Friday, April 20, 2012

My Brilliant Idea

Lets me back track fur just a moment so ya'll can gets da WHOOOOLE picture.
Fur awhile nows da Kerazy lady has been suffering withs alot of pain cuz her stuck a tennis ball in her elbow fur some stoopid reason.

But No, don't feel sorry fur hers cuz her done it to herself.
  Mum ain't no genious and so hers continued to weight lift and shrugged da pain off thinkin' it would just get betters....can we say addiction to da gym?
And I so won't EVEN mention dat hers goes to gym twice a day.
Wells anyways it just gots worser and worser
and then hers was stugglin' to hold her camera and coffee and turnin' door knobs and yada yada but da worstest was dat hers was making enorormous typos in my comments makin' me looks like a moron cuz hers couldn't move her fingers.

A foto dat has nuttin to do withs dis post.

So then hers had da most BRILLIANT idea to goes to a special tennis ball elbow doctor.
Howevers did her come up withs such a good idea?

Anudder foto of me to makes dis more interestin'.

Okays so her goes to da special man and comes home and says he a duck...or did her say quack?
(obviously he didn't tells her what hers wanted to hears)
I not remembers cuz I was watchin' da Stoopid's which was way more interesting than mum's elbow.

At da office they gaves her a STARE-ROID shot in da elbow...and they said hers elbow was gritty.
Nasty...gross...ick...make me throws up.
And then they gaves her 2 very NOT fashinably forward braces to wears.

Foto courtesy of My Girl

Oh and yea, her gots home and was in tears from da pain.
Her said it was excruciating and her has a purty high pain tolerance.
Her had surgery in da summer and was back in da gym in 2 days(stoopid).
but mum has nevers been spayed so her knows nuttin.

But on to more important thingies....
don't ya'll thinks dat brace would lookes betters bedazzled?
You knows withs some bling bling likes dis?

Nows don't dat looks betters?


Run Free Sweet Ginger!
We love you.


dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

We feel sorry for your poor mummy and send her lots of purrrrrrs....

What Remains Now said...

So what is your mum going to do? Will the brace and steroids fix things or does she have to have another surgery? I feel so horrible for your mom. I must say that the bedazzled brace would have to lift her spirits.

Declan said...

Hoomans are just stupid aren't they? Don't get me wrong; I'm sorry your Mum is hurting, but the gym twice a day? sheesh! Tell her she needs to sleep 18 hours a day and I will send her some of my new Joint Care + chews. Maybe you could get advertising on the brace & make some extra beer money....? Deccy x

Dexter said...

My momma got the tennis ball elbow. Unlike your mom, though, my DOH is L-A-Z-Y and so she was not too bothered by the physical therapies voodoo and "taking it easy." Now she says the PT really helped a lot, so you might have to get a tranq gun for your mom to make her slow down and do her restorative activities.


Bassetmomma said...

I feel so bad for your Momma! Tennis elbow hurts, but I think needles in the joint can hurt worse! I sure hope things are okay and it gets straightened around for her. I definitely think some bling on that brace would help! :)

ShellePenn said...

See, this is what worries me. A tennis ball? What is next a football? Basketball? Humans are idiots. I think its cause you've lived next to the Stoopids so long they've lowered her IQ.

Geez. Good thing there is 3 of you dachshunds there, and your girl... else she would probably be trying to put a volleyball in her elbow next.

(Nice picture of Miss Ginger, too... many prayers going up for that special family now.)

Gotta go back to sleep now...
Milo and Dixie

houndstooth said...

Maybe you should bedazzle it while she's taking a nap or something and put 'kerazy lady' on it! That would be a good one! I can't believe she'd risk not being able to pick up the camera. She really is kerazy!


P.S. We sent you a reply to your e-mail last night, but Mom's phone was acting up, so we weren't sure if it sent or not!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh Dears Me.....Me's sendin all me good vibes straight to your Mum or should me send da vibes to her elbows instead? Anyways....dey is on da way on da next train to SC!

Corbin said...

The title of this post scared me. It's always an adventure when yuou have a brillant idea! Anywho, you tell your momma that my Heather also got a tennis ball stuck in her elbow and she had to do the physical therapies for a long time, but it really did help and now I'm hoping to get that tennis ball since it got unstuck.

Astro & Mitzie said...

We is sending the best RX for your mom. Relax and no housework. bol!
♥ Cinnamon

jen said...

I'm sorry your Mom is in so much pain but I bet that bedazzle on her arm brace makes the pain much more tolerable!
Us genius's really know how to mess things up don't we?

The Daily Pip said...

Ouchie! That does not sound fun at all! But heck, I don't even know what an elbow is - we short dogs don't have elbows, do we? I have a trick knee, does that count? It goes out of the joint from time to time. Maybe you could make me a bedazzled leg brace?

Your pal, Pip

Matilda the Boxer said...

I think the bedazzling would make it look SO much better. We'll sneak in and help you do it while she's asleep so it'll be a nice surprise when she wakes up! I sure hope she feels better soon.

Pippen said...

We've read this twice now... and we're confused. Where's your brilliant idea? We were going to send it to the news outlets cuz it's not often that you get a brilliant idea!

Sam and Pippen

PeeS. We're pretty sure it isn't that bedazzling thing cuz we know you wouldn't be allowed to use that!

Scooter said...

OK furst thank you fur tellin us the very much sad SAD news about sweet GINGER..

Next.... WHAT is UP with this blogger thingy??? GRRRRRRRRRRRRR I had a pre post and it did NOT come up. GRRRRRR And we tried to fix it from HERE at Sarge's house butt NO Way would it work. GRRRRRRRRRRR

Nexterly.. what the HECK??? No WONDER your mom's Elbow hurts. She has it in the WRONG PLACE. Well at least she has the Bling Sling thingy in the wrong place.

Nextedly... I am so sorry that the doctor guy SHOT your mom in her ALREADY hurtin elbow (Wherever she keeps it) THAT must have been TERRIBLE. Did she scream like a Squirrel?

Nextedness... I SINCERELY hope that she feels better SOON and that her doctor starts to carry YOUR New line of PUDDLES' Decorative Support Devices,INC.

Scooter said...

OOOOOOOPs.... that Comment is NOT from SARGE... it is FRom ME..(Frankie Furter) who is stuck HERE at Sarge's HOuse Using HIS computer thingy... OK???

It really is FROM ME (Frankie Furter)... I'm just sayin !

Remington said...

I am so sorry to hear about Ginger.... AND I hope your mommy gets that tennis ball out of her elbow....I go to the gym all the time and have never had that happen. I will certainly keep my eyes open a little wider to make sure that doesn't happen to me....they must just creep up on you....scary....

Millie and Walter said...

Those steroid shots can hurt like H-E-double hockey sticks at first, but then it should make your mom feel better. I know this from personal experience. I think Frankie is on to something with the new line of blinged up bandages. Hope your mom feels better soon.


The Websters said... if the tennis ball is in her elbow, why did he give her a wrist brace. He really must have been a duck dr.

Also, you should start selling those bedazzled braces. I think you really have a market.

We're off to read about Ginger.



Backcountry Brodie said...

OMD, Puddles, mom has the tennis EYEBALL now from crying and laffing so hard. She say "Oh that be why Puddles cannot spell any more." Like us dogs care about that? But yes, gurlfurrend, definitely some bling be called fur in this situashun.

Pee Ess - at least your mom did nom a tennis ball like that Bert did - then she would has had to get spayed to get it out!

My Mind's Eye said...

Puddles sorry we are late the peeps went to Panera for breakfast then a walk.
PDR what a great picture explaining to us all about tennis elbow!! Your artist talents are showing up all over blogville today. Well done!!

Anyways...I heard through the grape vine that my mom threatened to travel to the great state of SC to whip your mom with a wet noodle if she didn't do what the doctor said. So you just let me know when we need to board the magic tram and we'll be there ASAP.

We are sorry to read about your most lovely friends passing.
Hugs from your BFFF,

GOOSE said...

Doesn't you mom know that tennis balls go in the mouth not the elbow. I am starting to understand what you have to work with Puddles. My MOM however is all sympathetic with you mom cuz MOM's doctor told her yesterday that when she goes to the gym no more squats especially with weight and no more this and that cuz her left knee will not be able to take it any more and until they find a way to fix it that is the way it is going to be.
I thing you should Bedazzle the heck out of those brace things.

The Websters said...

Ahhh...that makes sense. I hope your mom feels better soon.



Unknown said...

Awe poor Mom! But the tennis ball does go in the mouth after all! Yeah, we like that Bedaseling, a lot! Maybe you could just lick her elbow to make it better? Ginger sure is am angel now!
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Lucy-Fur, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Mom and Dad have a collection of totally NOT attractive braces and whatnot for their various ailments. (Seriously, these two have an on-going contest as to who has more surgical screws in their bodies... Mom is currently winning by 1, with 9...) And they aren't even going to the gym 2x a day (although Mom is muttering something about how she'd like to go once a day... whatever...). Their local PT has a 'wall of shame' for 'repeat offenders'. Let's just say that Mom and Dad have gone WAY beyond repeat offenders. And yet I don't see any tennis balls in their body parts. I guess that will give them something to strive for....

But we appreciate the gratuitous pictures of you - that always makes things better! ;-)

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Cole said...

Your poor Momma! Get to work bedazzling that brace for her!

Oh, and come visit my bloggy please. You and da momma have much more creative (in my opinion) mojo than I do, and I need a little creative helps. :-)

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We sure hope Mom can get that tennis ball out of her elbow soon - Mom says that is very painful. We bet adorning that brack with bedazzling Puddles' name is the pawfect solution.

Paws crossed for Mom to be doing better soon.

Hey, how are da Stoopids doing anyway?

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Brian said...

At least it was a tennis ball and not a basketball Puddles, she would be dribbling all over the place!

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Shiloh'n Shasta here - now we know'z what it iz like livin'with a kerazy lady cuzwe gotz one of our own BUTT we doggiez still haf our HUMONGUS love fer them tu so your mom iz hurtin'AN even tho she did it tu herself, we doggiez STILL gotta du whatever we can tu look past all their KERAZINESS (it ain't eezy we know) BUTT we gotta du what we can tu make them feel better.

Oh an'by the way, ANY pikchur of your gorjus self werkz with ANY post - after all, izn't this blog all 'boutz the Puddles? (the 4-legged Doxie kind of course)

Oskar said...

The gym twice a day. That part scared my mom person a lot!

Nubbin wiggles,

Ms. ~K said...

Ouchie, hope she feels better real soon!

Just wanted you to know we are heading out on another cross-country RV adventure, destination- Oregon Coast. We'll be gone a couple of months...please don't forget us!
Kit and The Pups

Anonymous said...

Bedazzled looks better, for sure! Your poor Mum...nothing goes right for her, does it? Of course, if she wasn't going to the gym twice a day, she would probably be better by now. But, water under the bridge, right?

BWAAAAAHAHA! We laughed so hard when we read the groundhog post about you running into the fence. I mean, we didn't laugh...we sympathized with you. It's totally something Psycho the Bird Killer (AKA Riley) would do!

Elyse and Riley

BordoggyTerrier said...

I have been giving this most serious matter some thought... (I have to admit, after having a chuckle at your post Puddles!...loved your piccies) and I conclude: Take her to the Vet and have it 'removed' - I understand we 4Legs often go to the Vet to have it 'removed' and am told we feels better for it and less inclined to to run after things, like lady doggies or perhaps like running off to the Gym! (Mummy2Legs interrupts me here to enquire as to her well being and said she really admires her stamina and will power - I said to mummy2Legs, "now don't you be mis-using a tennis ball by not inserting it in the proper oriphus, it goes in one's mouth, not one's elbow!) x

rottrover said...

That Shawnee cracks us up!! We hate that the kerzy is in bad pain. We think you should bring her some dead animals to decorate her brace with. The accessorize any look. Just sayin.

Dachshund Nola said...

Wow your peep is somethin else!

Asta said...

Puddles, now I have nevew seen Mommi do anything mowe swenoos than lift a pawtini, but she claims, when she wasn't ancient, she akshooly wunned and played tennis and skiid and stuff, but NEVEW EVEW did she claim to go to the gyms evewy day (and twice??????????WTF! Pawhaps all those times you mentioned that yoow MAma has some bwain damages ( i pawa phwase, scoose me fow being woode) might have some twoof to it.but being the softie I am, i am sending hews healing smoochies fow that howwid pains (Mommi says just thinking about it makes hew want to go take some vicodins which she had aftew foot suwgewies)
I thinks the bedazzling cewtainly makes it look mowe stylish
Smoochie kisses

Sketching with Dogs said...

Owwww, we are grimicing and we don't even have a tennis ball in the elbow!
Tell your mum to take it easy and find a less painful type of addiction - worshiping dogs is a good one.
Your suggestion for the arm band is 100% better, break out the sewing needles.
Get well soon Puddles Mom :)
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Molly the Airedale said...

This tennis elbow stuff sounds painful. I hope your mom feels better soon, Puddles. Her brace does look better with bling!

Love ya lots

A MilShelb Mom said...

Now, why on earth would her stick a tennis ball in her elbow??? And, did this shot take the ball out??
~Milly and Shelby

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

That brace looks MUCH MUCH better. If you have to wear one, make a statement!

Hope she gets that tennis ball out. Roxy is champion at ripping them apart, you want us to send her over?

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

SHE always knew gyms were dangerous.

KB said...

I hope that your mom feels better very soon...

I don't know how you turned such an injury into such a funny post. You have my funny bone, Puddles!

Unknown said...

Hi Y'all,

Wanted to stop and say hello! Looks like y'all aren't doin' too well. Hope your human is better soon!

Wonder why they fuss with us for being too active too soon after an injury and they do the same thing!?

My Human is havin' problems solving why my posts have stopped posting automatically. Sigh :(
It's meant I'm not gettin' around to keep up with everyone.

Hope y'all had a great week! Have a wonderful weekend!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Ziggy Stardust said...

Puddles, your ideas are always brilliant so it is redundant to mention it. Just sayin... I feel so bad for your Mommy, it is so hard when the Mommies don't feel right. It always trickles down to us somehow. "No Puddles I can't play, my arm hurts" "No Puddles I can't open the treat bag" "No Puddles I can't cook you any bacon""I can't open the beer bottle Puddles" Please comfort her and maybe kisses and lay on it. The warmth from your body might help. My Mommy always puts off going to the doctor also and I always suffer for it, sheeeeeeesh.

Take it easy, I hope things get better

Loveys Sasha

p.s.I am just scared of tennis balls now, after Bert got attacked and now your Mom, they are dangerous.

p.s.s. My Mommy says she really feels bad for your Mommy in all seriousness.

Oreo said...

Puddles, that is one story!! I think it looks perfect the way you designed it, I mean it gives it that special Puddles touch!! Hope her arm feels better soon.


Anonymous said...

Oooo you could sell the bedazzled look I'm thinkin! ;) Tell your Mom my Mom has the same thing. Got so bad (cuz she was stoopid like your Mom and kept liftin weights) that she couldn't even lift her coffee cup in the mornin! Now if you know how much my Mom relies on her coffee to get the day going right, well it did not start off right! What a grump! Anyway, it's better now. No steroid shot. Mom's afraid of growing beards BOL um butt, Mom wears elbow braces when she does strenuous thingys using her elbows now and keeps it in check.

Sure hope your Mom feels better soon!

PeeS: If you need assistance typing, Honey the Great Dane's Mom uses some program called Dragon Speak or something like that that she talks to and it types for her ;)

PeePeeS: Sorry the vault wouldn't come up for you :( At least you stayed out of the slammer ;)

Waggin at ya,

Bobbie said...

LOL. You sure know how to tell a story. These pictures of you are getting better and better Puddles.. I'll bet your glad the karazy lady got that new camera. I do like the last picture.. Gracie says to tell you if your mum won't let you decorate that thingamagig the way you want, then pee on it. (But I would not suggest that..)
Now be nice to your mum. She may not have been spayed, but then again you've never had a tennis ball stuck in your elbow either...
Have a good weekend Puddles.. now to give your mum breakfast in bed.. (and I don't mean a chew bone)

Chicco said...

I'm so sorry for your mom, i hope she will be better soon.
Have a nice weekend.
Woof, woof,


Lorenza said...

It sounds veeeeery painful!
I hope your mom feels better soon!
Yes! Bling that thing... it will look suuuuper!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Jed and Abby in MerryLand said...

Puddles, we are so very sorry to hear about your mama's tennis ball elbow. Mama had those nasty shots in her shoulder a few times and she was pretty crabby, too, when she got home. Maybe you and your girl can decorate your mama's wrap thingie as you proposed; that should cheer her up.

Jed & Abby

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Miss Puddles, sorry your mum got a tennis ball stuck in her elbow. Did she think she could throw it better from her elbow? Hmmm bit strange. Anyway hope it gets better soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

How about woo send her to Khamp Khyra fur some Siberian Walking Therapy -

We'll pikhk the route with the khats and khrazy dogs -

Just sayin' that khould help!


♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Hey Puddles. We think your idea for the hand brace is fantastic!!

Just to let you know, I did not have a run in with a shuck. I been sick. Mommy posted about it tonight. Please send the Power of thye Paw my way.

Sniff ya later.......Weenie

Unknown said...

ok we disapear to the beach for a nice 3 day weekend and i miss all this fun?! WTH.
Your girl did a good job taking the pic by the way!!

I totally think that needs to get bedazzled stat!

WTF your mom was back at the gym two days later. CRAZY WOMAN!!!!

Sweet William The Scot said...

Oh Puddles you do be giving us all the family secrets. Your krazy lady never been spayed. The elbow be a very painful thing, Lee knows.
Sweet William The Scot