Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Halloween Portrait

Hellos ya'll!
It be almost Halloween so I thoughted I'd shows
everybuddy my Halloween portrait to gets ya'll in da spirit.

I IS too freaking hilarious furs my own good.
And I not even has no idea what I is but I does likes da wig... keeps my head warm so I can thinks betters.

Ya'lls wanna sees somemores pictures?
Of CURSE you do...

I totally haded so much fun withs dis heres foto session.
I thinks I may has to invest in some more wigs.

I just realized...I has a big mouf.

Nows I will be attendin' all da HOWL-O-WEEN festivities so
watch out. But, I was too lazy to link everybuddy up.
I'll be bringin' da BOOOOOOS....BWHAHAHAHAHA!
Ya'll gets my little joke?


Monday, October 28, 2013

Anudder Untitled Post

Boys and Girls I has to shares sumptin' with ya'lls today.
Sees, I took Pip's goin' to da bridge very hard and he took
a big chunk of my heart with him when he left.
We haded some of da bestest times togedders just like all ya'll had with him too.
Deep down, I was worried whether or not he made it safely to da bridge.
I mean let's face it...he was never good with directions...or was it me dat wasn't good withs directions?
oh well, whatevers.
So naturally I was concerned.

I was alone in my crate rememberin' all da good times we shared through
da years...and sheddin' many a tear.
Actually, I was sobbin'...I was a freakin' mess.

Then suddenly I smelled was very familiar smell.
So I says to myself..."Girl get your shit togedders, you is smellin' things!"
But bein' da nosey doxie I is, I haded to investigate da delicious aroma.
I busted outta my crate and went to da kitchen.

And there it was...
I thougted my eyeballs was playing tricks on me...
It was a burger and beer layed out just fur me....and a Burger King CROWN!!!!!

 I knews Pip had been theres.
It was at dat moment dat I knew, not only was Pip okays but I was
gonna be okays too. I knows he will be watchin' out fur me and all
of Blogville until we can all sees him again.

Until da day I goes to da bridge I plan on makin' enough noise and mischeif
fur da both of us cause I knows dat is what he would want.
Pip would want dat fur all of us and to be happy and live our lives to da fullest dat 
we possibly can...without gettin' caught.
So, dat is what I is gonna do.


Monday, October 21, 2013

I love you Pip!

My dear Pip, you have taken a piece of my heart with you to the bridge.
I will always remember you and hold onto the memories we shared...
whether they were making holes in a house, stealing cushions, or running from the popo!
I could not have asked for a better furiend, I will always love you.
There are so many things I want to say but I just don't have the strength.

Wait on me at the gates for when I come...I'll bring the beer.
I love you my Pip and damn it, this hurts.

Furiends, I will be taking a break in light of Pip's passing.


Friday, October 11, 2013

Camping Weekend

Our dear little Gussie sented My Girl a pawtograh foto of him and a letter.
Her was happy...I made mum takes a pikture.
Heres what da letter said...
Nows wasn't dat just touchin'?
It also said dat he wanna be juuuuust likes me when him grows just can't sees it.

Wells since it was gonna be a most beautiful weekend down heres in da south,
I decided I should takes Baby Gussie CAMPIN' withs Mini Puddles.

We loaded up da camper and headed out to da backyard da campground.
Mini Me drove.
I taughted hers how to drive.
Gussie gotted to sit in da front seat.
And they sang and they sang da whole way.
Mini Puddles was flyin' dat camper ALL overs da yard and her was doin' doughnuts all through da yard and all da wheels was off da ground...and...and you could hears KA-BAM sounds comin' from inside da camper...everything was gettin' tossed and strewn all about.
Whew, good thingy it all be plastic though.
Mum was SOOOOO not hapies bouts da doughnuts.
But I laughed my fool head off.

Fortunately they came to a halt...
...afters her slammed into an embankment.
Turns out, Mini Puddles ain't a very good driver.
Oh live and learn.
"Mini Puddles is you okays, you looks a little disoriented"

Afters all dat excitement Mini Puddles and Baby Gussie decided to go for a swim.
I is assumin' it was to relax afters da drive.

Nows as da  Puddles not do waters,
I was off lookin' purty as evers huntin' da evenin' diner.
I was thinkin' either raccoon or ground hog.
Damn, does I looks good or what?

Good thing Mini Puddles knows hows to cook cuz alls I founded was pee-cans.
And to be honest, I not has all da ingredients to make a pee-can pie.

Her has her own oven.

Her made tube steaks on a bun.
They sucked.

I decided to build a fire pit from da keep-puddles-in-the-fence-bricks since da sun was goin' down.
I singed my whiskers but I'll live.
(folks, dis is dangerous, do not attempt at home)

Mini Me and Gussie sanged some campfire songs.
They liked Kumbaya da bestest.
They not da bestest singers.

Of course, no campin' trip is complete withouts roastin' marshymellows.
Well, by jingo, you guessed correctly...we had no marshymellows.
We roasted CHEEEEEESE!
Fur future informationals...raostin' cheese ain't a good idea.

Dis is just a pikture of me stealin' da cheese.

Our campin' escapade camed to an abrupt halt when mum stepped in
Puddles Glitter (AKA: my poop).
An brief excerpt...
"OH MY GAWD...(&*^&%^&@#!!!!!!!...!@#&$%
&%$@#!*%$@#*&%!@$...YOU"RE NOT SUPPOSE TO GO THERE...
So we haded to pack up and go home so mum could clean her shoe.
SOME hoomans can be such a killjoy.


Friday, October 4, 2013


Well crap, I sees I has been gone again.
But I is back.

Anyways, I gotted a package in da mail box from Nora!
I knows, I gotted it like a millionty eleven days ago but whos countin'?
I was so excited dat I was ACTUALLY bouncin' of da walls!
No worries cuz I not hurt myself.

 Here I is tryin' to open up my pressie.

 I was very intrigued by how dis was all packaged up.
 BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...OMD...dat Nora packaged up da pressie in da fluff from
Dat was pure genius and very earth furiendly too.
I likes fluff, dat was very thoughtful.

And then BAM...there I seen a brown bag.
 But by golly befores I could even gets my paws on it Sissy Snaggletoof done stoled it.
 I tolded hers to gives it back.
 Her said NO,
then her says NO AGAIN!
And dis went on fur like 87 minutes and hers was bein' a pain in my rear.

FINALLY I gots my brown bag back and low and behold there was some serious treasures in theres.
(please ignore mum's gaggin' sounds)

 "Is I in heaven? I thinks I is in heaven."

Furiends, I thinks my expression be explained...chicken claws is good stuffs.
I 'specially likes dat da nails was still attached...hehehehe...more protein fur da Puddles.
(Mum, please stop gaggin', I can't talk above you)
Never had 'em befores but I believes I will hunt me some chickens soon...soon as I find me some.

And Sissy Snaggletoof gotted her one too.
Brudder Albert haded to go outside with his cuz him a drama queen.

I also gotted these cookies too.
 They was deeeeeeliscious...I eated mine in likes half a second!
They is all gone nows.

Nora and Mrs. Master...
THANK YOU so much fur sending me some chicken feets and fluffs and cookies! to a barn fur some chickens

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Be Back Friday Post

Boys and girls I will be back on Friday.

 Dis has been a rough year fur My Girl so far...
...SOOOOO much freakin' WORK and stuffs.
Like fur reals, her only be 11 years old what up
withs all dis homework?
And I does tries to help but I ain't so good at math or english...
...or science...or social studies.
I can count beers though...hehehehe.

 I expect all her after school time to be devoted to ME...not to be selfish or anything.

Sigh...I thinks I will has to has a conference withs da Teacher Lady and lets her
knows her be eatin' up all da Puddles Time.

Notice in da above foto My Girl is theres and I is theres and her is not pettin' me...
...cuz her is busy, busy, busy.

(Oh, and NO, I has not been diggin' in da dirt to entertain myself.)

See ya'll all back heres on Friday.
Feel free to come back occasionally and stare at my pikture.

Puddles...countin' beers