Monday, June 27, 2011

I Was Once Lost...

...and then I was found....bwhahahahaha...I am so funny sometimes.
Okays, ya'll knows how my mum gets hit in da head withs da stoopid stick quite often?
Yea, it happened again.
in da house.
How does one loose their dog IN a house?
Only my mum!

Well you sees, it all begain withs her hearing dis faint whine.
Her goes to look fur me...
upstairs, where I ain't even allowed...
under da couch...
in da laundry room...
outside her even went...
in da blue room (where do computer room is, we call it da blue room)...
NO PUDDLES to be found, still only  my faint whinning could be heard.
Soooooo...mum and My Girl go back through da house again and still couldn't find me.

I sat there cold, lonely and starving...wondering if they was evers gonna find me...sigh.
(okays, I wasn't really cold or starving but it sounds betters).

Well afters about 40 minutes later mum finally  gots clued in wheres I could possibly be.
Her then went to da bathroom (another place I is not allowed cuz of da whole bafftub incident(s))
Her then found me locked in da linen closet in da baffroom.
What can I say, it's never boring around heres.

Oh and then on Saturday nite mum had to call da vet at home cuz I had a huge ginormous lump on my neck dat was oozing stuffs out....NASTY!
So da vets wife answered da phone and mum apologized fur calling on a saturday nite.
Well you knows what da vets wife did?
Her started laughing and asked mum what I had gotten into now?
Like her just assumed it was me.
Okay, well hers was right.
Anyways, I has a hot spot and mum didn't knows what a hot spot cuz NONE of her dogs has EVERS had a hot spot..just me...go figure.

Uh, we is still figuring out dos new computer so we will have my pressie fotos on wednesday...I promise.

Peace out,

PS: thanks to everyone furs my welcome back messages, it's so goosd to be back and I miss ya'll soooooo much!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Just thought I'd gives ya'll a fair warning to let ya'll knows I is back in Blogville.

(raise your paw if you is skeered...hehehe)

I assume ya'll knows my computer had to be put to sleep afters having to be rushed to da hospital twice so it could be ressucitated.
...I really did try to save it but it just wasn't meant to be, it's time was up (sigh).
Who knew spilt beer would make a computer start smokin'?
I was nevers told not to drink and blog...
Oh and then it goes KABOOOOOOM! Kerazy huh?
I learnt my lesson dats fur sures.
RIP Computer... I will surely miss you.

So I boughts me a new one and then we hads to have everything transferred and now I has no idea where anything is on dis new one.
I will has my mum work on dat overs da weekend...dis should be interesting.
Soooooo, unfortunately I has no luverly fotos of my beautiful self to remind ya'll what I looks like.
I so hope ya'll can manage until Monday to sees me.

But, since I was away, I was so bored dat all I did was twittle my paws
and sleep and plot taking overs da world.
But then oneday my gorl gots a package from Diva Madi
and then I got a package from da Taylor Catssss...and oh my gawd I can't waits to show ya'll all dat on monday.
And I can't wait to makes fun of mum and how her LOST me.
As we go into da weekend I would likes to take dis time to remind ya'll...
Don't drink and blog...
it does horrible things to da me, I know.
I am so glad to be back!
Oh and by da way, my name is Puddles and I is a redhead Greyhound.

Peace out,

Friday, June 10, 2011

Until We Meet Again Gracie, Bambi, and Billy

I couldn't bring myself to post a fun post until I aknowledged da passing of my dear furiends.
I have been blessed to call them my friends.
To their families...I am thinking of ya'll, with my paws wrapped around ya'll during dis time.

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Thank you fur da smiles...
...da laughter
...and da friendship.

Until we meet again...ya'll will always be in my heart.


PS: we'll be back to our normal routine on Monday

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Days Are Here Again

Oh I is just so excited I can't hardly stand it!

SUMMER is officially heres...or at least in my world anyways cuz...
Today is My Girl's last day of school...fur da summer.
I has been waiting on dis day fur likes...ever..or since August.

Hers making a wish...furs me to be famous
Ya'll remembers when her had to measures me fur class?
And I was so so darn good it was unbelievables?

Well, hers gots a 100 on her project...all cuz of me. I mean her did her project on me after alls.
And guess what else?
Her is gonna be in da Gifted and Talented program at school next year...
in other words...da Genious Class.
 Cuz her is smart likes me.
I just knows her gots her smarticals from me.
Seriously doubting my mum or dad had any involvement in it what so evers.
(Okays, so maybe hers gots her brains from dad since he is a nerd).

Anyways, I am just so excited bouts all da things her has accomplished AND dat her is finally gonna gets to spend more time withs me fur awhile.
Even though her is technically out of school her still is required...per da peeps to read and do math overs da summer:(
Yea, what a bummer...but da peeps is sticklers bouts dat kinda stuffs.

Did I mention how excited I is?

Peace Out,

PS: since tomorrow is da Girl's furst official day out, we is gonna takes a break from posting.
But, don't worries, I'll be giving ya'lls my thoughtful, hysterical, thought provoking commentary on your blogs during play breaks.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hellos...anybuddy out theres?

(yep, mum tooks a hi-ate-us with out consulting me)
Soooooooo...da Puddles NOT happies!
I missed Pip's Superhero party!!!!!
"Go away mum...I is mad at you!"

Grab a seat and I tells ya'll aaaaaaall bouts it!
Now ya'll knows I NEVER EVERS miss a party, especially a party hosted by Pip cuz he is one of my dearest furiends...nor do I miss a party when beer is envolved.
But...OMD...I did!

It was ALL my mum's fault!
Dam her!
And what a lame excuse hers had.
You sees, my mum's back don't work likes it should and hers claimed said it was on da fritz and her was in too much pain to blog...said da pain was makin' hers sick to her tummy...whatevers.
(hers was around 21 when hers found out her had degenrative disc disease, it effects 3 of her discs along with a bulging disc and calcium deposits and yada yada yada)

Let's just remembers, not one time did her ask ME permission NOT to blog.
So dat is why I missed one of da bestest parties evers and then I missed doing a post fur Frankie's birfday so I could embarrass da poop outta him! I haves to gets me a new hooman dat can keeps up withs all my important stuffs...or maybes a back transplant furs my mum.

"I not talkin' to you FUREVERS mum!"

And I showed hers....

Oh and don't gives her any symapathies cuz her DID make me miss important stuffs.

So I will just haves to sit heres and stare at da foto of me and Mayzie since I was unables to attend da party.
(Am I rubbin' it in enuffs mum?)

Oh and Happy Wednesday...hehehe!
I thinks I needs a beer nows.

Peace Out,
Puddles...withs da broken, lame mum dat made it impossible to attend Pip's Party.