Monday, April 29, 2013

2 Weeks Later....

...I am finally back.
Thanks to everybuddy dat has been checkin' on us.
Good golly, you would has thunk I had been gone furevers, it feels like it though.
Mum had a shot in hers HELLbow and her says da pain afterwards was very bad.
But I tooked real good cares of her and let her pet me withs her left arm to make hers feel all betters.
But then her losted her marbles and decided to paint da livin' room...withs her left arm.
It was a slow process but finished afters a million hours later.
I am far too embarrassed to even tells you what color it is...if you even wanna calls it a color.

Theeeeeeen, Mr. Other Cable Guy came and I bit him.
More on dat later though.

And I gotted me a most awesome pressie in da mail from one of my BFFs and I can't wait 
to shows ya'll dat too. It made me super duper happies.

And I has had allergic reactions to sumptin four days in a row!!!!!!!!
I thinks it be grass I is allergic too.
It started dis past Thursday.
But dis was me on Saturday....
 Sees my cheeck?
Looks like I has a pee-can hoardered in theres but I not...I was swollen.

And heres be my eye, it swollen too.

 And then on Sunday it done happened again but at least it was da udder eye.
Do't wants da udder eye to feels lefted out you knows.
I is thoughtful likes dat.
Disclaimer: Dis was due to an allergic reaction and NOT a bar room brawl.

So dat is what has been goin on in my world.
OMD, I furgteed to tells ya'll one of da most important things EVERS....
Da STUPID'S IS MOVIN'!!!!!!!!!
Yep, sho nuff, I hearded it through da grapevine.
Dis calls fur a much long awaited celebration.

Bring on da BEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!

Okays now I must go catch up on all your blogs finally.

PS: Thank you Aunt Nancy fur leavin' me a comment...hehehehe!

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Funny Friday Story

Happy Friday Ya'll!
Unfortunately we not makes it to Friday without anything happenin' heres.
I thought surely afters last week nuttin' else could happen dis week but of course,
Mum proved me wrong again.
So naturally I has a story to shares and it is a hoot and half lemme just say.

Our phone went out and it really ain't a big deal except our phone be tied in with
our internet and I can't be havin' my internet interrupted so I made mum get on
da horn and calls da peoples to come fix it.
She did.

Well Mr. Phone Man comes by and he goes outside to dilly dally around 
and tries to figures out what be goin' on withs our service.

He gotted through out theres and he comes to da front door like so....

And then me, brudder, and sissy seen him at da door and we was all
barkin', hootin' and hollerin' and carryin' on cuz we is bad dogs like dat.

Mum goes to da door and opens it and we still be right theres protectin' our turf.
THEN it happened...
da little brown dog laughin' is me


I laughed so hard I almost puked.

Hers gotted all tangled up in us dat hers losted her balance and
went kerplunk right in front of Mr. Phone Man.
Mum's arms went out da door and her feets was still in da house.
(sorry bouts dat HELLbow mum).
Oooooooh me was her face red or WHAT?
Then hers called us little shits can you believes it?

Nows there is a moral to dis story.
Nevers allow stray hoomans to come to your house.
Oh, ya'll thoughts I was gonna say we should be betterly trained dogs?


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Weird Post

Sometimes I likes to do a post every now and then showcasin'
our family's weirdness.
Well really I likes to do it all da time but let's not get technicals.

And lemme just say dis post is all wrapped up in may just 
leave you sayin' "WTF?"

Sees, My Girl is growin' up into a young lady and even thoughs I not likes it
even has tried to stop it I is always theres fur her.
Da udder day hers gotted to shave her legs fur da furst time.
Nows why in da world would you takes da hair off of your body?
You has it fur a reason...uh, likes to stay warm!

Weird Fact #1:
Hoomans not like hairy legs
And I was right theres with hers cuz kids needs to be carefuls with sharp objects.
(even thoughs I not allowed 'round sharp objects)
 "Girl you betters be carefuls withs dat razor!"

Then it became a family affair...
...Brudder Albert came to join the festivities.

Weird Fact #2
Kerazy Lady takin' fotos of da Girl shavin' fur da furst time.

Now sees, dis momentous milestone was excitin' fur me cuz
SHAVIN' CREAMES was involved!!!!!!!


"Oooooooh, AND it just happens to be my favorite flavor"

Weird Fact #3:
My love fur shavin' creames.
Loves dat stuff!

Uh, but then we got booted out so I hads to go sit with Sissy.

I even tried to gives da famous eyes but it not works dis time.
I even tried bringin' out da Eat Crap Look...
"You is not nice to me Mum"

Weird Fact #4:
I just done a post bouts My Girl shavin'.
Obviously it has been relatively calm 'round heres fur me to do dis post.

So hows was dat fur weird?
We do weird well around heres.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Madi and Mom: Power of da Paw

Furiends, I just wanted you all to knows dat Madi's mom's dad 
had a fall and hit his head, it is a severe head trauma.
He has a skull fracture, 2 bruises on the brain, and subdural hematoma.
I believe at this time they are still waiting to find out if 
surgery is an option.
They are currently still in the ER waiting on a bed for the ICU.

I knows your love and support and prayers will be most welcome right nows.
You can email Madi and her mom at
Or you can leaves them a message on their bloggie.

Puddles...Madi's Asst.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Mission Aborted

Hellos and welcome to anudder edition of da life of Puddles.
There is one thing I do enjoy and dat is tellin' stories bouts mum
and gracious does I has one fur ya'll today!
Remembers on Wednesday I tollded ya'll I was goin' on a secret mission?
We was gonna go visit Marg, Ande, da donkeys, and da kittehs.

Wells, I had all my stuufs bowl, botteled water, and Benadryl.
ThenI gotted in da car withs mum and My Girl and headed out of town.

We was in da car hasin' good little talks and all of a sudden we hears...
kaboom, kaboom, kaboom.
I was like "OH crap, BOMBS!!!!"
Mum pulled overs in da emergency side thing and da tread from her tire was GONE!
Oh her was freakin out cuz da Girl was with us.

So then we haded to go down further to get off da exit to turn around and head back home.
Good thing cuz da Car Fixer Man was off da exit on da way home so we was just gonna stop
theres and has him put new tires on da car.
We gets there and mum shows him da bad tire...

...and he tells her ain't nuttin' wrong with her tire.
She be all like "WTF?"
Then her starts laughin' and says her showed him da wrong tire.
Can ya'll say STOOOPID?
I has nevers nor will I ever claim her is bright.
I was so embarrassed I just couldn't even look.

 "Dat woman just ain't right in da head"

So he sends us down da road to Tire Man cuz Car Fixer Man dont do tires.

"These look dirty to me"

We very slowly drive down to Tire Man.
He looks at da tires and says," WOW, how didju even make it hare on them there tars?"
What da heck are TARS?

Okays so he takes da car to replace da TARS while we sits in da waitin' room area.
 We watched a little TV

And then....

...I wanted to gets on da udder couch.

I SHAT...on their couch!
Then I SHAT on their floor.

Nows, mum was sayin' bad words under her breaf and wonderin' hows her was
gonna gets my crap up. But nows don't ya'll go a worryin' cuz it was easy clean on account dat
 they was just little hard poop balls, no logs did I crap.
Hers looked around da waitin' room and grabbed a Field and Stream magazine
and started tearing out pages to clean my poops up.
Then in walks Tire Man and mum has a balled up magazine in her hand.
He not knows though.

Theeeeeeeen mum thoughted it might be a good idea to takes me outside.
And da most wonderous thing happened.
I saws da MOST GAWJUSS dog evers!!!!!!
"Why hellos theres gawjuss, you is one fine lookin' dog!"

We decided to run and play.
But dat dog kepted stoppin' every time I would stop and every time I would look
at it, it would be starrin' at me.
Kinda freaky if you ask me.

Soon we was all done and went back home.
I hope da weekend is gonna be betters.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dis and dat on Wed.

Hellos my's me Puddles!
Mum was SUPPOSE to has HELLbow surgery tomorrow but her
chickened out rescheduled fur August.
Hers convinced herself dat da timin' wasn't good but I knows cuz I is smart it has
everything to do withs da fact her be skeered shitless of da recovery.
Her came up with lots and lots of lame excuses.
For example:
 "But I won't be able to  workout"...can't work out no ways moron.
"No one can put Whitney on the couch"...who cares, more room for me.
"It will be too hard to enjoy our vacation"...dat be in July, WTF?
"The house needs to be painted first" can't paint eithers.
 "I won't be able to cook"...BWHAHAHAHAHAHA, Puuuuulease!
"I have a human child to think about too"...I always girl sit.
" I won't be able to use my camera"...okays I gives dat a valid excuse.

Anyways, on to me.
I went to da vet to has a weight recheck.
I is up to 8.6 pounds now so da new meds is working fur me and I is on puppy food too.

I does looks good don't I?
Yes, yes I do.

 I is goin' on a top secret mission today.
And not to worry, I ain't drivin'...mum is.
Okays, maybe you should worry.
Thank goodness fur Google directions, hers don't do maps.