Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hellos there my luverlies, I is heres to bring you an update
in my ripped leg saga...lucky fur ya'll I has no fotos.
(only cuz mum gets da hibbiejibbies lookin' at my wound)
Well, I is gettin' all betters afters my leg gotted mutilated then gots
an infection, then I throws up all my meds and foodables.
then on anudder I decided to throws me up some bile.
I is good nows.
So much dat I has even jumped on da couch (mum bouts beat da tar out
of me), I has been wantin' to go back on my walks, and has
even tried to play "I Dead You" withs brudder Albert.
I still has a hole in my leg and it has gotten a tad bigger but
it ain't no big deal cuz I is gonna live anyways.
Nows everybuddies question is how da hell do I do dis...
my hoomans think I done it on some rolled up
fence dat was stored underneath our porch.
But dats just not da case...I was fightin' off a big ass coyote.
You should has been heres to sees what I done to dat coyote.
Him haded to go to da vet too.
Anyways, I is on da mend and I wants to thank all ya'll fur
da comments, emails, and phone calls, and love.
Ya'll just really don't knows how much we has appreciated it.
I just loves ya'll to pieces...I loves beer too.
Nows I will be back next week cuz mum says dis week has
been shot to hell...courtesy of moi.
Puddles...still withs d battle wound from hell

Friday, June 20, 2014

I Needs Some love and Thoughts Please

Hellos boys and girls...tis I, Puddles Duddles Rainwater and I has
gotten myself into a predicament of sorts.
See, it all started on a luverly warm, sunny day...Wednesday to be exact.
I went fur my walk and came home to check out da backyard to make sures there
was nuttin back theres there shouldn't squirrels and groundhogs.
well, I seen nuttin so I yelled at mum to lets me in da door and hers seen me
at da bottom of dis....
WARNING: not fur da faint at heart
my leggie gotted all ripped up from my leg to my rib cage.
now ain't dat sumptin?
I was rushed to da vet and then into surgicals to sew me back togedders.
(also haded my teefers cleaned while I was out...more on dat laters)
Cuz of da location of my battle wound they was real
concerned bouts fluid buildin' up and yada yada.
Howevers, yesterday, my sewn up part now has one F'ed up infection
and it is draining cuz it gots a hole in it now...but dis is actually a
good thing. They gaves me more good drugs though.
NOW TODAY all I do id throw up and now mum be all freaked out again...
we currently has anudder call into da vet.
So I know I hasn't been around because I could use some love and thoughts
right now...and a beer would be good too...and some Cheetos.
Puddles...survivor of battle wound from hell