Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can't Come Ups With A Title

It's true, I'm  nosey little doxie.
I gets my bestest blog materials from being nosey though.
And today is no exception.

Today be's bout a conversation I overheard mom having on da phone.
Da conversation was bout who they dogs would be if they was fur real hoomans
I couldn't makes dat conversation up if I wanted too.
(Note To Self: pack mum's bags furs da pych ward)

Does ya'll haves any idea who mum said I would be?
Take a wild guess!


Lindsay Lohan...really?
Hehehe...ya'll prolly guessed dat one.
Fortunately, I haven't been arrested......yet!

Well, now dis led me to think bout who some of my furiends would be if they was hoomans ...
.... here we goes.

Jennifer Aniston
Her is comical, sweet, and her has a well known BFF
and her looks good in a bikini top


Matthew Mcconaughey...
Dats what I'm talkin' it hot in heres?
(seriously, don't makes me has to explain dis)


Tammy Faye Baker (RIP)
Uh, I may not should haves used hers cuz her not with us no mores.
(sorry if dat was offensive) 

dis is good one...hehehehehe
It makes me laugh.......
Okays, wait fur it...
Ya'll still waitin?
Donald Trump
I don't thinks I need to explain dis

Dr. House...
he just callous and bitchy...just like House, you can't help but loves Tank

Lorenza ...

Eva Longoria 
Her beautifuls and always dressed to da nines

Now these next two piktures go togethers

Cussin Francine
Drum roll puuuulease!
Oh, dis is a good one too...
la di da da

Nuff said


I don't think I needs to explain dis one
Coach Brad Childress...
don't need to explain dat one eithers.

Okays, I got plenty of mores of dis stuffs...lemme know if ya wanna sees mores!
I has a stash of piktures I stole borrowed from your bloggies...hehehehe!


Peace Out,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TITLEless Tuesday

Now, as ya'll all knows I has my own personal Fotographer.
Dis has caused me to haves to bring up da issue of personal space.
(Note to self: You lookin' good today Self regardless if yous just woke up)
I just don't gets it! Why does da peoples ALWAYS want to gets piktures while we be sleepin'?

You sees, just as I was in a deep sleep having da most fantastical dream of takin' overs da world  world peace....

I was rudely interrupted by da flasher!

Stop dat lady! Get on ouutta heres! You disturbin' me's!

Hey Lady, you wait till yous asleep!

Okays, I'm done but befores I go I want ya'll to go see dis newish bloggie and meet a fellow doxie furiend of mine. Don't worry, he not gonna end up likes me...hehehe! We doxies haves to stick togethers ya know. So run overs and introduce yourselves to him and makes him feel welcome in Blogland.

And don't furgets to go REvote in Mango's contest and
Vote furs da bestest tongue in Twinkie's contest
and her has a new contest in da works too.

Nows, I am done!


Peace Out,

Monday, September 27, 2010

Intoducing Mini Me

Happy Mondays ya'll!
Da Elgin Pugamuffins sent me's a  Mini Me awhiles back and
I hasn't introduced ya'lls to hers yet cuz her needed to be trained furst.
Howevers, Mini Me is untrainable...But, I introduce you anyways.

Introducing Mini Me....

Oooops sorry...wrong end

Here ya go...
Ain't hers purty....da resemblance is uncanny if you asks me.

Lemme just say dat Mini Me is a pawful (and unrtrainable)
"I can explain"
Yea, I bets you can

Then befores I knew it , Mini Me turned into a regular ol' drunk
"dis good stuffs Puddles"
Stay outta my beers would ya!

Oh dat not all hers done...
hers even got into my Avon makeups and now hers looks like a tramp
"How does I look?"
I thinks I has created a monster

I haves no idea where Mini Me has picked up all these bad habits..cough...cough.
I should prolly leaves on dat note...hehehe!

Peace Out,

Friday, September 24, 2010

MY Tongue and Asta's Birfday

I brings ya'll da latest breaking news in da Twinkletoes Tongue Contest:

My Tongue!

It may not be freakishly long or
haves a cute little curly whirl to it
and it may not flip flop outta side of my mouth
But, I swears if ain't da PURTIEST tongue I have evers seen.
(Now Twinkie bout dat million dollars you promised...mail it to 123 Puddles St)

...and as a special bonus I included some ear action at da same time.
I am very multi-talented what can I say
(Oh, and they is no special category fur da purtiest tongue, I just made dat up...hehehe!)

Send or post your TONGUE photo anytime between now and the end of National Dog Week. My email is twinkietinydog (@) and I am looking forward to your submissions. If you choose to post, please email me the link. I don't want to miss anybody. For those of you that lack imagination, think peanut butter, yogurt on a stick, something yummy. Go on, tell your parents and make sure you tell them what "ingredient" to use to get your tongues to look better. Furiends, you should have known my contest would be a fun one for the participants.

Ya'll run and tell Asta happy birfday!

We Loves you Asta and hopes you has a wonderful Birfday!


Peace Out,
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mr. Perfect Ain't So Perfect

Hellos Ya'll!
Ya'll miss me yesterday?
Okays good. Good to know I was missed.

Now dis here is my MAD face. I tells ya'll why....

See dis? It Brudder Albert... and mum thinks he is PERFECT!
Oh lookie, his hairs are outta place (imperfect). Da only thing missing is his halo.

As I haves mentioned befores, Albert is mum's favorite out of the pack.
 Her thinks he is PERFECT and does no wrong....
and he NEVERS gets in trubles cuz all he does is lays around for anything. 
But, today I wants everbuddy to knows dat Brudder ain't so perfect,
you knows like da woman THINKS.
Yep, he did sumptin bad finally.
Lemme present da evidences....

Exibit A:
Notice da window sill?
All Albert's doings (insert evil laugh)

Exibit B:
The wall
All Albert again.

Exibit C:
Just another view furs good measure.
ALBERT DID IT! All of it.
Okays, I  just has to say it again...
Okays dat felt good.

And I knows ya'll wondering if he gots scolded.
Well heck fire of course not!
Cuz he's Albert...duh!

Wait just one second....dat woman is is blabbing....

{Whaaaaaaat, I's online talking to my furiends!}
{Wha you mean da window was a accident?}
{Wells then IT was an ACCIDENT when I fells in da trashcan!}

I must be going nows...need a beer nows I needs to haves a heart to heart with mum dat woman.


Peace Out,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not For Minna Krebs Eyes

Make sures you listen to da music...turn up da volume...hehehehe!

 Dis is prolly one of them (wacked out) posts where ya'll is gonna be totally befuddled and wonder how much I has had to drink and stuffs. 
Now dis goes back to my chipmunk post from last week.
Ya'll don't worry cuz I clicked da little button thingy dat says..."Not fur           Eyes" so Minna and her posse can't see dis postie.

Well let me begins.

Da Minna K Momma was commenting to me's bout my chipmunk.
I made da mistake in telling hers dat I gots da chipmumnk from Mr. Wally Marte...ya knows, da famous designer (da Minna Momma just loves him, ask hers).

Dis here is a collection of da comments between us:
Minna: Seconds off.....You didn't fools ME with your killing story. I could tell by your looong neck and careful snooter checking!
Puddles: Minna, if anybuddy could be fooled it would be you...I know you say you wasn't but I not believes you...hehehe! I actually bought him from Mr. Wally Marte, you knows da famous designer....bwhahahahahahaha...oh wait, dis fur your eyes only...bwhahahaha...I on a roll today!

Well before I could tells her I was just messin' with hers her jumped in da car high tailin' it to BUY a chipmunk.

But unfortunately hers had a little car trubles on da way...yep, in da snow too.
Poor Lady!
Makes sure you takes notice of hers tag.

Dat okays cuz hers ring a dinged da Puddles fone and being da good little doxie girl I is...I went to assist hers in her time of need.

I really just laughed at hers such a good helper

Finally her was on her ways to get a chipmunk dat hers thought was fake but really wasn't
(ya'll withs me so far?)
Yea, I knows I ain't sures bout dat lady eithers


Now da Minna Momma wasn't so happies withs da Puddles cuz her couldn't find a chipmunk.
Luckily, da store gots her on da security camera.

I am going to get that drunk doxie!

Ummmmm...I thinks I lost some of ya'll withs dis post....hello...anybuddy still there?

Peace Out,

Monday, September 20, 2010

Brudder Albert and Birfday Wishes fur Lilac

Hello Everybuddies! My apologies fur not being around overs da weekend to visit your bloggies.
Ya sees, my Brudder Albert (yep, I DO haves a brudder)had da sickies and mum fur some reason thought it was more important to tend to him than to help me blog (shocking!!!!)Her is a little paranoind when it comes to brudder cuz he be's her favorite and she loves him mores (insert wink). I thought he had been into some of Lucy's creams to tell ya da truth, but dat wasn't da case.

Lemme explain, on Friday Albert went to da VET to haves his teeffies cleaned. Well da next day he started eating again and late dat nite he gots REAL sickie and threw up AAAAAAALL nite long. Mum lost count of how many times he upchucked. Hers not good at counting anyways. Hers called da VET at home and he tolded mum to gives him some metaclopramide. But he was real lathargic da rest of da day and would barely move.
But, I tooks real good cares of him....thank you very much!

Hold my paw and you feels betters.

Will you feels betters if I gives you a kiss?

I loves you Brudder, please get betters

Thank you fur all your well wishes for brudder...ya'll will just nevers know how much it meant to us!

Her is 15 years old Today
Click heres to wish Lilac a Happy Birfday

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We hopes you haves a wonderful Birfday today and dat you gets you a silver platter and a new ginormous fan!


Peace Out,
*Just a short post todays so I can get around and catch up on your bloggies and tomorrow I'll will haves to tell ya'll aaaaaaall bouts Minna K's momma's car trubles and stuffs....hehehe!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ode To Da Mango Contest

TURN VOLUME UP! No, really turn it up.

Dis is an ode to da Mango Contest. Seeing as dat I is a girl and I don't haves any nards there is no ways I could evers come close to being likes da Mango so I won't be registering for said contesticals but I wanted to participate in some way and shows my support. So, I stole wrote a little diddy furs da Mango.

Mango, I know, I know, I know rooms are changin'

It's time we all reach out for something new, that means you too

You say you want new curtains, but you can't seem to make up your mind

And I think you better close it and let us guide you to the purple room

Purple room, purple room

Purple room, purple room

If you know what I'm singin' about up here, come on raise your paw

Purple room, purple room

We only want to see you, only want to see you in the purple room

Now fur those of ya'll dat gonna gives da contest a go...I have included some tips on how you can achieve your Mangoness...
Have purty curtains in your home

A proper ride is of da uppost important.

Repaint your cave

Stairs are important to da Mango
so makes sure you likes 'em

You haves to be a snappy dresser

Performing agilities is a must

I just included dis so's ya'll don't furgets what I look likes

Dis Me , recreating da scene


Peace Out,