Thursday, November 25, 2010

Whitney's Story as told by Puddles

We wants to thank Minna Krebs fur hosting da adoption stories! We has been reading all da stories and they has been so wonderful.
And you may needs a potty break and maybes a beer to go withs dis LOOOOOOONG story!

Hellos ya’ll, it’s me Puddles! Yep, today is Whitney’s story but I is gonna tell her story cuz her is shy and stuffs and don’t really likes to be in da limelight. So who could be betters to tell her story other than me? Dats right, ME! Okays, lets get on withs da show….

In August of 2009 mum was goofin’ off on da computer lookin’ at dachshunds from various breeders like her was really gonna get another dog or sumptin. Well hers spotted a little female long hair dat was being retired from theirs breeding program…and thought hers looked quite similar to brudder Albert so hers clicked on da pedigree and low and behold her and brudder had da same pawrents! Then hers rushed upstairs to gets Albert’s papers to make sures they really had da same pawrents and they did indeed match.

Okays, mum really wasn’t wanting another doggie BUT when hers knew Whitney and Albert was brudder and sissy things changed and her just hads to have her come live with us not even bothering to ask me. So her goes to dad and says “ Oh honey, have I told you that I love you today?” and then he says “What do you want?” and then her tells him bouts Whitney and than he was all like NO. So mum hads to explain to him dat her was Albert’s sister and we owed it to her and brudder to brings them back together and dat da possibility of hers bein’ adopted out at 8 years old was slim to none. So withs alot of hesitance dad agreed to let Whitney come HOME.

Mum called da Mr. Breeder Man to makes sure Whitney was still availables and of course hers duh! Mum and da little girl drove way out to pick sissy up and hers got lost again. Mum gots all of da paperwork and didn't bothers lookin' at it cuz her was already smitten withs sissy and wanted to get her home so they gots all her baggage and believe me, hers had plenty of baggage to bring.

Oh boy, what did mum get herself into? Da girl was skeered of everything, hers never been on a leash, obviously had nevers been petted, hers didn’t know how to play withs me OR toys! Hers didn’t even know how to go up and down steps…oh da horror. Did I mention hers wasn’t fond of ME or Albert…or of dad or da little hooman girl? She went through quite a lot her furst week home with us cuz her had to go in fur a dental and lost 6 teefs…then da next week mum found a mammary tumor and then hers had to have dat removed too. Hers all okie dokie nows though.

Lemme just say dat afters a year of sissy being with us hers has made some great progesses if I do say so. Her has began to walk on a leash though not as well as moi, her is learning hows to play and have fun; and her loves to be petted nows but, her still not gettin' in nobuddies lap; her also has started to gives mum kisses and lemme just say when dat happens mum gets all sappy and starts withs da leaky eyes. Ummmm, let's sees what else Whitney has accomplished....okay, dis ain't really a good thing but her is extremely protective of not approach mum while her back is turned and Whitney is around...not a good scenario but mum is trying to deal with dat.

*months later mum got out Whitney's paperwork and realized dat her did not haves da same birthdate as Albert...they still had da same parents but were not actually litter mates.
Okay, dats it fur sissy. Even though her has some issues we is very thankful her is with us and her is all safes and stuffs and we do love hers very much.

Me and sissy...her is da black blob beside me.

Okay, dats it fur sissy.
Even though her has some issues we is very thankful her is with us and her is all safes and stuffs and we do love hers very much.

Ummmmmmmm...and just in case ya'll missed MY story from yesterday you can go here to read it cuz you know you want to....hehehehe...I am os full of myself.

We wish everybuddy a wonderful Thanksgiving and we is so grateful to haves all of our bloggie furiends in our lives.

**Tomorrow I, Puddles will has my mum's Christmas list posted dat Frankie is hosting
I felt like Whitney was enuffs to read fur oneday.

Until next time....

Peace Out,
Puddles....and Whitney

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Story of Me, Puddles

Well ya sees, it all started withs My Girl...her longed fur a puppy of her very own...hers wanted a little girl puppy. So, Mr. Dad being da sucker dat he is gave into her wishes…afters a gazillion conversations explaining what would bes expected of hers, explaining da care and work of a puppy, and blah, blah, blah. Then of course, mum had to put her two cents in and said da new doggie hads to be a rescue. There was nevers any talk bout what breed of puppy cuz that was just a given and not open fur discussion, a dachshund it had to be.
Once everything was sealed and dealed withs Mr. Dad they began da search through rescues and shelters. As my luck would haves it a lot of places wouldn’t adopt out to a family with a small child, another dog, or they be living outside da rescue radius and yada yada. They searched far and wide at shelters with no doxies to be found (mum is a little breed bias). So it was withs a heavy heart mom relinquished da plan of a rescue and called da breeder where Albert came from. And guess what? Okays, I tell ya. Mr. Breeder informed mum he had ONE female puppy left. That’s right, I was da last of my litter mates to go home. Go figure. I just haves no idea why no buddy wanted me. Maybe it was da evil eye I already possessed as a wee one. Oh well, who cares, I’m glad it worked out da way it did.

Okays, ya'll still withs me? Ya'll wakes up, I'm in da middle of my story. Okays, dat betters. I continue nows.

So anyways, Mr. Breeder told me I would be going off to lives withs a little hooman girl. Oh yea, jack pot! My new girl and mum showed up almost on time. Yep, purty obvious da new mum don't haves a knack fur directions....ha, and they wanted a doxie girl. (Rule #1: if you can't follow directions, don't get a doxie girl Puddles) So they finally gets to meet me and they starts all dis squeeling and carrying on bouts my sweetness, and my cuteness, and my littleness. But then, lawd help me, mum sits down withs Mr. Breeder and they start talking, and talking, and talking. It was very boring, mind you. They all be talking bouts shots, AKC papers, and pedigree charts, things I could cares less bouts. Finally, I'm like," Hey, new mum; can we be going nows? I wants to go check out my new crib". Yea, dat finally gots her rolling and I said adios to Mr. Breeder. And dat my furiends is da furst step in training your hoomans...lets them know who da boss is.

Once I got to my new castle home I met Brudder Albert fur da furst time. He was sooooo skeered of me, I don’t thinks he really knew what I was though. I only weighed bout 2 pounds and didn’t haves much hairs either. I was kinda bald on da top. He kepts running away from me and would crawl up in mum’s lap (dork). So anyways, that’s my story and I haves been purty thankful to comes lives withs my peoples and to haves my very own hooman girl, a brudder and now a sissy. I lives a good life.

Until next time....
Peace Out,

Pees: Whitney's story will be posted on Thanksgiving Day

The Story of Albert

Greetings dear friends!
I am here today to tell you all about my coming home story. Since we have three dogs to post we decided to start early so the posts wouldn't be so long for you all to read. Before I begin I would like to thank Miss Minna Krebs for hosting the adoption stories for Thanksgiving.

The year was 2002, July 2002 to be exact and mother and father were expecting a little girl in October. The parents were very recently married (10 months). Upon mother’s entrance into the institute of marriage she had to leave behind her beloved dachshund Clyde. It was difficult for her to do so but she knew it would be in his best interest for him not to move to a new territory.

Mother decided she needed another dachshund in her life because; basically she couldn’t function without one. She also did not think it was imaginable to have a child come into the world without a dog. Mother brought it to father’s attention that the new child should have the chance to grow up with a dog in order to instill love and respect for animals at an early age. Mother felt like those were qualities every child should have. Father agreed to a new canine member of the household with a few rules. The first rule was that the new puppy would be crate trained and of course, house trained.

When father agreed to the acceptance over the phone since he was on a business trip, of a new member mother immediately called the breeder from where Clyde came from who was also a vet. (This was a time when rescues were not really heard of around here.) It was fortunate for me that he had no available dachshunds but gave her the number of another breeder. She quickly called this breeder and he had puppies that were ready to go home.

Mother drove out to the breeders home to take a look at the puppies and there I was. She spotted me and a smooth red hair. Well, mother wanted a long hair since she had never had one before. But, she knew she couldn’t just get a long hair because she simply wanted one. She was more concerned about personality and temperament. I knew this was going to be the family for me so I made it known to her that I was meant for them. The moment mother held me she knew it too and it was love at that instant. But, she put me back in my kennel and told the breeder she would have to go home and contemplate the situation.

Mother went home to call father and tell him she had found the puppy for them. Father agreed and gave mother the go ahead to pick me up. Mother made the call to the breeder informing him that she would be picking me up.

Oh and if you were wondering, the crate training lasted all of one night. I have been in the big bed ever since. And the little girl was born 8 weeks after my arrival. Mother assumed she would have more time with me before the girl was born but she decided to make her entrance into the world 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

My first birthday

Thank you for joing me today,

Pees: Whitney's story will be posted on Thanksgiving Day

Friday, November 19, 2010

Eat A Kit Q & A Part ?

Welcome to another addition of Eat a Kit part...sumptin.
brought to you by Me, Puddles and Frankie!

Fair and Balanced.

Oooops, I think dat is a registered trademark.
Ummmm okays then...Balanced and Fair...dat works fur me.
Sorry, we has to haves step stools.

 1. When awards are given out do they have to be given to specific dawgs OR can we just say "Help Yourself"
Puddles Says: Well I think dis is just all in a matter of personal opinion. You can can give it to whoevers you want.
Frankie Says: We touched on this once before. If it is an award that has been around and around... I think it is FINE to just say "Help Yourself". I also like to make sure that any NEW blog follower gets an award. It makes them feel wanted and welcome.

2. How do you leave a comment when someone's BACKGOUND is Blocking the Security Typing Thingy?
Puddles Says: Heck if I knows! I'll be honest, I tried to find WHY dis happens but couldn't. I am ASSuming it may has sumptin to do withs da background code. If anybuddy knows will ya let me know so I can be enlightened. But, I would contact da blog owner and let 'em knows. There could be a chance they ain't awares of it. If you has tried to contact da blogger about da situation and gets no response than I can only suggest you read da blog and not comment cuz well, I don't sees hows you could if you can't see da squiggly letters.
Frankie Says: I have seen this a few times. It is quite odd butt I discovered (at least on those that I have seen) that you can still get in and type the squiggly letters.

 3. When I changed the Profile Photo it shows the New photo on MY blog, but didn't change the picture when I FOLLOW somebody NEW. How do I get that to change Also?
Puddles Says: These is two seperate fotos. You has a blog profile foto AND a follower profile foto. If you want to change da foto you use to follow blogs than you....
  1. Go to a blog you follow. Click on Follow (yous will probably haves to sign in).
  2. Afters you sign in, your photo will appear with yous blog name and "options".
  3. Click on "options". A box will then magically appear.
  4. Then yous click on "site settings". Another box will appear...dis be fur your "blog follower profile".
  5. Click on "add a photo
  6. And yet, ANOTHER box will appear fur you to upload a NEW foto.
  7. Upload your foto from your computer. Once dis is done yous can crop to your liking.
  8.  Then once it is all done SAVE.
  9. Voila! You has a new follower foto.
***Note: da foto you use may need to be resized in a foto program.

dis was resized at 210x314-large email size
da only thing you gonna gets is da head after croppin'.

Frankie Says: This is a new one on me. I have never changed my original picture so I really can't help you. Sorry.

How can I add my other blogs to my profile page that are from another blogger account?
Puddles Says: You can't, it ain't poosible. Da only thing you can do to add blogs from another account is to add da links into your profile page under extended information. Prolly unders da interesting stuffs bouts you. Dats alls I know what to do if yous wants 'em included somewheres.
Frankie Says: I dunno.
(Frankie has been on Snowmen overload and plottin' their demise, I thinks...hehehe)

Dats all ya'll!
Peace Out,
Puddles...and Frankie

remember to email your questions to:
Frankie: frankiefurterATwildblueDOTcom or
Puddles: allisonDOTbDOTschubertATgmailDOTcom
(dat is da longeat email addy in da history of addies)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can Somebuddy Bring Me A Beer?

Dats right.....
it's time to gets dis pawty restarted cuz da Puddles is back in Blogville
and I ain't goin' no wheres!

(sorry fur da old foto....tsk...tsk on da foto lady)

I seems to has furgotten fur a brief moment dat I is a doxie....
and we is brave...
...and we ain't known to back down so it ain't gonna happen here either.
We also just happens to be da ONLY breed recognized by da AKC to
hunt below and above ground (dat oughta tell ya sumptin)
Yep, dat is da doxie in a nut shell and I is a doxie through and through.

So basically what I is saying is dat I is back!
THANK YOU fur all your love and support!

Until next time....
Peace Out,

pees: da previous post has been removed.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Meet da Family

Happy Friday evrerbuddy!
Uh, I didn't exactly has a post today cuz my mum left ME US to go do stuffs.
Hers came back withs a dorky Christmas shirt fur me though.
I has dis sinkin' feelin'dat hers has a foto shoot planned withs da new shirt...(HELP!!!!!!)

 Today I am being forced to thought I'd intoduce ya'll to da Snowmen Family dat my mum made...
since I wasn't prepared to do a REAL post.
(Poor Frankie ain't da only dog dat gets invaded by da Snowmen dis time of year.)
We has these in PINK too...blah!

Da Family
(initialize boredom)

Dis is Betty Sue

 Right here is Billy Bob
(does anybuddy haves da time...I is dying heres)

And here is Bobbie Jean. Hers da baby of da family.
(I sure could use a nap about nows)

 Aaaaaaaand another foto of Billy Bob.
(you can breath now, it's over)

And there you has's done with.
I know ya'll suffered greatly from dis post.
Please contact your local blog union to report boredom.

The End

Peace Out,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vintage Puddles Wordless Wednesday

(Furst Christmas)
Fa la la la la la la.....

The End

Peace Out,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Making Their Dreams Come True

(Awwwwwwwe, ain't it tender!)
 Lucy: Hey Tank, You know that I think of you and I as da modern day, Laverne and Shirley.

 Tank: HUH?

 Lucy: We're gonna make our dreams come true and we're gonna do it our way.

 Tank: You know you are impossible

Laverne Tank
Shirley Lucy


Peace Out,
Governor Puddles

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Election Tuesday

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Broadcast To Bring You An Important Message:

Hellos everybuddy!
Thank you fur giving me just a moment of your time today.

As you all knows, today is election day.
 I is not a very political doggie...
Heck fire, I ain't politically correct if you wanna knows da truth.
(I's a dachshund so it's okays)

You CAN make a difference just by your vote...

think bouts what's important to you, your values, your future, and all dat stuffs.

So, today as you go into dat voting booth,
I want you all to to remember one thing.......

No, don't run away?
Wait...COME BACK!!!!
Where's ya'll goin?
{But, I brought refreshments...kool-aid anyone?}


*I am Puddles and I approved dis message.
*paid fur by da camaign committee to elect Puddles

Monday, November 1, 2010

I Had To Do It

Hellos everybuddy.
I hopes ya'll all hads a fantastical holiday celebrating da dead...hehehe!

Okays now, afters some unfortunate thingamajigs dat has been goin' round Blogland I have found it neccessary to add a disclaimer to dis here blog dat I write.
And fur your informationals, da "things" do not involve da residents of Bogville, they is from outta town.
Ya'll knows I ain't exactly politically or socially correct so it was prolly even mores of a neccesity to add it
 (not really, I just think it's funny)
So I hopes ya'll takes da time to read it cuz it's a doozy of a long one.


All blog content, views, and opinions are expressed solely by me, Puddles. Not a representation of my mum, dad, brudder, sissy, little girl, uncle, aunt, neighbor, blah blah blah.

Depending on my state of mind at da time of blog entry, content may or may not be delusional, fantasy, make believe, misleading, inappropriate, whacked out, made up, fictional, and/ or invented. Though sometimes, occasionally, more often than not, doubtful it’s fur real.

Although it may claim otherwise, this website does not offer legal, medical, psychiatric, veterinary, gynecological, cosmetological, squirrelology, astrological, zymurgy, zymological, dialectological, philosophical, toxicolocal, criminological, terminological, dermatological, ecclesiastical, campanological, phrenological, , technological, edaphology, campanological, neurological,, demonolocal, ufological, typological,, mythological, hydrological, homiletics, zoological, logical or any other kind of professional advice. Nuttin on dis website should be construed as professional advice including, but not limited to, the above list.

Blog is intended for entertainment, grins, and giggles only. Material must be taken withs a grain of salt. If ya’ll da reader feel any content is deemed offensive, reprehensive or whatevers you haves da right to take it up with your coroner, neighbor, preacher, mother, VET, proctologist, fortune teller, bar tender, and/ or state representative. Or you can exit to the left.

Okays and now your foto furs da day.....

 Oh dagblameit!!!!!!!!
{Sissy gets outta da way!}

Okay dis betters.


Peace OUt,