Friday, August 23, 2013

Well hellos theres all my furiends and stalkers!
It's me again, Puddles D. Rainwater.
 Nows you sees me....

Nows you don't!

Bwhahahahaha...I does crack  myself up...a lot!
Anyways, just likes da fotos, ya'll hasn't seen me around.
Howevers I does has a good excuse...
My Girl went back to school and I hads to help her gets all prepared fur her big day.
Nows dat her has gone back it has been hectic and I has been mournin' her not
bein' heres all day...BOOHOOO!
And of course, I has been gettin' on mum's nerves and her has been gettin' on my nerves.
It's sad when da girl ain't heres to entertain me.

Anyways, we will be back on monday so dat is your warnin'...hehehehe!
Surely by then mum will has her act togedders.

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