Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Crap #2

Happy Friday ya'll!

Welcome to anudder edition of Random Crap.
Dis is wheres I tells ya'll a bunch a random stuffs dat happened dis week.
And I like totally made dis series up last week cuz of time constaints....
and well time constraints happened again dis week.
So it has been a purty interestin' week heres at my casa
withs my anaconda reaction and all.
Well furiends it gotted much much worse as da week went on.
Da kerazy lady decided to clean up a little around da house.
She put stuffs in plastic bags.

She suffocated all my stuffies.
They is all dead nows.

Does ya'll thinks there is a special place fur hoomans dat suffocates stuffies?

Ummmm let's me sees what else happened.
Ooooh yes....
Sissy locked me out and wouldn't let me back in.

I got inspected fur bites EVERY SINGLE time I comed in da house!
Dat was no fun.

I found me a STIIIIICK!!!!!
But mum said I'd prolly poke my eye out and to leave it be.
Yea, dat would soooooo happen to me.
(You can has it can use it as a toothpick I reckon)

Then I slepted withs My Girl.
I may has been in a Benadryl induced coma but Oh well.

And I gots me anudder package in da mail...I tells bouts dat next week.

And most importantly....
I tried to hide from da kerazy lady.

Okays well dat was my week in review.

Nows stay tuned next week furs my OFFICIAL Olympic announcemet.
I is doin' da diggin cuz I likes to dig.
Does ya'll likes to dig?
I loves to dig...okays I already tolded you dat.


booahboo said...

Hope you are all well now Puddles Duddles... that sure was nasty to see you in bumps and more bumps.

Tat stick could come in handy you know.. to open doors and stuffs... next time.. lock them blobs out.. heheheheheheee..

You am looking so tiny compared to Whitney.

The Daily Pip said...

Loading up my magic pillow with all the necessary supplies - detective gear for investigating the stuffie murders and portable grill and cooler in case I get hungry on the ride - be there soon.

Your pal, Pip

booahboo said...

btw.. you standing on the edge of the couch is jussssssssssssst asking for troubles lil lady... what if.. you fall overs.

i think they send hoomans that suffocate stuffies to BIG PLASTIC emporiums :D

The Daily Pip said...

P.S.: I don't really do the digging thing unless I am on the hard wood floors and can leave my mark!

Pippen said...

We're thinking Whitney is the smarty pants in the family... are we correct?

Sam and Pippen

georgia little pea said...

Dear Pudds,

We were just about to go to bed when we saw your random crap. My Typist really likes crap (surprise) so she said we had to check it out.

Did you say your anaconda bite got worse? But your ears don't look balloony anymore! Sorry about your pals. I'm sure your mama will be sorry one day soon when she has to fork out more money to buy you new ones.

BTW, your nails look pretty fearsome. Is that how you dead so many rats and stuff? The Typist also just noticed you have very human eyes which has nothing whatsoever to do with your random crap but it's interesting. Gah. I guess we're sleepier than we thought.

Better say good night then. Have a great weekend Puddles! Huggles X

Declan said...

Pudds mate! It's been a bit of a week eh? I'm SO ready for your digging event... hehe! Deccy x

jen said...

That sounds like a pretty busy week you had Puddles. I bet it was nice to take a nap with your girl!
Stay away from those bugs and spiders this week!

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Deadin da stuffies is a MAJOR offense. Send dat kerazy lady off to live wit da stoopids!

Matilda the Boxer said...

Oh no, poor stuffies!! Do you think stuffies go to the Rainbow Bridge? Maybe they're up there making a whole bunch of doggies happy.

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Shiloh'n Shasta here - both of our kerazy ladiez MUST share
tek-niquez 'bouta how tue make our livez ... interestin'? Our mom d-sided tue check our belliez last nite fur FLEAZ - we were already in BED ... ASLEEP!

We tried tue tell her - If we haf fleaz it'z YOUR (our mom) fault.

We iz so furry much glad u iz feelin'better now.
S'n S

PeeEs - your week soundz more interestin'than ourz. B-O-R-I-N'

Scooter said...

that sounds like quite a week Puddles. Things should be better next week. Have a great weekend


Mary Lou said...

Oh no!! All your stuffies are dead now? Da kerazy lady is a murderer!! Boo!! But.... On the bright side, I imagine that you could resurrect your stuffies!! Every single one!! ;-]
What?! Sissy locked you out? My oldest brother did that to me once.... So I punched my right fist through a window!! Bad idea.... ;-}
I cannot wait to find out what is in that package!! ;op
Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

What Remains Now said...

Wow, that's a busy week. I'm looking forward to the Blogville Olympics and the digging event in particular. Can't wait to see what is in the box! Have a good weekend, Puddles!

Unknown said...

OMD! I just love all thes pics of you! I sure am laughing a lot from all your antics!
Lovies, MISS mindy

Marg said...

Oh Puddles, you do look so sad that all your stuffies suffocated. Yikes that is terrible. Maybe they will come back to life by some miracle.
Silly sissy locking you out.
Hope you don't get any more bites.
We are having an auction on the CB and there is a special doggie collar on it. The link is on our blog. Have a great week end Puddles and sissies.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD.... call the spcS... you know the Society to Prevent Cruelty to STUFFIES. Your Mom didn't really Deaded all your stuffies with the suffer a kayshun did she? Are you sure it wasn't the stoopids next door that did THAT??? THIS is just tooo hideous fur words.

I can not believe she wouldn't let you have that FABULOUS stick. THAT is sooooo wrong. I think you should get it and POKE "HER" in the Butt with it. YEP fur SURE.. poke her in the butt just like when the Vetitritian poked YOU in the butt with that SHOT thingy the other day. Go ahead and do it NOW... I'll wait fur you to accomplish that Mission.
La tee daaaah La La Teee TEEE dough... Ok... I heard here SCREAM clear up HERE on my hill. GOOD JOB Puddles. Next you should LOCK HER outside... just like Whitney did to YOU.
DARN girrrrl.. lookin back on all that stuffs you REALLY did have a CRAPPY Week.
I am gonna cross my paws that thingys will get MUCH BETTER NOW.. since you have STICKed it to "HER".
And Remember.... YOU are our LEMMINADE LOVEly.

Unknown said...

Puddles you are hilarious , mummy suffocated your stuffies and now they are dead BOl no HOL funny. Just post a comment with your nomination when you can.
Best wishes Molly

Linda said...

BOL, sending my deep sorry's fur your dead stuffies. Can someone rescue them?
Hope next week is much better fur you. Happy Weekend.
xo Cinnamon

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Hey PUDDLES... I (Frankie Furter) have had ANOTHER thought... Ernie and I could come to your house... and we could DIG a HOOOOOOOGE DEEP Hole in the yard and put your mom in there. I think that would be Perfect Punishment fur Deading your Stuffies by Suffer A Kay Shun. AND we will dig it RIGHT near an ANT HILL Too. What do you thing????
DIGGING TRAINING fur your event... and STICKin it to your mum... AGIN. It doesn't get any better than THAT?

ShellePenn said...

Ok so this song isn't exactly 'nice' as it is rather 'suggestive' but for a work out song for your mom, I'm thinking she'll like it... Mom added it to her work out mix yesterday and is driving us CRAZYYY today with it.

Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

My Mind's Eye said...

Morning Ms. Puddles Duddles Rainwater...
As soon as I saw that first pic I just knew you were going to say you fell in and could not find your way out. I probably should not have said that out loud. You don't need any suggestions for troubles!!

It is so lovely to see you w/o any anaconda bites and swollen earlobes!!

I've been trying to think of a way to enter your digging competition. I only dig in my litter box. I double dog dare mom to take a pic of that. Never fear I'll come up with something.
hugs from your BFFF

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the concern, he's is OK, not normal, just OK, well he wasn't normal to begin with.

Susie and AT Home Bites

Pees; forward the info on to all your blogger buddies that don't see our posts, this is very serious, but can be cured , but very quickly

Patrice and Higgins said...

Your Krazy Lady suffocated and deaded all your stuffies?? She scares me! Be afraid, be very afraid!


Dachshund Nola said...

A busy week with no respect!

GOOSE said...

That is quiet the week Miss Puddles. Snake bites, being locked out, nightly inspections, the discovery of the deaded stuffies. OK you know all this you wrote it. I was just reviewing. How did you know I could use a tooth pick. It looks just perfect. MOM asked where I was going with our Puddle beer stash under my arm. I told I was headed to your house to pick up the stick you had for me. And well I could not just show up empty pawed. She made me turn right around and put the puddles beer back and mumbled something about a lock for the cooler. sheesh it's like the MOM has never visited someone before, you always bring a little gift. ANYWAY, thanks for thinking of me. I bet if your mumn could wrap you in bubble wrap she would so the snakes, bugs, ans sticks would not gt you. Have a good week my all better now friend.

Lovable Lily said...

Wow Puddles, so much for you to report on!

We sure is glad to see you thin once again. We didn't like seeing you looking like Dumbo! Better be careful you don't swell up like that again cuz the Olympic Committee may ban you from pawticipating in some of the Events and all.

And just what was SHE planning on doing with all your stuffie toys in that bag? I'd keep a real close eye on that happening.

We thinks its about time to see another picture of you and Your Girl. It's been a while.....

Lily Belle

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

SHE SUFFOCATED YOUR STUFFIES????? There certainly is a special place in hell for humans who do that. We hope you had a proper funeral service for them.

Ruby said...

OMD! MURDERER!!!! My Ma did that a few months ago, and I still haven't forgiven her, humph. But, don't you worry, if she deaded them, she has to buy you brand NEW stuffies!!! YEA!! Insist that YOU get to pick em' out, not the krezsy lady.



rottrover said...

We think the sleeping with your gurl part was probly the best!!

-Bart and Ruby

Corbin said...

Hmmm... I think you're cute.

BordoggyTerrier said...

Oh no I am going to have nightmares now about sufacating stuffies - we ought to be able to put paw to paper about this, or at least have a howling chain chastising Kerazy Lady!! I will start it off - HHhhooowwwwweellllllllllllllllleeeleeeleeeleeowowowowowoHHhhooowwwwweellllllllllllllllleeeleeeleeeleeowowowowowo

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Puddles, your mom got some great frontal shots of you. You looks beautiful. Your sister looks pretty nice too. I hope that this anaconda thing passes quickly - your ears look normal again.

JacksDad said...

I like digging too, but I never get anywhere!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Random crap Puddles? I thought you were over that!

Chicco said...

Hello dear friend,

I'm so sorry for your stuffies, but i enjoyed reading your week :)
Have a nice weekend.
Woof, woof,


Sketching with Dogs said...

Oh my Dog - you live with a murderer?
Ah, wait, we forgot they are inanimate objects - except when they get flung around the room, hehe.
Pfft, can't even chew one measly stick, our Mum is just the same. The only place we like to dig is the cushions on the sofa but someone screeches 'noooo, don't do that, you'll rip them!' Can't a dog have any fun?
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Sweet William The Scot said...

Puddles the things that happen in you life are probably hallucinations from using Benadryl as a food group!
You need rehab Bawhehe
Sweet William The Scot

Duke said...

You have had a busy week, Puddles!
We love to dig but for some reason, we're always getting yelled at for doing it!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Ziggy Stardust said...

Puddles, I can't tell you how relieved I am that your week in review didn't include any butt or head problems. Your butt can't take much more and besides you have to keep practicing for tuneful farting. I am going to be tough to beat in that one. I am horrified by the stuffy murders, I was actually shaking when I read it. Did you ever think of suffocating the devil camera in one of those bags? That would send a message. Will there be services for said stuffies or are you just going to keep the carcasses around for memories? All in all, it seems like a pretty normal week in Puddleland. Thank dogness cause when Puddles isn't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Loveys Sasha

A MilShelb Mom said...

We LOVE the picture of you locked out. That happened to us today. The screen door shut and we were out the for about a billion years before Mom realized we weren't running in and out like usual. She said she was busy painting... apparently that's more important. UGH! Also, we try to hide from our Mom too. We think we need to start calling her "Wacko Woman". BOL!
~Milly and Shelby

Jans Funny Farm said...

She suffocated your stuffies? Suffocated them? Have you called the Stuffie Abuse Hot Line and reported her?

Anonymous said...

That's a pitiful excuse for a stick. I think Goose was just being kind... he's that kind of dog.

Lorenza said...

I know there is never a boring day in your home!
Sorry about your stuffies!
Take care
Happy Weekend to all of you!
Kisses and hugs

Bassetmomma said...

I'm glad to see that your doing better Puddles. It sounds like it was quite the week you had. Suffocating stuffies, I don't know, there must be some kind of law against that!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Puddles
I hope all the bugs and spiders are suffocated- not your stuffies.
I hope you better.. I only like it when your better

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Busy week. Glad there weren't more bug bites. That Whitney looks pretty smug if you ask us.

We're entering the digging, too. Because we love it.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Dexter said...

You certainly know how to jam a boatload of action into a single week. I don't know how you get so much done and have so many adventures.

I am glad you are not all puffed up anymore. Sorry about the stuffie youths in Asia thing. You will need to put that behind you I suppose. Either that, or hold a grudge against crazy lady for all eternity. Hmmm....


The Websters said...

Gee Puddles, it looks like you need a manicure. Maybe your girl can paint your toes up right.

We saw this just now and couldn't wait to tell you.

Seriously...for real dog beer. Can you believe it? Maybe you already know and were a tester of this product...


Beans4Biscuits said...

I is sure there is a a VERY special place for the mommas who are smothering stuffies! Just what kind of place is it you is having to live?!?!?!

Good thing you is checkin' yourself for new monthy python more ear-balloons!

Sugar the Who

Cole said...

That's an awfully big bag of stuffies. How many does you haz?! All the pups here are jealous and demanding a trip to the stuffie store - pronto!

Shawn said...

Geeeeeesh, and I thought I had a crappy week...I just had to take. B A T H!!!!!!
Your furiend,

Sankissjuice said...

Oh Puddles, I remember your blog now. I was already reading your blog before I started my own. I like the template and layout of your blog, the tabs, the casts (director, producer etc). Please learn me some tricks!

I'll be back,

Berts Blog said...

Puddles, Puddles Puddles, we just grin and grin whenever we come by to visit. you are our last post tonight and you are leaving me and My Vickie with big smiles on our faces. Of course we are saddened by the death (Suffocation) of all your stuffies.....but your reaction and facial expression is so loveable that we still find ourselves smiling despite all the deaths.

Anonymous said...

Heh Heh Heh suffocated stuffies Shakin my head ;) Thinkin your house is painted white (straight jacket color) ;) BOL! Very kind of you to offer Goose a toothpick ;)

Waggin at ya,