Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Monday ya'll!
Befores I begin withs my postie here are da OLYMPIC EVENTS today:

Corbin: Walk About
Benny and Lily: Beach Ball

So, as ya'll knows overs da weekend it was my birfday.

"Whooptie Doo"

Wells furs da most part my birfday sucked.
I got no cake, got no Cheetos...I gotted NUTTIN'.
Yep folks, da hoomans got me nuttin' furs my birfday.
But it's betters than da previous years...2nd birfday I gotted nail clippers...
and last year I was in da kennel.
They said I didn't need nuttin'.

BUT, My Girl wanted painted my nails.
I telled hers I would pick da color out though.

How does they look?
Not too girly huh?
Looks good fur da Olympics donchoo thinks?

My hoomans may has been totally lazy, slack, lame, stingy...and all them udder words
bouts my birfday but I did get some CARDS in da mail and dat made my birfday all kinds of special.
Thank Dog fur furiends!

I gotted a card from Deccy
and Frankie and Ernie.
Well sort of.
My ignorant mailman sent da one back to Frankie and Ernie and said we had no mailbox!
Like WTF?
Uh, our mailbox is right there on da street.
Sooooo, I made a card and pretend likes I gotted it.
If anybuddy else sent me a card and I didn't get it then it's cuz my mailman is stoopid.

Anyways, I wanna thank everybuddy furs ALL my birfday wishes.
I really appreciate it and I looooves ya'll!

*Don't Furget my Diggin' Event will be on Friday Aug. 3*

Puddles...still da Birfday Girl.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Today Is NOT My Birfday

BUT, tomorrow is...hehehehe.
Sees, I didn't wanna mess up anybuddy's Olympic posts so I thoughted I would post TODAY!
But...uh, today IS da beginning of da Olympics...duh!
(Note to self: Buy a freakin' calendar!)
Oh by da way, I is back from my 'campin' trip' and my mum lied to me.
I did NOT go campin', they stuck me in da kennel and all I saw
 fur daaaaaaaays and daaaaaaaaaays was metal bars.

Anyways, I just wanted to wish myself a most wonderful birfday...tomorrow.
(just one more day Corbin)
I will be 4 years old!
Now hows a bout some early year fotos of moi?

Sees, even at a very early age I began diggin'.

 Dis is ME and Brudder Albert like da week I camed home.
He loved me when he furst laid eyes on me.
Actually he really didn't but ya'll don't needs to do knows dat.
I has been a fixture at My Girl's feet from da get go.
Back then....
...and now.
 When I furst discovered hows gawjuss I was.
 "Hellos theres HOT STUFF"

Dis was my furst portrait.

Here I is today...
...still gawjuss as evers huh?

Okays, nows I has to go sees wheres my birfday cake and beer is.
And then I has to go check out aaaaaall da Olympical posties.

Puddles...Almost Birfday Girl

Don;t furget TODAY is da openin' of da Blogville Olympics.
ROO...Opening Ceremony/Bloopers
 POSIE...Parade of Athletes

Monday, July 23, 2012

I Ain't Here

Dear Furiends,
I is out of da office until Friday...

Help yourself to some Cheetos until I return.

I hears I is goin' "campin' while da hoomans go on vacation...
I ain't goin on vacation cuz da kerazy lady said it was a 
Oh and Puuuuuulease don't furgets me while I is away.


Friday, July 20, 2012

My Friday Post with a Scarf and a Burp

Thank you fur joining me today on dis luverly Friday.
Dis is me in my scarf/nana from my good pal Oskar.
He had Iams send it to me cuz they official sponsors of
of London Olympic Games.

Today, I wanna tells ya'll a little story, a true story.
(these be re-enactment fotos)

Lemme begins...
Dis week we hads company, my dad mom and brudders.
They camed all da way from...somewheres far off.
Well when peoples come to my house I has to make them pet me.
So I gotted up in one of his brudder's laps and tolded him to pet me.
He petted me, liked da good hooman he should be.

And then does ya'll knows what I done?
I burped right in his face..
likes dis....

 and then I laughed hysterically.

Dad's brudder didn't laugh though, said it smelled likes Cheetos.
Then he passed out.

(There was suppose to be a drawin' I done heres but Blogger wouldn't lets me upload it cuz apparently I has too many pictures and I has metted my pikture quota...WTF?)

Now him has concussion.
But don't worry, I is okays.

See, wasn't dat a great story?
I thoughted it was HILARIOUS!!!!

Okays I done.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olympics Dis and Dat

Hellos there and Happy Wednesday!
I don't knows if ya'll knows dis or not but da Blogville Olympics is comin' up...duh...
...and you has until midnight tonight to gets your fotos in fur all events.

Now lemme tells ya'll...
I thoughted I would try eatin' healthier to gets me in tip top shape
fur da Olympic events.
 So I thought I would try me some veggietables...

Wanna sees what happened....
I threw up.
Dats my vomit!

Veggietables is dangerous to your health.
I is gonna sticks to Cheetos from now on.


PS: Current list of Diggers....

Ginger and Shadow
Lily Belle
Nora B. Webster
Sally Ann
Sweet William
Freya Rose

email fotos to:

Monday, July 16, 2012

K, Forever

Until we meet again Sweet K.
I will never forget you...
your courage,
your hope,
your spirit.

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Puddles...and family

I Is DEAD Serious

Hey ya'll!
Puddles D. Rainwater heres to gives you da latest breakin' news...from da 'hood.

Ever wakes up in da morning feelin' DEAD tired?
You needs your coffee but Oh my, you would really likes a good cup
of Starbuck's coffee.
What do you do?
Well duh, you run down to your corner FUNERAL HOME
to gets your cup of MOURNING JOE to REVIVE yourself!
(revive...I kill myself sometimes)

Yes, folks, I is DEAD serious.
It was even on da NATIONAL news about dis stoopid idea.
You can even go to Frankie's blog to see it made his teevee.
My itty bitty town was on da national news cuz our local funeral home
is getting there very own Starbuck's
(who comes to my town and doesn't interview me)
Only in my hometown can you go pick out a coffin and grab a caramel latte 
with a shot of formaldehyde at da same time.

Wells I says to da Kerazy Lady..." Drives me to da funeral home so I can gets on da news!"
So of course her droves me.
"I is ready furs my close up!"
(Somebuddy blew my highlights out)

So we gets to da funeral home and there was not a single news person theres!!!!!!!!!
I eeeeven hads my profile all ready to go.

Wells da news crew may not has been theres but peoples was blowin' there horns at us...
...they obviously recognized me...cuz mum dove in da bushes so nobuddy would see her.
"Hey, you wants my pawtograph?"

Okays, let me gets back on track.
If you evers needs coffee in Puddlestown, I can hook you up
withs some...
ICED Hazelnut Hearse,
Lazurus Latte
Arise and Shine
Starbuck's Mourning Blend
Mortuary Marachino coffee
Coffin Caramel espresso
(thanks to Frankie and Sarge fur da names)

"Hehehehehe...dat was FUUUUUN, but lets gets da coffee next time"

Updated list furs Digging:
red is da newest ones and blue is from Friday's list
if I has missed your name puuuulease let me knows as da kerazy lady is furgetsfuls.
Lily Belle
Nora B. Webster
Sally Ann
Sweet William
Freya Rose

Puddles...needin; a cuo of coffee

Friday, July 13, 2012

Random Crap Friday

Okays so I went a little A Wall dis week cuz it was a crappy week.
Let me tells ya'll bouts my week.

Furst, our hot water heater went out but I really could 
haves cared less cuz I not do baffs or showers or dishes.
Afters dis furst incident mum was sittin' back waiting furs da 2nd and 3rd thing....cuz dats da way it happens. She was really waitin; fur sumptin to happen to me. But I fooled hers...nuttin' happened to me dis week.

Then Daddy Dork called mum while her was at da gym...8 times.
She not gets da fone...hehehe.
Well, dad had a toofer filling dat felled out.
Like...uh, what is mum suppose to do bout it?
He went to do dentist and had it fixed then he camed home and was all...
"Ooooooooh my tooth, oooooh my tooth!!!!!!!"
Dude, when you has your butt expressed we'll compare pain.

Then da 'puter was actin' all stoopis so we had to takes it to da nerd peoples.
Nuttin' was wrong withs it.

Sooooooo, yesterday I thoughted it was gonna be a smashin' day!
We went outside to train furs Benny and Lily's Beach Ball Event and it happened.

Me and Brudder Albert founded us a most glorious thing. it was almost as glorious as findin' a road kilt possum!
Wells, we founded a......
A FROG!!!!!!!!!
It was stuck really.
Sees dat wire mesh?
Dad put dat around da air boxie thing to keeps da chipmunks out...obviously he not think bouts
stoopid frogs cuz they can get in....duh.
But anyways, me and brudder was sooooo excited cuz we thoughted we was gonna get us some fried up frog legs fur supper.
I was tellin brudder to lick it and he was tellin me to lick it and we was goin back and forth to sees who would lick it furst....but noooooo, mum was all like NOOOOOO, STOP!!!!!
And then OMD...hers even used my nickname...
So then I hads to go on da screened in porch.
And then hers told My Girl to takes da camera in.
Well hers sat it on da chair on da screened in porch.
A few moments laters theres was a loud was mum's new $3000 camera.
Yessire bob...I knocked it off da chair.
It was quickly rushed to da ER camera store.
Dude checked it overs and it's fine...except da plastic cover thingy dat protects da screen thingy.
Mum has to order a new one.
And dat is why her has insurance on it...hehehehe.
Oh and I not gets da froggie.
Soooo dat was my week.

Here is da current list of da enterant furs da diggin' event.
If you not sees your name on heres then send me a peemail and let me knows.

Sally Ann
Sweet William
Freya Rose

and if anybuddy else wants to participate in da diggin' event email a foto to:
dat is such a freakishly long email addy

I wanna apologize furs not bein' around much but as you can sees it was a crappy week and I has been swamped withs Olympic stuffs.
Okays I done nows.


Monday, July 9, 2012

The Olympics Are Comin'

Hellos dear furiends!
Obviously I hasn't been around in da past few days...was I missed?
ME hard at work!
Wells sees, I has been doin' some serious trainin' furs da Olympics and it had nuttin to do 
withs da fact da kerazy lady has been looking at paint samples as to why I hasn't been around.
Did ya'll knows there is at least 87 million shades of WHITE? How stoopid is dat?
Anyways, on to much much more impawtant stuffs.

 Today is Monday and it is officially da day you can enter MY diggin' event fur da Olympics.
And everybuddy elses too!!!!!
How excited are you?
Wells, I is excited cuz diggin' is fun and keeps you in shape.

Lemme shows you my feet...
ahhhh...dirty nails...gotts loves it!
I do believes I even has a piece of grass in my's a souvenir.

Here me and sissy...
...even her likes to dig.
(but hers didn't know hows to dig when her came to lives here but I taught hers how to do it)

You can start sendin' in your entry fotos TODAY through da 18th.

Okays I has to go help da kerazy lady de-confuse herelf withs all dis white paint...I may need some help...hehehehe.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012


( Dat means hello in Hawaiian.)
And a BIG Happy Birfday to ME!
Oh wait...what, it's NOT my birfday.
It's JULY 4TH!
(My birfday is in 20 24 days Corbin)

Today I  is live from da green grasses sandy beaches of Hawaii cuz it's...
Can I get a WHAT WHAT?
Nope, gots no idea what dat means but I hears da stoopid hoomans say it.

Anyways, we is gonna has a good time heres in HonoROOROO
dancin' on tables, dancin' on da beach, gettin' in trubles, eatin', and stuff.
 Actually, I really can't promise dat I won't gets in trubles...
...but it will be fun I can guarantee dat much...hehehehe.
We can do da limbo, I will since I not has to go too far anyways...hehehe... knows cuz I already short.

 I go gets me anudder My Tie...they is delish, and purties withs da umbrella thingies."

"What does you mean you is out of umbrellas??????"

I won't mention any names but I heard some little crabs has stolen da umbrellas.

SOMEBUDDY GETS DA PUDDLES A cute little drink withs an umbrella...please!

I wants to thank da Feisty Three fur always puttin' dis event on but because of unfurseen circumstances they was not able to do it dis year.
Sooooooo dis postie is dedicated to them and to their Grandma.

Also Susie and Sidebites is puttin' on a big production from HonoROOROO if you wants to join in. da Tiki Bar

Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome To My Shrine

Hellos everybuddy!
I wasn't here on Friday obviously...I hopes ya'll was ables to make it through da day
without seein' me. If not, then let's just pretend it was terribles fur ya'll.
I just wanna take a quick moment of your life to let you all knows dat last week...
I made it through a whole entire week without nuttin happenin' to me...
no hives, no swellin, no chokin, no arrests, you get da point.

Today I wanna welcome ya'll to my shrine (AKA: My Girl's room)
Dis project has taken fur like evers to complete cuz mum was doin' it and her makes everything her does more complicated than it should da wall collage in da stairway her has been workin' on.
They had to get a new fan fur da room.
I was gonna takes a foto of it was goin round and round and round...and I gotted dizzy.
Dat was fun.

 I ain't suppose to be in heres.
But I wanted to shows ya'll do new room.
It's actually a green color but it turned out kinda yellow in da fotos.

 A wall devoted to MEEEEEE! 
It's da shrine wall.
Kerazy lady is gonna add more frames when her finds what her is lookin' for...whatever.
(da lamp ain't stayin')

 And here is mini me.

Of course a skeeter net is a must.

Sorta, kinda a full view.

 These puffy, fluffy flower thingies is in da corner.
Dat ain't done neithers...looking fur a lighter shade of pink to add to 'em.

 I likes it in heres...even though I ain't allowed in heres.

I thinks I could go to sleep in heres.