Monday, June 29, 2015

Thank You

Hey, dis is Puddles!
My mum wanted me to thanks everybuddy fur all
da wonderful comments and emails and cards we 
has received on da passin' of Sissy Whitney.
Ya'll honestly do not knows how much it has meant to us.
We is tryin' to respond but it's gonna take some time.

We is so very thankful to has some of da bestest furiends in da world.
Furiends dat understand and love us.

We will be back to bloggin' on friday.
And thank you all again from da bottom of our hearts.

Puddles and mum
PS: I loves you Corbin
PSS: we is gonna be out of da office today

Saturday, June 20, 2015

RIP Whitney Lou

My sweet baby momma, Whitney was helped to the bridge
this morning. She had many issues due to her dementia and her
quality of life was not as it used to be. 

Honestly, I have never had to make the decision to help
an animal to the bridge and dear god i hope i never have to again 
because it literally made my body hurt and i could not control the tears.

I want to thank you all for the emails and messages..I love you all very much.
You have absolutely no idea how much your friendship means to me.

Whitney Lou
 I will always love you and remember you
August 26 2001-June 20 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015

I Wants Ya'll To Meet Somebody

Hellos boys and girls...thank you fur tunin'in today.
I wants to introduce ya'll to someone very much 
important in my new vet.
My old vet quit when he had to buy a new filing cabinet just fur my file
retired to spend time withs his family.
(Bon Voyage Dr. O)

I walked in da door one day to introduce myself to da new vet, Dr. G.
I just knews her was gonna want a pawtograph.
Her was so excited to finally meet me dat her run straight to da back and out da door.
Then I heard screams.
Like i said, her was super excited.
 Sure, I'll wait right heres.

I waited bout 10 minutes...or an hour fur hers to regain her composure.
Then hers come out trembling and says her has heard lots bout me.
I is very well known down at da clinic.
Let me just takes ya'll back a moment to last year when I almost died again.
when I hads my torso almost amputated.
and here is your warning...

I has da most awesome scar now.

But Dr. G saved my life and sewed me back togedders.
 I was much impressed with her skills and her bedside manners.
Her is a very luverly and nice lady. Her is like one of those furiends you
could go has a beer or 12 with.
Her is a very luverly and nice lady. Her is like one of those furiends you
could go has a beer or 12 with.

 Her said i was adorables and her wants her very own Puddles.
Seriously would dis face lie to ya'll?
Shhhhhh...never mind.
Okay so her didn't say dat but hers wanted to.

Puddles...#1 patient (I pay their bills)