Monday, May 20, 2013


Hellos dear ones, tis I Puddles D. Rainwater.
I has no real post today but I did wants to 
let everybuddy knows I shall return on Wednesday
fur more editions of my life.
We has had tons and gobs of stuffs goin' on cuz it be da end
of da school year and fur some reason da school likes to 
pack everything in at dis time from projects to school functions.
Aaaaaaaand mum's HELLbow has made a turn fur da worser (I do mean WAY worse) 
and her will be havin' surgicals soon but I tells all bouts dat laters.
So in da meantime I is readin' your posties but "somebuddy" can't
seem to leave many comments cuz they scream out in pain when typin'...whatevers.
So I has comments turned off cuz it do be only fairs.
So until Wednesday...think of me and how bored I is.

Oh and a foto of me so nobuddy furgets me.
See, dats me...BORED!

Puddles D. Rainwater

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