Friday, February 24, 2012

Nurse Puddles

Sorry I was MIA yesterday but My Girl was home withs a nasty tummy bug
so I hads to take on da role of Nurse Puddles.

To put it bluntly, her was up all night puking her guts out.
Mum EVEN let me stay outta my crate da night befores so I could tend to my girl...actually, hers didn't really has a choice in da matter cuz I wasn't leavin' her side regardless of what da kerazy lady hads to say bouts it.

Kerazy Lady said, "Puddles, time to go in your crate."
And I was all likes, " NO, ain't gonna happen. Not withs My Girl bein' sickie."

Mum, WHY is you takin' piktures? Don't you thinks dats kinda weird?
(da black blob be Albert ...he don't seems to be too concerned if you wants my opinion).
 I was worried sick about hers.
I don't remembers dis bein in my contract but I'll gladly do it to gets My Girl back to health.

"Here Girl, I'll change da channel fur you"

Her be all betters now and goin' back to school today.
Lemme tells ya'll, it is ruff raisin' kids but I wouldn't trade it furs da world.

 Nurse Puddles

*Get betters Bert*
We is sending you our healin' vibes furs a speedy quick recovery

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Da Pink Slip

Sooooooo, da udder weekend, which was a Saturday nite...mum and dad lefted me, my brudder, and my sissy...
Speakin' of my sissy, mum FINALLY gots a foto of hers.
Wanna sees my sissy?
Wave to my sissy Whitney...her be very shy so don't be offended if hers don't wave back.

OMD, I gots totally sidetracked.

Anyways, they lefted us home aaaaaaall fend fur ourselves.
I thought it was awfully peculiar cuz they nevers go anywheres and cuz they likes to stay home and tend to my every whim need and pet me and hug and kiss me.

They came home withs...
And I screamed and yelled and kicked...really LOUD.
(my life is overs I thoughted...outloud)

Would ya just looks at dis....
Look at da pink slip not me...I mean you can look at me too and then look at da pink slip...dat I be strategically sittin on.

 Hmmm, I reckon I ought to moves huh?

 Is dis any betters?
Can ya'll sees it nows?
Oh good griefs, heres a close up
See it nows?

Dis is what hers bought...
Yep, dat new fangdangled Nikon D800 camera hers kept starring at...her is tickled pink....bwhahahaha...I made a funny.
Get it? Pink slip...tickled pink?
Never mind.

My serious face
Ya'll what am I gonna do?
What if her furgets to feed us?
Can her still afford food afters dis?
 Will her spend all her time reading da manual?
(Who am I kiddin'...hers don't read manuals)

Thank goodness, Ms Nikon won't be movin' in until late next month cuz her has to come from across da pond. I'll has time to prepare myself.

Oh and by da looks of da above's obvious her needs a new camera.
And one more thing...if ya'll happens to see mum floatin' around on cloud 9,
tells her her can wipe da dorky permagrin off her face anytime nows.

PS: Send all food and treat donations to:
Puddles Duddles Rainwater
123 Puddles St.
Redneckville, SC

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wisdom From Puddles

Yesterday I couldn't blog.
Mum was cleaning while I was bein' more productive.

My dad was off work yesterday and My Girl was out of school.
 So mum and me hads to pretend likes we always has productive days and gets things done.
Can't let Dad knows all we do is blog while he be at work..workin' hard to provide fur us...bwhahahahaha!
If only he really knew.

Nows on to my REAL post!

Nows, while mum and me was bein' productive her started talkin' (oh dear gawd).
Her brought up a U2 song (help me).
Howevers, her made a good point furs da furst time.
It's da song "One" and well, it reminds me of Blogville.

One love
One blood
One life
You got to do what you should
One life
With each other
One life
But we're not the same
We get to
Carry each other
Carry each other

We are all ONE even though we is all different.
And we will all support and encourage each others...hence, we will carry each other when da weight is too much...and it is an honor to do it.

Nows I has more words of wisdom. It be a very important message.
If you is stoopid and sells crack...chances are you'll be arrested.
And I was heres furst and I ain't movin!
Guess I shouldn't say anything else since dis be a real live legal matter.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Puddles Duddles Rainwater bringing you da latest breaking news.
Sorry to interuppt dis regularly scheduled program.

Dis Popo car was in my driveway earlier.
See it?
Bye bye Mr. Neighbor!
Yep, they tooks him handcuffs.
Ahhhhh....good times around da 'hood.

I has no idea why they tooks him...but da Puddles is gonna find out.
But there were 4 popos theres...2 in unifrm and 2 in playin' clothes.
Da uniformers came running from da back of da house to da front and went in and da next thing I knew they was haulin' his butt off.
Thank you Mr. Popo officers!

This has been a breaking news from WTD...dat's we three doxies.
Puddles Duddles Rainwater signing off.

I Gots A Ticket

Are you kiddin' me?

Can ya'll BELIEVES Sarge gaves ME a ticket?
A ticket furs everything under da sun to be exact

Did ya'll read ALL these charges?
OMD, read 'em!
Excessive use of paw gestures?????
I was only wavin' at da pedestrians...honestly...hehehehe.
Inability to reach pedals????
Are you kiddin'?
Has ya'll seen my legs?
They is purty ain't they?

And then he didn't EVEN has enuff room fur da rest of da charges...WTH?

Alls dat community service would take me likes 87 years to complete and I haves better udder things to do. Likes, chase squirrels and whatevers else I can find.

Aaaaaand, dis is Sarge's idea of a cool red car?
 Okays, so it is cool but dat ain't da point.

Does dis looks likes da face of a law breaker?
(Note to self: you is so gawjuss)
Come on...I thinks not.

Ahem...cough, cough...well, I may be in fact, guilty of all charges (shhhhhh!)
Not dat I would evers bribe  public official or anything but....

Sarge, I will GIVES...
you my neighbors kitteh in exchange furs droppin' ALL charges.
  (foto courtesy of Google)
(sorry Minna's mom)
 But he not be very social or housebroken.

 Okays I'm thinkin' I is gonna needs a lawyer to contest dis ticket.
Don't furgets to go to dis blog right heres....Mangominster.
Go to da comment section and type in PUDDLES...dats all you has to do.
No needs in reading da post or lookin' at fotos...remember PUDDLES has 2 D's.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pillars Of Strength- Celebrating K and KB

I is not really used to talkin' bouts anybuddy else but me so bare withs me.
 Today, we may be celebrating Valentine's Day but it is also a day to celebrate a Heart Dog...
K...a furiend that I so adore.
I mets them bouts a year ago through da Chronicles of Woos and I has always been thankful they introduced me to K and her fab blog.

As most of ya'll knows,  K from Romping And Rolling was diagnosed withs cancer and has been undergoin' chemo to blast it aways. Nows, I hasn't personally known a doggie to has evers been through dis treatment, nor has my mum so we really don't what it's like.
But, what I do know is dat K freakin' amazes me, as well as her mom KB.
K may be battlin' cancer but her spirit is inspirational and can't be broken.
And KB is a testament of what every dog lover should be, loyal and committed.
K and KB are a team.
They has a beautiful blog withs gorgeous fotos too. I always leave there feeling at peace and wonderin' what it would be likes to NOT have neighbors. I has been begging them to lets me move in with them...sigh.
Today and always, I just wanna say dat we is heres fur ya'll and let us be your shoulder when ya'll feel like it's too much, let us be your strength when you is tired, you has our support throughout dis whole journey...we loves you K and KB.

Nows I has a dance to gets too.
Seeeeee, I has a new necklace I gets to wear.

 Mum made it and befores ya'll say hows creative hers don't takes a brain surgeon to string a bunch of beads on.
But I think it suits me.

******And I wants to wish a huge birfday to Goose!


Monday, February 13, 2012

From Max

Happy Monday!
On Saturday, da mailman cames to see me and he hads a package fur me.
He gaves it mum and then he rolled his eyes and said..."It's for Puddles".
Why do some hoomans act like it's weird fur a dog to gets mail.
Him knews my name though...hehehe.
Aaaaaaanyways, OMD, guess who it was from?
( yea, okays so it was in my post title but just plays along)

Give up?
It was from da ubber sweet Max ...
 ...and I gots all giddy and started blushin' (tells NO ONE  I was blushin).

 There even be little hearts around my name...sigh.

I hads My Girl help me open da box.
 I hads to walk away watchin her opens my box in a very UNSAFE manner.
(where is her mudder?)

Her gots it open fur me withouts needin' any stitches which is a good thing cuz I wasn't dressed to goes to da hospital.
 I gots a card too...and I nots read it to ya''s personal.

da excitement continued....
 "Ooooooooh, I can't look, I too excited"

My Girl was takin' fuuuuuuurevers to show me what I gots.
 "Uh Girl, can you speed it up a little?"


OMD, looks what I gots!
 I gots me my very own froggie.
I likes him and he smells likes Max.

Heres all my loot.
I gots 3 stuffies...count them...1,2,3...3 stuffies and a bag of treats just fur me dat I has to share withs da blobs.
I has nevers had these treats befores but they taste likes heaven in a bag...mmmmmmm!
Da udder 2 stuffies was hearts and I looooves 'em!

If ya'll was wonderin', I still be blushin'.

 Dis is my natural blush, no Avon needed.

And my mum gots a keychain withs a mini me on it.
Uh, hers furgots to gets a foto of it, sorry.
(not to self: personal representative will not gets paid dis week)

 Me and Max is goin' to do Valentine's Day dance togedders so come see us.
I be da one on da step stool.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Since Tuesday...

 Scuze me just one sec.
( I believes my purty little butt be outta focus)

Okays dis is's not my butt though.
I is going right overs heres to hide.
If ya'll happens to sees my mum, don't tells her wheres I is.

Since Tuesday mum has been WORTHLESS.
I knows her was worthless befores but it has really gotten outta paw nows.

I hasn't been ables to gets any help out of hers cuz all hers has been doin is starrin at da 'puter screen.
But I tells hers..."Woman, I has a blog to run, fan mail to check, and thoughtful comments to leave"

She ignores me or just tells me to go find sumptin to do.
Uh, is hoggin' WHAT I needs to do.

And to make matters even worser, hers failed to feed us at our regularly scheduled time.
We eats at 5:30.
Hers didn't feed us til 5:31:18.
 I thoughts I was gonna pass out befores I gots me some nutrition to sustain my hawt self.

Oh, what has hers been starrin at you ask?
I was hopin' ya'll wouldn't ask cuz it do be very embarrassing.
I can tells ya'll it AIN'T chicken!
Heres it is.....

I can ssures you dis is no joke...a freakin' camera.

See, dis heres Nikon D800 was unveiled on Tuesday and since then...
her just sits and stares...
and bores tells me all bouts da specs. overs and overs and overs and overs again.

All I really be hearin' is blah blah blah blah blah blah!

Dear Lord,
I knows mum's camera is old and hers fotos suck but my life will be overs if dis camera comes to my house and besides, our pack hierarchy is just fine da way it is.

Puddles...prayin' and hidin'

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Me and my Brudder cuz I has no udder title

you knows...
 I loves my Brudder Albert very much...
...and I knows he loves me too likes I loves myself.
He likes to takes cares of me, loves on me, and protects me (likes I really need it).

"Dat was my eyeball dork"

But him be gettin' on my last hair.
Sees, he kisses me all da time and he messes ups my hairs.

" I loves you too Brudder."

Him gots no idea how loooong it takes me to gets my hairs juuuuust right.

"Yea, uh sweet" 

I was gettin readies to bop him upside da head.
And mum tells him to stops cuz her thinks it's gross but he don't, I reckon it's cuz he be da alpha.
OMD, ya'll didn't thinks mum was alpha did ya'll...
Oooooh, you fans of da Puddles is too much...mum da AIN'T alpha.
Okays, soooo off topic.

"Okays, Brudder gets outta my way...I gots to go pee...and then you can gets off my blog"
( he really is in da foto, he be dat black blob right theres)

I so hopes he didn't mess up my hairs too much.

Am I still gorgeous?

I believes hair #231 and #1834 be outta place nows.

And furs your information,  his breaff do be rounchy...I's all stinkified nows.
And yessirre bob we brush our teefs.

*I am still tryin' to figures out da whole point of dis post*


Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm It

 So, da udder day I gots tagged my good furiend Pip and we has to answer 10 questions. 
I stoled Pip's idea and had my Personal Representative (AKA: mum, foto lady, kerazy lady) answer withs me. I was gonna gets Albert to helps but he wouldn't gets his butt offs da couch, besides he be a tad on da borin' side...he don't do much.
Oh and sorry but we ain't gots but one foto, fotolady claimed hers was too busy...whatevers!

1.    Describe yourself in seven words?
Puddles: purty, stubborn, fast, tomboy, hunter, smart, feisty
Personal rep.: mother, germaphobe, obsessive, perfectionistic, creative, clumsy, smart
(I begs to differ on da smarticals, ya'll knows how hers can REALLY be)

2.    What keeps you up at night?
Puddles: da Stoopid's and when Kerazy Lady gets up at 4am cuz da Stoopid's woke hers up.
Personal rep.: the neighbor's and thinking about what needs to be done.
(Puddles don't call the neighbor's stupid.)
(Buuuuuut, theeeeeey IS!)

3.    Who would you like to be?
Puddles: MEEEEEEEE! (I was gonna say Bunny but I is already so much likes hers anyways).
Personal rep.: I answer dis fur hers...Bono's girlfuriend...bwhahahahaha
(That is NOT true Puddles. I am happily married)

4.  What are you wearing right now?
Puddles: I be nekkid
Personal rep: gym shorts, tank top, and a hoodie
(very creative withs da colors...NOT...all black)

5.       What scares me?
Puddles: Pip in a dress...oh and dat big horse dat cames to my house one time. Mum said he was a Great Dane but I don't thinks so.
Personal rep: bugs, germs, suffocating, my daughter's future, clowns, being strangled, getting older, loosing one of my dogs, the neighbor's, fear itself, heights.

(is it just me or does somebuddy have issues...other than me?)

6. The best and worst of blogging
Puddles: My awesome fabulous furiends is da best and of course, da worst is always when a furiend has to goes to da bridge, it be very heart breakin'.
Personal rep.: agree

7.       The last website I visited?
Puddles: Pip' get dese here questions
Personal rep: Wolf camera

8.       What is the one thing I would change about myself?
Puddles: absolutely nuttin', I likes myself just way dat I is.
personal rep: to be taller

9.       Slankets yes or no? 
Puddles: Are you kiddin'...a wearable blankie, dat would be a dream come true.
personal rep: that would be a no.

10.     Tell us something about the person that tagged you.
Lemme just says dat I looooves Pip! I loves his posts and his comments. And he has been such a dear furiend to me since I has known him and I has been so thankful dat I met him way long ago. And I loves his momma cuz hers is nice too and her takes real good cares of da Pip man. Oh and hers is alot likes my mum...gawd help us.

Okays so nows I has to tag 8 udder bloggers just cuz dats da rules but please feel frees to join da fun.

I tag:

Hehehehe...ya'll is it!

Friday, February 3, 2012


It was a dark, dreary, stormy nite and I sent mum 10 feets a mile up da driveway to checks my fan mail.
Her comes back all drippin' and soakin' wet and hands me a package.
Hmmmmmm, I thoughts...who could dis be from?
One look who it was from hads me calling da local bomb squad,
 they said they couldn't come helps me out cuz they wasn't gonna risk their lives.

I was on my own dear furiends.
Wait mum, I's not pretty yet. And besides I be out of focus

So I methodically opened said package, keepin' my head far away just in case.
Once I hads da package open I peeped in ever so carefully and discovered....

go down.....

keep goin!

just a little bit more....

 I is pretty nows!
Sam and Pippen sent me a little devil coat.
I has real horns now...yay!

 BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...OMD, I just loves it!

OMD, you has to sees da back of it too!
 It has a tail...I mean anudder tail.

I do believes it suits me very wells dontchall?

SHEdevil Puddles
PS: Pip tagged me and I'll has my questionare up on monday

Corbin, you do be in my thoughts and prayers

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

 I has eye booger.

I so embarrassed.
Don't look.

*and by da way, dis was SOOOO NOT wordless

PS: yes, da foto lady could has taken outs my eye booger withs da foto choppin'.
But hers didn't.
Said hers wanted to show da "real" me.
What exactly is hers tryin' to say????