien furiend (dat wears a red smokin' jacket)
so here is da perfect gift fur him.

I'm not sures if he eats it or uses it as fuel fur his spaceship...oh well.

Nows dis next one just cracked me up to pieces and there is nobuddy in mind furs dis one.
I just wanted to show it to ya'll...

Bwhahahahahaha...get it?
There Freudian Slippers!
Nevers mind...tuff crowd today.

Oh and of course here is da ultimate ribbonary fur these pressies too...

Note: All products are from
except da cheeseburger bed.

Peace Out,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Post

Hey ya'll...guess what!
My laundry basket ride has been pimped out!

Feast your eyeballs on dis.....
 I gots me a blankie and a luvelry leopard print pillow to sooth da bumps when I is cruzin'.

Uh Oh.....
....ain't gots my necessities.
I gots to go get my back!
(some things you just haves to have in a laundry basket ya knows).

Peace Out,

Pees: some of ya'll asked where my pressies were (no, nobuddy really asked but I's gonna tells ya'll anyways) there is NOT a single pressie fur ME under da tree!!!!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Christmas Tree

Happy Monday ya'll!
Who wants to see my Christmas tree?

 Dis me Puddles...not da tree.
At da Puddles household we LOOOOOOOVES Christmas!
And mum likes everything to be just right and perfect.
(never happens though)
We put our tree up at da beginning of November cuz mum says it takes too long to get it just so
and her has to get really tired of da tree so hers don't get sad when it's time to take it down.
(it comes down Christmas Day)

Here's our tree withs not one beer can in sight.
 Since we don't ever get real snow, we put REAL fake snow on it.
(yes those are stuffed snowmen in our tree...gasp)

our tree at nite....
You sees da tree skirt?'s a table cloth!

 (Frankie close your eyes furs dis next foto)
Dis here is our tree topper, I thinks he escaped from Frankie's hill.

 Our freakin' wrappin paper has to be just right and matchy match too.
I don't knows of anybuddy else dat matches their paper to their tree decor.
I don't ask questions anymore...I just lives here.

WAIT...don't go no where yet.
Here's da weird part of our Christmas tree...
every other year mum changes it!
Yes,  dat is correct.
Dis year it is decked out in traditional year it will be done likes dis....

Mum says it matches our house betters than da red.
Her does red fur da little girl and Christmas is ALL bout her...and ME!

Nows every year our tree lights go out.
Dis year they went out da day we put it up so we seriously hope da lights haves gotten dat part out of their systems furs da remainder of da season.

Hopes you enjoyed seeing my tree(s).
I knows it was boring but thanks fur humoring me anyways.

Peace Out,