Thursday, January 31, 2013

For Maggie Moose and Stella

I furgotted to gives ya'll these snapshots of us.
I knews Maggie would want them cuz I is her roll model (nobuddy laugh) heres they is.

Oh and lets your mom knows da contractors will be theres to 
patch up dat hole. They has silver, pink, and leopard print duck tape.
Her will needs to pick one fur da hole.


On da Road....

Oh my goodnesses, I is postin' on a Thursday...ya'll don't pass out on me.

Yesterday Pip and me was in my home state at Marg's.
And boy howdy did we evers has a great time.
But seriously I had no idea dat donkey's don't do
tricks OR barrel race...seriously who would has thunked it?
Dis was snapped right befores Smoke knocked me on my buttocks.
Yes, I went flyin' in da airs...WEEEEEEEEE!

Oh and we also tried to bribe talk them into comin' to Vegas with us.
But, they didn't wanna wears da pink grass skirts leaves Marg.
I thought it was a great idea, we was gonna try to get a show at one of them hotels....
...and play slot machines...and sign autographs.

Well today, we is headed to Jazzi and Addy's homestead.
I can almost smell da tacos from heres...mmmmmmm!
Ooooh I is so excited!
See ya'll theres.

PS: I will has 2 posts up today...sorry.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tour continues and DrUNK Tank

Greetings everybuddy!

Me and Pip is currently on ours way back to da states....withs Bertie's licker cabinet.
...and I has no idea why we is da only ones on da plane.

We had a most wonderful time in Scotland with Bertie (and his licker cabinet).
Scotland is such a beautiful place and they has some of da most delish food I has evers tasted.
And well Pip just HADS to go callin' out to da migies and I hads to go save his butt....hehehehe.

Next we will be in my home state terrorizin' visitin' Marge and all her animals.
I can't wait to sees me some real live donkies..
But, since I will be so close to my house, if ya'll happens
to sees my mum tell hers ya'll hasn't seen me.
I think her has been watchin' too much news if you know what I mean.

Furiends...don't worry, I is keepin' Pip under controls.
And we has bail bondsdoxies, that always helps.

Next I has Circus informationals dat ya'll is just gonna loves!
Somebuddy...can't remembers who...but somebuddy thought
it would just be a brilliant idea furs ME to be in da
But I said, "Sure why not, it's fur a good cause".
So furiends ya'll can pays $1 or $10 to dunk my butt in da
dunking tank. It's really only $1 but I should get more furs bein' in water.
Even though I despise water I will put on my big girl panties
 (and be bringin' lots of Frizzease) furs a worthy cause.

Nows dis is hows you gets to dunk me....
On Friday Feb. 15 you go to da Circus Blog and leave a comment sayin' you really hates to dunk me but it's to help our furiends in need...then you pay your monies on da chip in dat will be up then.
And then on Saturday you can come back and dunk me again.

Just remembers dis is what I looks like all nice and dry.

Okays I is done withs all my infomercials.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Da Journey Continues

It seems likes no matter what Pip and me does, 
we always has to leave town withs a disguise.
Some herd of buffalos has been lookin' fur us.

And Pip's journey continues today at Stella Rose's house.
I just knows we is gonna has a blast there cuz Maggie Mae idolizes me
they is so funny and I thinks they is takin' proper precautions fur us...
...puttin' up all da breakables.
One must be prepared fur da Pip and Puddles.

If you don't knows Stella Rose and Maggie Mayhem you must
go meet me, you won't regret it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Groomin' and Stuffs

Happy Wednesday ya'll!
Today I has just a few words...write dat down cuz it'll 
happen again!

It was groomin' day da udder day...
let's take a journey so I can shows ya'll.
Groomin' is very important when you has luxurious hairs like I do.
And ya'll do knows how I is bouts my hair.

"Is him gone yet"

 Today Pip and me is at Mayor/Diva/Cougar Madi's for our tour.
Please drop by and see what kind of trubles we is gettin' into we is up to.
Tomorrow we will be headed to Brudder Goose's.

And...I ain't done yet...
my furiend Gracie has an advice column so I'll hope ya will go
sees her and support her new venture.

 okays nows dis concludes dis post....


Monday, January 21, 2013

Da Circus Is Comin'

Can ya'll sees me???????

Attention BLOGVILLE and surrounding Areas....

THE CIRCUS is Coming to town.... Friday and Saturday    February 15 and 16
YES... the BIG TOP is COMING....... with SIDE SHOWS GALORE.... PREPARE yourselves to be Dazzled and AMAZED and filled with LAUGHTER and fine FOODABLES. 
You will need to get your TICKETS/FOLLOW this Blog... You can get there NOW.      BUT just to take a LOOK....  the circus won't actually ARRIVE there until 2/15/13  
What will be IN the BIG TOP BLOG???    ($1.00 admission for each)
Dunking Tank...I is doin' dis so watch da hair
House Of Mirrors
Kissing Booth
Carnival Games
and... a Fortune Teller
AND in the SIDE SHOWS you will find    (TOTALLY FREE to All)
FUReak Show
Carnival Rides
and a Stuffie Tamer/Trainer act
      COME ONE.... COME ALL....
    COME Short and Come TALL

And the best PAWt... besides the FUN and Food... will be that you will be able to LEND a PAW to help some of our Beloved Furends... Admission to the BIG TOP events will have a very small Fee... and the FUNds Collected will be going to help Sallie Marie... and Turien... and Marg.
BUTT WAIT.... there IS More.... see we know that FUNds are not real easy to come by... and sooooo we are gonna give you totally FREE admission to All of the SIDE SHOW attractions... Just fur lending as much help as you can. It is gonna be the BIGGEST and BESTEST BARGAIN in all of Blogville's HISTORY...
Isn't that the most EXCITING Thing EVER??? Now we know you are wondering... WHO is putting all this ON??? Well folks here is the list of Cast and CREW... with blog addys for each...
          BIG TOP   CIRCUS BLOG Only EVENTS    ( $1.00 Admission required)

House of Mirrors by ASTA
(ME)Dunk Tank by Puddles
Contortionists by Mayor Madi
Carnival GAMES by Roo
Fortune Teller by Molly the Wally
          SIDE SHOW    Attraction Events...      FREE for ALL....
FUReak Show by Beachnut and Shelldon
Carnival RIDES by Sallie
Stuffie Tamer by Frankie F.
Our MUSICAL Director is Sweet William the SCOT

                Friday FEBRUARY 15th. and Saturday FEB. 16th.
DEADLINE NOTICE.... SOME... not all events will need for you to send a picture...or leave a special comment on the HOST's Own blog.... the individual hosts will let you know what is needed from YOU

           Friday         FEBRUARY 1st. 
      PeeS........   there will be MUCH MORE information coming your way....    in FUTURE ANNOUNCEMENTS....    There will be a Give AWAY and a BIG... MYSTERY to help solve..
   STAY TUNED... and be ready to be   DAZZLED and AMAZED  TRULY ENTERTAINED.
Take dis badge Sarge made and tells everybuddy bouts da circus

Okays now if dat ain't anuffs fur ya'll....
DON'T furget dat today me and Pip will be at Brian's withs his sisters.
Please go by and sees what we is up to.
And tomorrow we wll be headed to Hillary's at Feelin' Beachie.

Okie dokie then, I is done. 
I don't think I has evers talked dat much....whew!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Da Heat Vent Thingy

I has no real post today cuz it has been cold and dear law da rain has
been comin' down nonstop fur DAAAAAAAYS, we has been flooded.
(Da yard is a river so I not be ables to go pee eithers...wink, wink)
But when it be all cold likes dis I likes to lay in front of da heater venty thing.
Da one dat not has no livin' thing in it.
And it just happens to be located in a most convenient da kitchen below da sink.
It is right nears da fridgidaire in case I gets thirsty too.
But look what I founded in MY SPOT!
Yep, Brudder Albert done went and stoled my heat vent.

Ya'll sees him?

Well it just ain't right cuz him has more hairs then I does.
Him not gets cold like I does.

So what's a girl to do?
Well what is a girl like me to do rathers?
I knocks him outta my ways...bwhahahahaha.
(no mum I promise I really not do dat)

Okay so I really did but nows I is all toasty warm and dat is da important thing.
And I has no idea why we has a furry green rug but it doesn compliment my furs nicely.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Join Pip's Bucket List

Hellos there, it's me Puddles...

also known as Nurse Puddles to Pip.

So I wants to tells ya'll all bouts dis most wonderful
idea our dear little Pip haded.
Him hads da idea to fulfill his dream to complete his Bucket List...
...cuz him doesn't know how much longer he will be with us.
(sob, sob, blowin' nose...more snot rags please)
AND we is gonna takes it all on a road trip to YOUR blogs.
 I GETS TO DRIVE by da way!

(my udder car is a Pinto) Feel free to takes da badge

See me and Pip goes waaaaay back and he do be very special to me so I was
totally up fur da gig to chaperone him.
Besides, he'll be safe withs me cuz never has we gotted in trubles 
Well there was dat one time...never mind. Oh wait, there was dis udder occasion
...oh, yea. Never mind dat too.
Okay so ANYWAAAAAYS...dis will be a blast!
What is furiends fur?
Am I right or is I right?

Dis was one of them "udder" times dat we don't talks bout.

Now back to my point.
If anybuddy would like to join in and help Pip finish his Bucket List
you can email mrpippip(at)gmail(dot)com.

I mean seriously WHO don''t wants to party partake in such a monumental task with us?

I can not promise not to gets in trubles

*click here to see Pip's post*
Pip did a way betters job explainin' it than I did,
I is just terribles at explainin' stuffs.
(Note to self: explain stuffs better in da future)

Puddles...nurse, chaperone, driver, beer handler, etc.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Look What I Done

Happy Friday Everybuddy!
I was thinking maybe ya'll would wanna see what I done. 
 Does ya'll wanna see what I done?

 I threw up a WHOLE pee-can!!!!!
(Don't try dis at home ya''s just cuz I has a big mouf dat I can do it  I is professional)

Bwhahahahaha...I cracks myself up sometimes.
But da kerazy Lady seems to has less hair these days.

In udder news....don't furget tomorrow is Madi's swearin' in to da new
Mayoral office so you must come and join da festivities.
I thinks I shall bring a Pee-Can pie....hehehehehe.
And I was tolded I has to stay one hundred feet from Sasha's pizza truck.

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Near Death Experience by Me

Most of ya'll already knows bouts my near death experience on Friday.
But I is gonna tells ya'll again just in case ya'll not knows what happened to me and I thoughted everybuddy should knows how dangerous it is to be me...hehehe.
I promise to keeps it short and sweet.
Okays, da kerazy Lady drugged me withs Benadryl so I could has my yearly shots 
cuz I has a history of allergic reactions to them and then hers tooked me to da Vet.
Da Vet Man gaves me my shots.

Howevers, da vet man did not gives me da Lepto shot cuz he said dat be what most dogs
be allergic too so it wasn't worth takin' da chance.
Then I went home.

I get home and I was on da couch and mum hearded me flappin' my ears.
Then her started cussin' cuz her knews without even seein' me dat I was havin'
an allergic reaction.


And it was very obvious Brudder and Sissy was worried sick bouts me.
Can't you tells?
They was just beside theirselves.

So mum very calmly called da vet (they be on speed dial) to tells them I was havin' a reaction and they tolded hers to bring me back in. Mum whisked me away to da vet wheres they gaves me a shot of Benadryl and Dexmthemasone. Then I had to wait until they cleared me to go felted like eternity cuz I was bored outta my mind....there was nuttin to do theres.

Then at home I was doin' my thing, you knows...
...sittin' by da heat vent waiting to pounce on da vermin in theres...
...which I thinks could possibly be Bigfoot.
So then about four hours later mum went to gets My Girl from school with da intentions
of takin' me with her so I wouldn't be alone but her was runnin' late and furgtotted me.

When mum and da Girl gotted home, panick struck when they seen me cuz I had hives all overs my beautiful self AND da worstest part was my muzzle was swollen which is a REALLY bad sign.
Dis was some serious shit goin' on.
And lemme tells ya'll my hair looked atrocious from da hives. My hair was goin' all sorts of ways, some was goin' to da left and some to da right and some I has no idea what they was doin'...
...pathetic I tells you.
Again, mum called da vet and hers had to take me back in.
It was beginining to be kinda monotonous if you asks me.

When I gotted to da Vet they took me straight back and da vet man was purty shocked
when he seened me...but not surprised it happened to me...hehehe.
He gaves me anudder shot of da Benadryl and Dexamthasone.
And I was like "OH MY DOG, are you kiddin' me...dat makes 6 shots in one day!"
So we waited again until it was safe to go back home.

They sent me home withs Dexamethasone in pill form to be on da safe side.
And he tolded mum to calls hom at home to let him knows how I was through da day
( got his home number on speed dial too).
By da time I gotted home my eyes was REALLY heavy and I was seein' two of everything.
I won't even mention my doped up walk...hehehehe.
And even though I was two sheets to da wind withs all them drugs when I gotted home I still went Heat Vent Huntin'.
What can I say udder than  I can't be brought down.

Okays so dat wasn't exactly a short bad.
Only  I, Puddles could has two severe allergic reactions in one day even WITHS da proper precautions...
...and da lack of da Lepto shot!
But I am invincible!

Next year they will up da Benadryl dosage and split da shots up.

Thank you to everybuddy furs thinkin' bouts me and fur da well wishes.
I does very much appreciate it.


Friday, January 4, 2013

House Huntin'

I reckon ya'll knows dat I likes to hunt.
(prolly cuz I tells ya'll all da time huh?)
Well I does, I likes to hunt squirrels, ground hogs, chipmunks, kittehs, anything really.
I is good at it too...I has deaded quite a few things in my life.

But does ya'll knows what is even betters than huntin'?
 Huntin' INSIDE da house!

Dats right, it's even more funner to hunt in da house.
Dat way you is still nice and toasty warm from da elements...and since I not do cold and rain it's perfect!
 They is sumptin' in da vent.
I thinks it may be an alien or a squirrel.
But hows would I knows cuz Brudder keeps gettin' all up in my business.

See dat hurts when it goes all flappin' around and knocks me in da head.
Anyways, so there is sumptin' alive in da vent and we sat theres fur like 8 hourse, barkin', scratchin', barkin' and scratchin' some mores and steppin' all overs dad's clothes .

Yep, but then Mrs. Killjoy comes in and tells us to knock it off.
"Woman, we is tryin' to protect you heres...go away!"

Well, it WAS fun while it lasted.
Hopefully mum will leave soon and I can resume huntin'.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Pressie From Across da Pond

Hellos everybuddy!
Boy has I missed ya'll whiles I was away watchin' TV takin' cares of my hoomans.
It was dreadful lemme tells ya'll.
I has nevers heard so much whinnin' and bitchin' bouts bein' sick in my life.
But everybuddy is doin' betters fur da most part.

Nows, back before Christmas I gotted anudder most wonderful pressie in da mail.
It was from Dip, Bridge, Elliot, and their fabulous mom, Lynne.
I felted all specials cuz Lynne be famous nows dat her has her own Etsy shop.
Their mom crochets and makes some of da purtiest things ever.
Ya'll really must check out her stuff...AND her makes some awesome mini dogs too.
Heres I is withs my pressie.
I haded to wait like 87 minutes to gets some help openin' it.

FINALLY My Girl offered me some assistance.

It was my very own tug toy and I went all airborne cuz I was so excited.
I was runnin' all around likes a cracker dog.
(Sorry furs da bad foto.)
I was havin' so much fun.
Sometimes I trips overs it when I runs with it...hehehehe..
Here be a better foto of my tug toy.
Ain't it awesome?
I loves it!
And it be very sturdy and safe fur me...except da trippin' part.

I has to be on guard though cuz Brudder tries to steal it from me.
But it's MINE.

And dats not all...Mom Lynne even crocheted da Kerazy Lady dis....
a little bity mini Christmas tree!
Nows lemme just say, da kerazy Lady hadded a fit overs it.
Her said it be special cuz it be handmade from Lynne.

Thank Dip, Bridge, Elliot, and Lynne furs our special pressies.
We is so grateful to ya'll and furs your furinedship.