Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anudder post withs no title

Hey ya'll!
It has been anudder one of them weeks.
Monday, da Kerazy Lady had more bad luck...
...hers had to go and have a much unexpected root canal.
Her still be alive though.
And today her goes back to da elbow doctor.
But really, not important.

What IS important is dat I has no more storage room so I not
be ables to show ya'll no new fotos of ME.
And I tried to clean up my Picasa album but it not do no good.
But I is gonna makes my dad get me a bigger storage room from Blogger
so ya'll will be ables to sees me on Friday.

And I has comments turned off cuz there be no sense in wastin' your time withs dis stoopid post.
But has no fear, I will be back on Friday withs my luverly fotos.


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