Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hellos ya'll!
It is I, Puddles Duddles Raianwater bringin' ya'll
an update from da homestead.
dats me.

Da Kerazy Lady went through with hers HELLbow surgery.
...alls I gotted was a t-shirt.
I deserves more since I has had to listen to hers bitch and whine and complain.
(da volume remote has been a lifesaver).

They reattached da hellbow tendon back to da bone.
Her was in shitloads of pain afterwards.
By Saturday her was back in da gym doin' cardio (KERAZY)
And nows her has started therapy.

Unfortunately we can't comment cuz her is in a huuuuuge splint
dat looks like a piece of PVC pipe cut in half...and movin' her
fingers be painful since thry is connected to da crappy tendon.
But we is checkin; da blogs to sees how ya'll is.

Nows fur your funny fur da day.
Mum can't shave her undersrms so my dad has to do it for her...bwhahahhahaha
OMG, dat is just sick.
Sick I tells you!
Mum haded to gives him instructions on hows to do it properly...hehehehehehe.

Nope, we has not losted our sense of humor.

Puddles....withs a mum dt sucks at left hsnded typin'.

Please furgives me fur not bein' ables to comment.
Mum is gettin' kinda down so we is leavin' comments open so 
hers can laugh and smile...and we really hstes to do dat to ya'll
cuz it really not be fairs to ya"ll.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Has A New Post's ya'll likes dat title?
I finally has a new post today to shares withs ya'll.
Sorry I has been a way, I knows how much ya'll has 
missed me and my antics and my luverly stories.
Da kerazy Lady has been preparin' her brain fur her
surgicals which will be tomorrow.
Her has had way too much nervous energies to sit still long
enough to type out me a post.
And I has da teevee remote all readies fur myself to drown out
her whinin'.

Well on withs my post nows.
Ya'll knows how I just loves to gets packages in da mail right?
Dis big box camed da udder day and boy howdy did I evers
get excited.
And then we opened it and there was ANUDDER box in da box.
Look at it!
 It be a doctor's bag box!

OMD, how freakin' awesome is dat?
"What da heck you mean it ain't fur me?"

"I thinks I shall cry a river nows."

Unfortuntely da package was not fur was fur da Kerazy Lady.
One of my bestest furiends furever Miss Sasha and her mommy
sent my mum a get well package to her!!!!!!
Like seriously, what da hell...I is da one dat has to put up with hers....
I needs me a package too!
"Look Brudder, it says ENJOY right theres!"

Usually Brudder Albert be too lazy to gets up off da couch from his nap
to do much of anything but he gotted all nosey when he seened da box
dat not come fur me.

Now heres what camed in da box.

Allkinds of good stuffs.
Dst black thing is poppy corns and I do loves me some poppycorns.
(Is you listenin' mum?)
And there was a cute little book with devotions, green tea, candies, COOKIES, 
and a smiley ball.
My Girl was eyeing da candies but I telled hers if her not share withs me her toofers 
would rot...but if her DID share her toofers wouldn't.
Her not buy it though.

Albert again.
Dude just couldn't stay away from da stuffs.

Nows here be a few little out takes.
 Here I is sniffin' out da goods.

 And of course, me tryin' to open da cookies.
(Sorry I broked some mum)

See, if I had cookies I prolly wouldn't be so boney.
(Dang I hope I not falls off dis chair)

So dat was da story of a package dat was not fur me.
But my mum thoroughly enjoyed gettin' mail...her thinks he be all specials now.

Sasha and Mommy, my mum thanks ya'll from da bottom of her heart fur thinkin'
of hers and her HELLbow surgicals. I even thinks her shed a little tear. 
You knows how emotional hoomans can be.

Well dis is a wrap nows, I must go chase da squirrels now and mum has pre-op today.
Oh, lemme tells ya'll what da surgical's gross I think.
They is gonna cut her HELLbow wide open and take da HELLbow tendon 
and then they is gonna anchor it back to da bone...hehehehe.
I think dat just sounds nasty.

Okays I done nows.

Puddles...withs no package